Is Minecraft Pocket Edition Bedrock or Java? Explained

is minecraft pocket edition bedrock or java

Java and Bedrock Edition Minecraft might look completely the same at first glance but I think it’s safe to say we all tried to make a Redstone contraption at least once only for it to end up not working because it’s designed for Java or Bedrock. For those who play the Pocket Edition, it’s important to know if it is Java or Bedrock so you don’t spend hours building something only for it to fail. Having said all that let’s see what version of Minecraft is Pocket Edition.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition is a Bedrock version of the game so any updates regarding Bedrock will also include the Pocket Edition.
  • On its own, Pocket Edition does not officially exist anymore as its name was changed to Bedrock in the year of 2011. Still, players refer to the mobile version as Pocket Edition.

Bedrock vs. Java differences

In its explanation of the differences between the two versions, Microsoft uses two programming languages which I’m not going to bore you with because I don’t completely understand it myself so let’s simplify their explanations in a total of 7 major differences categories.


If you’d like to play Minecraft with your friends, you’re better off opting for Bedrock Edition since it allows for cross-platform play. In simple terms, this means that if you were to play Bedrock on a PS5 and your friend has an Xbox version, you can both play the game together. Java Edition users can only play with other Java users.

User Interface

Java is designed to be played on keyboards while Bedrock allows you to switch on other controllers like joysticks. This is mainly because Bedrock was made to be played on multiple platforms with different controls. But, if you were to play Bedrock using a keyboard and mouse, it would cost you some efficiency and speed. Java, in this sense, is made for quick keyboard and mouse inputs and can be played with a higher skill level.


Redstone contraptions can be far more complicated in Java. The ladder might be the same for some simpler builds but Java allows you to create more complex designs. So, if you’re trying to make your own computer or Minecraft inside of Minecraft, maybe use Java for it.


Minecraft PE: Here’s How To Put a Banner on a Shield


If you’re using a high-performing PC, Java edition will look and perform better but if you don’t have a powerhouse of a machine, Bedrock is the way to go because it tends to be more stable even on weaker machines.


Technically speaking, both Bedrock and Java allow for modding (in Bedrock it’s called add-ons) but add-ons cost real money while most mods for Java are community made and you can get a lot of them for free. Add-ons are limited to what you have offered in the store while there really is no limit to what a mod for Java can do.

If you’re interested in both Java mods and Bedrock add-ons you can find them on CurseForge. Simply browse through the different mods in various categories, look at their features, and choose the one you like.

Mod website

Hardcore Mode

There is no hardcore mode in the Bedrock Edition so for every hardcore world you see made on YouTube, you can count on the fact that it was made in Java. It gives players a challenge since you only have one life and if you die, your world is gone forever.

The history of Java and Bedrock

Minecraft Pocket Edition was released back in 2011 when the game was officially launched but the title was removed and made simply into Bedrock back in 2017. So it’s not that Pocket Edition Minecraft is Bedrock, it’s actually that Bedrock Edition is Pocket Edition.

As for Java, it’s been around for as long as Minecraft’s been around. It was released in 2009 and its name was simply Minecraft. It was renamed back in 2017 to Minecraft: Java Edition. The name comes from the programming language used to make it which is Java.

Is Pocket Edition worth it?

Pocket Edition is cheaper than Bedrock or Java simply because it’s made for mobile phones and as such, is somewhat limited. These limitations mostly revolve around the framerates which are dependent on how powerful your phone is. Another thing is that it’s not as challenging to pull an outplay off in the Pocket Edition as it is in the Java Edition.

But there are advantages to the mobile version as well. You can play with friends that play on other devices if they play Bedrock and you can play it anywhere, on the highway, in a coffee shop, at work perhaps…

Why was it made

Pocket Edition was made mainly to allow high-population countries with lower incomes to play the game. It has proven to be a success since the edition made $161 million in the year 2021.

The mobile version of the game is a lot cheaper than the other versions. When it was released, you could buy the game for $6.99. Nowadays, it’ll cost you $7.00 to play the game on a mobile device but you can try out the demo first to see if you’ll like it. Keep in mind that there are in-app purchases as well so if you want customization, you’ll have to pay extra.

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