Is Naomi in The Arrowverse? (Or Does She Sets Her Own Universe?)

Is Naomi In The Arrowverse? Or Is It Set Her Own Universe?

Naomi was one of the newest members of the CW shows and it wasn’t off to a great start. Not only was Naomi an unpopular CW show when it aired, but it was also a show based on DC comics and set on alternate Earth. In that alternate reality, superheroes exist only in comics, which many viewers found unappealing. Considering that piece of information, many fans wondered if Naomi was part of the Arrowverse? Or did she set her own universe?

As producers claim, “Naomi” was never a part of the Arrowverse. She was set on her own path, in her own universe establishing her own story. The producers did mention a small chance that the crossover might happen. Considering the show was canceled after just one season. It’s highly unlikely that it will happen.

Now that we’ve cleared up whether Naomi is a part of the Arrowverse, the real question is, why that mentioned crossover never had a chance of happening. Keep reading to find out!

Was Earth was Naomi on?

It’s not uncommon to run into multiverses when speaking about comic books. It’s a common trope, one that can tie up loose ends and address various plot holes. Naomi was no different. Her story began in a universe comparable to Earth prime universe. In Naomi’s universe, the earth is suffering at the hands of humans of course, where decades of environmental abuse and neglect resulted in ozone tearing. It’s pretty common knowledge that the earth’s atmosphere and its many layers serve as protective barriers between solar system radiation and earth. In Naomi’s universe, people got exposed to that radiation, but instead of suffering from severe radiation sickness, 29 random individuals got superpowers.

A sort of civil war erupted between those 29 gifted people. The aftermath was that only 8 of them remained on Naomi’s earth. Since half of them died during the bloody conflict and a few of them left the earth after the conflict. That leads us to the second trope, Naomi is a miraculous child of a presumably barren superhuman woman. And the mere fact of Naomi’s existence did not sit well with Zumbado, one of the evil survivors of the conflict.

Naomi’s parents made preparations for Naomi to depart to a different universe. Where she was adopted by regular old folk. If that story sounds a bit like superman’s story. You’re not the only one that noticed.

Is Naomi in the same universe as Superman?

Speaking of Naomi / Superman similarities, the show’s creators did acknowledge oddly similar “origin” stories. In fact, Naomi is a huge fan of Superman in the show. She feels connected to him through being adopted just like him. Superman is not so insignificant part of Naomi’s story that fans have to wonder whether Naomi is in the same universe as Superman? It would seem that she is.


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In the pilot episode of the show, it’s obvious Superman’s presence will be felt and that he will be a constant fixture of the story, albeit a distant one. In Naomi, Superman officially only exists as a comic book character but obviously has a real-world influence. But what version of Superman is it exactly? The only thing that creators truly did comment on was the fact that the show will have its own take on Superman.

Will Naomi join the Arrowverse?

Considering the show was canceled after the first season, it wouldn’t seem so. The creators did mention a small chance of a crossover happening, perhaps in season 2. Though, under the circumstances, it would seem that option is off the table. During the first season, showrunners were mostly concerned with establishing Naomi’s universe and characters. Mixing in Arrowverse in the equation would be a bit overwhelming and Naomi’s story wouldn’t have come to the fore.

Why did Naomi got canceled?

It wasn’t received well. Naomi wasn’t exactly a well-established character in the comics, so it came as a surprise that she is getting her own show. There wasn’t that much source material to make an interesting tv show. The story felt flat, and at times included more teen drama than any kind of real conflict. Besides, the series was a bit too much “slow-burning”, it had gotten better just before the finale. But regardless, it was in vain.

I mean I get it, origin stories are different, but this one just seemed off. It wasn’t original by any means and it wasn’t delivered correctly. It was filled with tropes and the characters were a bit two-dimensional. Naomi seemed to exist not as a real character, but as a product of identity politics. Something that just had to be done to satisfy a certain targeted fan base.

Fans were also expecting Arrowverse. This one wasn’t technically the fault of the show, the fans just weren’t familiar with the source material all that much considering that the character was created in 2019. This leads us back to the first point that Naomi wasn’t all that well-established character, to begin with. Making brand new shows off of limited material is hard. Who knows maybe someday Naomi will get a chance to finish her story. For now, it’s just one more canceled CW show, off to a bad start and never getting a second chance.

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