Is the Rabbit Hero Mirko Dead & Will She Be Back? Here’s What Happened to Her

is mirko dead

Some of the best anime stories of all time feature favorite character deaths, many of which are completely unexpected. With My Hero Academia chapter 365 bringing some really interesting yet tragic plot points, fans now anticipate the seemingly inevitable fate of Mirko – wondering if the Rabbit Hero Mirko is dead, what happened to her, as well as if she will be back.

Mirko loses an arm and suffers some potentially fatal injuries during the fight against Shigaraki, leaving her with only one leg. Best Jeanist helps reduce blood loss by tying her amputated limbs with cables, and Mirko continues fighting Shigaraki as before. It is unknown if she will survive or recover, though she may never be the same fighter if she lives. Many fans hope her injuries can be undone if Eri masters her Rewind Quirk.

Although it seems that the Rabbit Hero Mirko is near death, her fate has actually been teased for quite some time now – so quite a few My Hero Academia fans had been expecting it. Still, there may be a chance this beloved character can make a return. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about what exactly happened to Mirko in My Hero Academia as well as if there’s a way she could still come back at a later stage.

What Happened to Mirko in My Hero Academia?

The My Hero Academia storyline is currently in the midst of the most catastrophic battle yet, going up against some really tough My Hero Academia villains. In fact, the anime has already seen some of the most infamous My Hero Academia characters being taken out by the bad guys, such as the seemingly permanent death of Katsuki Bakugo at the hands of Shigaraki.

mirko 1

My Hero Academia creators only seem to be adding more loveable characters to the list of fallen heroes, while Deku has yet to arrive, including many fans’ favorite white-haired anime girl Mirko. Mirko, formally referred to as Rumi Usagiyama, has made it clear that she wanted to have no regrets and unfulfilled wishes when her final moments eventually arrived.


Although this type of philosophy has placed Mirko into some rather dangerous and trying situations, it’s often the motive that allows her to keep on fighting when many others give up. Of course, she often places her life on the line in following this mindset. She missed a chance to neutralize Shigaraki by a few seconds back in My Hero Academia’s Paranormal Liberation War and sought out a means to make up for her mistake.

Mirko vs. Shigaraki

Based on her behavior and attitude within the recent battle against Shigaraki, it’s pretty clear that Mirko wanted to do whatever she possibly could to take him out (or at least keep him busy). Although Mirko isn’t the strongest character in the My Hero Academia universe, she has some insane animal instincts and speed topped with some powerful attacks – making her a solid thorn in Shigaraki’s plan.

Mirko was left fighting Shigaraki alongside Mirio Togata, as Best Jeanist and Edgeshot were both busy trying to save Bakugo’s life in any way possible. Mirio managed to avoid Shigaraki’s shots, and Mirko’s powerful melee attacks were somewhat effective but many of them were quickly countered by Shigaraki.

Mirko at the Billboard Chart

However, she did manage to land a solid kick right in Shigaraki’s face while he was distracted by Best Jeanist. Although he was staggered by the attack moments later, he did respond by manifesting a jaw in the mass of Simple Growth nearest to Mirko, biting her arm clean off.

This was only possible since Shigaraki can mutate his body, as seen in the previous chapter where he grew multiple fingers. Mirko got caught in his mutated hand while unleashing this attack, which is why she was instantly placed directly in the line of fire.

Is Mirko Dead in My Hero Academia?

Mirko is not necessarily dead in My Hero Academia, but her fate and future are questionable considering her physical condition after the attack against Shigaraki. Since she lost one of her arms in My Hero Academia’s Paranormal Liberation War, she currently has no arms.

It is unlikely that Mirko will receive any replacements for these lost limbs as well since the system that deployed her high-tech prosthetic attachments has already been inactive for quite some time. She initially called for replacements back in My Hero Academia chapter 347, but those parts didn’t last very long in battle.

Jeanist managed to catch Mirko in the air, and he also tied up her amputated limbs with cables in order to reduce the blood loss. To many fans’ surprise, Mirko seems to simply take the loss of both arms with a pinch of salt – continuing the attack against Shigaraki with ferocity and determination, as seen below thanks to CBR.

mirko 2

Of course, many of her melee attacks were stunted due to the injury, and she was primarily using Luna Rush. The behavior and attitude shown by Mirko during this battle are incredibly shocking and admirable, but it seems that her mindset is spurring her on.

It’s pretty clear that Mirko would rather die fighting Shigaraki than live and regret not doing more to aid her fellow heroes in battle. Mirko is last seen doing whatever she can to hold off Shigaraki for as long as possible – or, at least until Bakugo’s surgery can be completed.

Will Mirko be Back in My Hero Academia?

We do not know how much longer Mirko has left in the My Hero Academia storyline after seeing such a brutal and potentially fatal injury. Mirko seems to be continuing the fight as best as she possibly can, but every hero has their limits – and, Mirko may be nearing it pretty soon.


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Mirko does have a history of getting injured or losing limbs during battles, so there may still be a chance she can regain her strength. The Rabbit Hero’s legions of fans are now keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that Mirko will somehow be revived, allowing her to come back in full form – arms and all.

However, prosthetic limbs are no match for the real thing, as seen with Re-Destro, so Mirko will definitely not be the same fighter as she used to be if she does survive the fight against Shigaraki. She would only have one of her own legs left by the end of it, assuming that she lives through the injuries (and doesn’t lose her last remaining limb).


Mirko does not seem to care whether she lives or dies, as long as she does what she can. She even informs Shigaraki that people only die when it’s their time to die, implying that she is not afraid of facing death as a result of going up against him. The only way fans see things turning around for Mirko is if Eri can master her Rewind Quirk, which may revive Mirko’s lost limbs and state of health.

The My Hero Academia protagonists’ attacks are slowly but surely adding up and doing damage against Shigaraki, but it appears that each step closer to victory comes at a fateful cost. Mirko may be putting her entire body and life on the line to continue the fight, but fans still hope she’ll be back in action as soon as possible – or at least live beyond My Hero Academia chapter 366, which is interestingly titled “Mirko, the No. 5 Hero”.

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