Is Venti from Genshin Impact a Boy or a Girl? Explained

Is Venti From Genshin Impact a Boy or a Girl

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoY., Ltd. The fantasy open-world environment, action-based combat system, and character design are some things that attracted the gamers, and the option to gain new characters and play with them is a certified bonus for the fans. The characters are probably the most interesting part of the Genshin Impact, and in true anime-style games fashion, players are confused with some of the characters’ identities. In this article, we will discuss one of them – is the Venti from Genshin Impact a boy or a girl?

Venti is a boy who also identifies as a trap, as some Genshin Impact fans suggest. Trap means a male is dressed up as a female in anime culture. What also confused the fans is the fact that Venti sounds like a female – the original voice actor for the English dub is a woman, Erika Harlacher, while the voice actor for the Japanese dub is a man called Ayumu Murase. What’s also interesting is that Venti is a mortal vessel of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, who looks suspiciously like a female when Venti transforms. Fans consider Archons as genderless since they are essentially a spirit.

We will discuss this matter further by mentioning Genshin Impact’s character design of Archon’s and bards, in this case, Venti, and why his character is confusing some fans. If you are interested, stick with us until the end.

Who is Venti from Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact’s success has been consistent since its release in 2020. The critics loved the way Genshin Impact utilized the open world, the environment’s design looked clean, and the character design impressed the most avid anime fans. The interchangeable party of four different characters also appealed to the fans, and the combat displayed the versatility of the gameplay in the best possible way.

Of course, anime-styled games attract a lot of anime fans, and they start discussing each character in the game. Every character has a specified set of skills and weapons with different elements. For example, Zhongli is a Geo character that manipulates rocks and soil. In this case, Venti is a mortal vessel of the Anemo Archon Barbatos, who can manipulate air, and his weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

Is Venti From Genshin Impact a Boy or a Girl? Explained
Venti in Archon form, Barbatos.

His skill with this medieval weapon is unmatched since he can perform various moves. Six consecutive shots with the bow deal critical damage and AoE damage to the group of enemies – his range abilities are very useful. Regarding the aesthetic and lore part of the character, Venti is a free-spirited, wine-loving bard in the region Mondstadt and a vessel of Barbatos, the powerful Anmo Archon.

What is interesting about the Anemo Archon is that he and Morax are the original members of The Seven still alive. He is not considered that strong since his presence is lacking in the region of Mondstadt – Barbatos does not have that many worshippers, which feed the power of The Seven. It doesn’t help him that he is a free-spirited entity and is not “tied” to either of the nations that much.

Is Venti From Genshin Impact a Boy or a Girl? Explained
Venti is a ranged damage dealer.
source: youtube/

Venti was released this March, and the fans welcomed him with open hands. His distinction from the rest of the characters was immediately noticeable, and his powers, although in the game lore weaker than the rest, Venti is more than useful in most combat parties.

His design is also quite interesting because he looks like a boy from medieval times that drinks a lot of wine and carries a wooden lyre with blue strings and cecilias imbued with the power of Anemo. His fair skin is also quite interesting, and fans got confused – is Venti a boy or a girl?


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Is Venti a boy or a girl?

Now to the article’s main point – is Venti a boy or a girl? We can surely say that Venti is a boy, and by the looks of it, between the ages of 15-20. However, Venti’s look wasn’t as confusing as his voice. There is a good reason for Venti’s feminine voice – the English voice actor is a woman named Erika Harlacher.

In the Japanese dub, a well-known Japanese voice actor is portrayed by Ayumu Murase, who is also “borrowing” his voice to Tristan in Seven Deadly Sins, Udo from Attack on Titan, Gaia from Baki, and Shōyō Hinata from Haikyu!!. To be fair, Ayumu did portray female characters in the anime before, so the fans’ confusion is not that odd.

When this was revealed to the fans, the cloud of confusion dispersed, but only a little since Venti still looked like a feminine boy. However, some fans classified Venti as a trap, or in anime culture, “… a boy that is so feminine, he looks like a girl; often more attractive than other girls.” via Urban Dictionary.

Is Venti From Genshin Impact a Boy or a Girl? Explained
English, Japanese, and Chinese voice actors of Venti.

If we had to classify his character looks, Venti looks like a trap. Another interesting fact about the voice actors is that the Chinese voice actor is actually a woman called Miaojiang, also known as an influencer in China.

All in all, fans were confused, even we were, but eventually, through some digging, we found out that Venti is supposed to be a male character in the Genshin Impact game, but at the end of the day, you can label him how you prefer – you won’t be too far from the truth.

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