Is Erin Kellyman Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? Willow’s Star Sexuality Explained

Erin Kellyman

On March 30th, 2022, Disney’s executive vowed to bring more LGBTQ+ characters into its shows and movies. It was announced that they’d commit to having 50% of all characters be part of the community. They tried to keep their promise, and we can see it coming to life in the new Willow series that follows the story of a sorcerer, Willow, joining in on an adventure quest to save Tir Asleen and the realm from the dark threat approaching them, the Crone.

The show’s first scene showcases two young women practicing their battle skills on a rocky hill some miles away from Tir Asleen. The two young women are Kit, played by Ruby Cruz, and Jade, played by Erin Kellyman. The chemistry between the two can be seen from a plane which is later confirmed in the episode when they share a kiss after Kit decides to run away and say goodbye to her good ”friend”.

The community doesn’t seem to like having representation in movies and shows if the character is not part of the community in real life. So it begs the question, is Erin Kellyman gay, straight, or bisexual in real life?

Who is Erin Kellyman?

If you’re a fan of sci-fi action movies and the Marvel universe, you might have already seen Kellyman on your screen. Her first notable appearance was in a Channel 4 comedy, Raised By Wolves when she was just a teenager. The actress blew up in 2018 after she got to play the part of Enfys Nest, the leader of the rebel Cloud Riders in the 2018 movie Solo: A Star Wars Story.


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Before Willow, her most recent noticeable role was in Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, a smashing success for the studio. Erin played Karli Morgentah, the main antagonist of the series. The crucial moment for Erin comes with the Marvel series as fans found out that Kellyman was a lesbian and wasn’t trying to hide it at all.

When fans started speculating, Kellyman replied with an Instagram story that called out the community, saying that the fans were slow to notice it. The exact story said, ”Don’t think we didn’t see Twitter… IDK why it took you gays so long”.

When did it all begin?

Most of the fans found out in 2021 when the Marvel show came out, and the gay panic began on Twitter and other social media, but it’s not like Kellyman was ever trying to hide her sexuality. Sure, it was scary and still is, given that she’s a woman, mixed race, and queer but being open about her sexuality gives the full control of her life and online presence.

The earliest we can see Kellyman talking openly about her sexuality goes back to 2018 when she starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story when a user tweeted, ”Am I gay? Confirmed. (Erin Kellyman). But it’s not that Kellyman hid her sexuality up until that point. She regularly published pictures that indicated that she was, in fact, gay.

Kellyman limited her Twitter presence for her own sake after the casting of Willow since it’s the first series where Kellyman gets to play her true self. A barrage of negative Twitter comments is not what she needs when there are so many positive ones, as witnessed by searching for ”Erin Kellyman gay” on Twitter.

Even just looking at her Instagram profile, there’s not much to see that would indicate that she is an openly lesbian actress.

Does Kellyman have a girlfriend?

The posts indicating that Kellyman was a lesbian featured her girlfriend, Jordan O’coy, with who she is to this day. Even though Kellyman limited her openness about her sexuality on her social media profiles, the same can’t be said about her girlfriend’s social media. There’s nothing too revealing on the posts there’s only one picture of them together in a group photo, but if we look at the comments on a particular post, we can see Kellyman commented on the birthday photo.

To conclude

Erin Kellyman is a great out and proud actress that will never cease to amaze the world and the LGBTQ+ community. Her work is impressive, as she’s only 24 years old and has a lot of incredible and high-profile roles behind her. She fits incredibly well into the narrative and story of Willow, the series, and it’s an absolute pleasure seeing her thrive in the role of Jade.

Kellyman pointed out how the fantasy genre lacks representation the community so rightfully deserves, and Willow, in that sense, feels very different and human. If we were to judge based on the first two episodes that came out, we could expect to see a lot more Kit and Jade drama in the upcoming episodes.

The show released its first two episodes on November 30th; each remaining episode will be released weekly, on Wednesdays, meaning that the first season’s final episode will come out on January 23rd, 2023.

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