Jeremy White, the Voice Behind Atahraks, Confirms That Ryan Little Is Writing New Sky World Stories

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‘What If…?’ Season 2 recently introduced two original superheroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Atahraks and Kahhori, Mohawk Tribe heroes who gained their powers through a chance encounter with the Space Stone in their alternative reality.

Episode 6 unveiled the intriguing concept of the Sky World, accessible through the “Forbidden Lake.” This realm is home to unique flora and fauna, seemingly unrelated to Earth, with a celestial backdrop suggesting it exists far from our planet. Time operates differently in the Sky World, inhabited by immortal Mohawk Tribe members infused with the Space Stone’s energy, making it a captivating concept.

By the episode’s end, Atahraks and Kahhori engage in a conflict against the Spanish Crown, initially seeking peace but interrupted by the unexpected intervention of Strange Supreme, who had different plans for them during negotiations.


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In Episode 9, both Atahraks and Kahhori played crucial roles, tasked with supplying The Forge that Strange intended to use for the reconstruction of his world and the resurrection of Christine.

With the finale now aired, fans are eagerly anticipating future projects spotlighting Atahraks and Kahhori. The wait may not be long, as Ryan Little, the writer and producer behind Episode 6, ‘What If…Kahhori Reshaped the World,’ is reportedly working on additional stories centered around the Sky World.

This intriguing detail was hinted at by Jeremy White, also known as the voice behind Atahraks, on his social media.

There’s a good chance that ‘What If…?’ might receive another spinoff series, and ‘Marvel Zombies’ is leading the pack as the first spinoff currently in development, slated for a 2024 release. Rumors suggest that Season 3 of ‘What If…?’ will mark the series’ conclusion. Marvel seems to be directing attention towards animated projects, with a couple of new developments already disclosed. The anticipation is high. If you have any insights to share, drop them in the comments below!

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