‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 9 Summary and Ending Explained: What if Strange Supreme Wanted To Save Christine Again

what if season 2 episode 9 summary ending explained what if strange wants to save christine again

The conclusion of ‘What If…?’ Season 2 marks the culmination of a captivating journey. Throughout the season, viewers were treated to a myriad of mind-bending scenarios, including the transformation of Hela into the Goddess of Life and the introduction of entirely new superheroes to the MCU. Despite these imaginative twists, the primary focus of the second season remained on preventing Multiversal peril from obliterating reality. In numerous episodes, we witnessed Strange Supreme tirelessly assembling a diverse team of allies, all united in their mission to thwart the looming threat. As we now stand on the precipice of the ultimate showdown, let’s delve into the unfolding events and unravel how this epic battle transpired.

Strange needs something from Peggy

Strange Supreme and Peggy share a poignant reunion as the episode kicks off. A brief recap takes us through the events of Episode 8, revisiting the individual narratives of Strange Supreme and Peggy Carter. It is revealed that Peggy was stranded in 1602, but Strange Supreme harbors a strategic plan to bring together the Guardians of the Multiverse, with Peggy playing a crucial role. In response to Peggy’s inquiry about returning to her own time, Strange confirms his ability to teleport her back, and Peggy willingly agrees to join the endeavor.

escaped multiversal being

Something Escaped from Sanctorum Infinitorum

One of Strange’s “companion creatures” has broken free. Before transporting Peggy back to the present, he has a special request. Leading her to Sanctum Infinitorum, he unveils his collection of Multiversal threats, including Loki, Thanos, and Infinity Ultron. However, in the unpredictable nature of such situations, one of them has managed to escape and is now wreaking havoc across the Multiverse.

sanctum infinitum

Initially hesitant, Peggy hesitates to involve herself, citing the Watcher’s principles. However, Strange points out the inconsistency in saving 1602 under that logic. Acknowledging this, Peggy ultimately agrees to the task. Strange Supreme provides minimal details, mentioning that Peggy’s target is a female, and he lost track of her in the South Dakota Badlands. When Peggy questions why he doesn’t handle it himself, Strange explains that the target would spot him easily, while Captain Carter remains an unknown entity. Accepting the terms, Peggy is ready to embark on the mission to retrieve Strange’s escaped entity.

Peggy has been deceived by Strange

Kahhori and Peggy find themselves deceived by Strange Supreme’s cunning schemes. Upon Peggy’s arrival in the South Dakota Badlands, she is confronted by the sight of a colossal Red Skull statue etched into the face of the mountain. The Watcher materializes, shedding light on a reality where both Peggy and Steve perished, leaving Hydra unchecked. In this alternate world, Hydra harnessed the power of the Tesseract, leading to the destruction of the entire universe. Despite the Watcher’s warnings against interference, Peggy defiantly brushes them aside.

what if statue

Once the Watcher departs, Kahhori attacks Peggy. However, their skirmish is interrupted when Kahhori clarifies that she is not the Universe Killer—Strange is. Peggy comes to the stark realization that she has fallen victim to deception just as a yellow portal materializes beneath them, swiftly drawing them both into its vortex.


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Strange Supreme wants to save Christine, again

Strange Supreme is in the midst of attempting to resurrect Christine, and Peggy, along with Kahhori, materializes back at Sanctorum Infinitorum. Strange endeavors to contain Kahhori within an energy field, but she reveals that Strange isn’t just amassing Universe killers—he’s also gathering virtuous superheroes to feed into “The Forge.” The ultimate goal is to revive his own world and, in turn, bring back Christine.

what is trange supreme intervened2

Strange Supreme doesn’t deny this revelation. He argues that Peggy would have done the same for Steve, but Peggy vehemently disagrees, emphasizing the exorbitant cost and Steve’s reluctance to ask for such sacrifices. Peggy launches an attack on Strange, but her efforts prove futile as he proceeds to destroy Kahhori. In a last-ditch effort to impede Strange, Peggy shatters crystalline cages containing various Universe killers, forcing Strange to contend with them while Kahhori and Peggy make their escape. Their next objective: dismantle The Forge.

Peggy and Kahhori need to destroy the Forge

Kahhori and Peggy navigate their way through Sanctus Infinitorum, successfully shaking off Strange Supreme. However, their respite is short-lived as they encounter Zombie Scarlet Witch and her legion of zombies. The battle takes a dire turn until Hela intervenes, effortlessly neutralizing Wanda. While Hela issues empty threats, the sudden appearance of Surtur provides Peggy and Kahhori with an opportune distraction to slip away.

zombie scarlet witch

In the corridors, they face a sudden onslaught from Thanos, who threatens to erase them from existence. Yet, their predicament takes an unexpected turn as Killmonger, donned in the Infinity Armor, abruptly nullifies Thanos with a snap of his fingers. Capitalizing on this twist, Kahhori employs her Space Stone-infused abilities to teleport Killmonger to the main hall, where chaos ensues among various Universe killers.

Seizing the moment, Peggy acquires the Infinity Armor and equips it. In the background, the ominous hum of Strange Supreme initiating the Forge echoes, signaling his intent to feed prisoners into its depths. The stage is set for a high-stakes confrontation amidst the tumultuous surroundings of Sanctus Infinitorum.


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Peggy and Kahhori locate the Forge, only to be confronted by Strange Supreme materializing out of thin air, determined to prevent their interference. Strange boasts about defeating the Infinity Armor before, but Peggy counters that she wasn’t the one wearing it at that time. A protracted battle ensues, prompting Strange to employ a tactic—multiplying himself into numerous variants of Strange Supreme. Undeterred, Peggy utilizes the reality stone to replicate herself.

Amidst the ongoing conflict, Peggy and Kahhori believe they have the upper hand. However, a surreal transformation unfolds as variants of Strange Supreme, Peggy Carter, and Kahhori begin morphing into butterflies. Peggy experiences a disorienting temporal shift, witnessing the creation of Supersoldier and a moment with Steve. As Steve assures victory in World War II and their future together, Peggy’s doubt surfaces when she notices a butterfly. Steve transforms into Strange Supreme, revealing it to be an illusion. Peggy dispels the mirage, only to find Strange Supreme initiating the grim task of feeding both heroes and villains into the Forge.

villains being fed to the forge 2

Exploiting a clever move, Kahhori repurposes Strange’s teleporters for her use, sending all the villains home instead of to the Forge. Enraged, Strange Supreme resumes his assault on Peggy and Kahhori. The confrontation transforms into a chaotic dance, with heroes and villains volleying between attempts to restart and thwart the Forge—a high-stakes ping-pong match between conflicting forces.

The villains join the fight

Strange Supreme seizes control of the situation, successfully restarting the Forge. As Hela prepares to strike it, she unexpectedly hurls her crown to Peggy and Kahhori, joining forces against the formidable foe. The tide begins to turn as other villains follow suit, surrendering their most potent artifacts to the heroines. Taking charge, Kahhori conjures portals once more, dispatching both villains and heroes back to their respective realms and halting the operation of the Forge.

strange new form2.jpg

Armed with the newly acquired artifacts, Peggy and Kahhori stand poised for the ongoing battle against the transformed and monstrous Strange Supreme, who now sports horns and leathery wings, assuming a demonic visage. In the midst of the skirmish, Strange manages to dislodge Peggy’s infinity stones from her armor. Undeterred, Peggy retrieves them and employs their power to dissolve Strange’s formidable new form.

As the Forge begins to crumble, threatening to erupt in a cataclysmic explosion, Strange is left amid the ruins, defeated and overpowered. The tables have turned, marking a decisive moment in the intense conflict.

Christine comes back to life, but Strange is not alive to see it

In a final confrontation between Peggy and the demonic Strange, both adversaries tumble into the nearly ruined Forge. As the battle reaches its climax, Strange, in a moment of self-sacrifice, relinquishes the struggle and allows himself to be consumed by the Forge’s depths. The impending explosion becomes inevitable, but the Watcher intervenes just in time, whisking Kahhori and Peggy away to safety.

Loki tree

In the concluding scenes, the Watcher and Peggy find themselves in New York, witnessing the rebirth of Christine. It becomes evident that Strange successfully recreated his world and Christine, yet he is not part of it and never will be. Prepared to return Peggy to her home Universe, the Watcher is surprised when she requests a scenic route home to witness as many wonders as possible. Amused, the Watcher reveals the Multiversal Tree, a creation influenced by Loki at the end of ‘Loki’ Season 2, establishing a new canon in the MCU that underscores Loki’s pivotal role in maintaining the Multiverse’s stability.

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