Jinx vs Vi: Which Sister is Stronger?

Jinx vs Vi: Which Sister is Stronger?

Siblings don’t come up often in our comparisons, but Netflix’s Arcane, an adaptation based on the League of Legends lore, gave us the perfect opportunity to do a comparison of two siblings, in this case, two sisters. The focus of today’s comparison are going to be Jinx and her sister Vi, two well-known League of Legends heroines who have become even more famous thanks to Arcane. In this article, we are going to tell you which sister is the stronger one.

Vi is stronger than Jinx, regardless of whether you’re considering Arcane or League of Legends. In Arcane, Vi seems to be significantly stronger than Jinx, while the difference in League of Legends is not that big, but Vi remains the stronger among the two siblings here.

Unlike most of our comparisons, this one is going to be divided into two sections. The first one is going to elaborate on the given answer from the perspective of the Arcane series, while the other is going to do the same from the perspective of the League of Legends video game.

Jinx vs Vi: Who is stronger in Netflix’s Arcane?

Now, in order to properly compare these two characters, we have to give you a bit of context in case you haven’t seen the show (or played the game, in case of the next section) and introduce the two heroines before we give our final verdict. We’ll start off with Jinx.

Jinx Arcane

Jinx is a manic and impulsive criminal who lives in Zaun, and who lives to inflict harm without regard for the consequences. With an arsenal of deadly weapons, she lets loose the loudest bangers and brightest explosions, leaving a trail of chaos and panic in her wake. Jinx abhors boredom and happily brings her own chaotic brand of mayhem wherever she goes.

With the release of Arcane, it was confirmed that Jinx and Vi are sisters. In the past, it was often assumed in the community that Jinx and Vi were sisters. Players cited one of Jinx’s quotes, their “sisterly” hostility during pre-release promotions, and shared splash art as proof.


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Ekko remembers Jinx before she went crazy, when he was actually in love with her. Warwick also may have encountered Jinx at some point in the past, thereby also knowing her before she went crazy.

At one point, Jinx convinced Ziggs to live with her in Zaun after a night of drinking. Jinx believes he is a product of her imagination, or more specifically, her conscience.

Jinx also had a gun called ‘Mr. Sparkles’, which was either a laser gun or a rocket launcher. After trying to modify it with the stolen Hextech core in Piltover, it flew out of her hand and landed in Fence, where it was destroyed by the impact.

Vi Arcane

Vi remembers little of her childhood in Zaun, and what she does remember she wishes she had not. As she traveled with the swamp snipe gangs, she quickly learned to use her wits and her fists to survive. Everyone Vi encountered knew she could get out of trouble with words – or blows. Most of the time, she chose the latter.

None of the old hands from her youth could tell her anything about her parents. Most assumed they had died in one of the industrial accidents that were unfortunately all too common in the Undercity.

Though she had ended up in the dilapidated orphanage House, a notoriously crazy scrapper claimed to have found her in a bassinet big enough for two in the rubble of a collapsed chemistry lab. In the end, Vi felt that some things were best left unknown.

Now, this context reveals a lot about the two in the context of the Arcane streaming series. Vi is the main heroine of the show, while Jinx is, at best, an anti-hero, depending on how you look at her. Vi is portrayed as the strongest character in the series, so she is definitely stronger than Jinx in the context of Arcane, which is to be expected seeing how Vi is the heroine of the show.

Jinx vs Vi: Who is stronger in the League of Legends game?

As far as the League of Legends game is concerned, we have an easier task as the comparison between the two can be made using the stats and the numbers we know from the game itself. We shall start with Jinx:

Jinx Arcane Render

Base Stats:

  • Health: 610 – 2072
  • Mana: 245 – 1010
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 3.75 – 12.25
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 6.7 – 23.7
  • Armor: 26 – 85.5
  • Attack Damage: 57 – 114.8
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 325
  • Attack Range: 525

Jinx is a versatile shooter with an array of eclectic weapons. Its various weapons sow destruction and allow it to inflict colossal damage, to the detriment of its mobility. Flip flap! is one of the most important things to master when playing Jinx; you have to harass enemies from afar with the rocket launcher, without taking any risks, then unleash your minigun at the right time.

Although she has no ability to escape, Jinx has more than one trick up her sleeve (or rather, her overactive brain) to avoid ganks. The Pyromasters! briefly immobilize the junglers that step on them, a Zap! well placed discourages your pursuers and, finally, careful management of objectives massively increases your movement speed thanks to Enthusiasm!, which triggers when a turret falls. And the turrets will fall, be sure.

May she eradicate the waves of Zap’s henchmen with repeated blows! or with area damage from his rocket launcher, Jinx puts constant pressure on his lane. By forcing her opponents to stay on their toes or preventing them from putting pressure on her, Jinx eases her passage through the half and endgame stages, where her incredible potential comes to light.

And now for Vi:

Vi Arcane Render 1

Base Stats:

  • Health: 585+85
  • Mana: 295+65
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 10+1
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 8+0.65
  • Armor: 30+3.5
  • Attack Damage: 63+3
  • Magic Resistance: 32+1.25
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 340
  • Attack Range: 125

Nothing is more satisfactory for Vi, the new champion of the League. Punching, using excessive force, and destroying armor are part of her daily life. Perfectly at home on the top lane or in the jungle, Vi likes to pound her opponents with his fists, smashing their armor in the process. Vi’s signature punch is Vaultbreaker.

When you activate it for the first time, Vault Breaker begins by charging a powerful punch. When you activate Vault Breaker a second time, Vi rushes forward, dealing damage to units and knocking back enemy champions.


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Early in the game, Vi is good at mistreating opponents while pushing her way with Chest Breaker and Excessive Force AoE damage. Using Excessive Force correctly allows you to quickly clear your way while harassing opponents who attempt to approach to finish off the minions.

Now, the stats are pretty much clear here and the players will probably know the outcome – Vi is also stronger in the League of Legends video game. The difference is not that big as the one within the Arcane series, but still, Vi would win more than 50% of their battles based on the stats we have about the two characters.

This, ultimately, shows that Vi is overall the stronger of the two characters and that Arcane did respect the lore of the original game. It added some details to the interaction between Vi and Jinx, but ultimately, it respected their powers and the balance between the two.

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