Jujutsu Kaisen: Naobito’s Frame Technique, Projection Sorcery, Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Naobito's Frame Technique, Projection Sorcery, Explained!

Naobito Zenin was introduced as a helpless drunk, but it turned out that he is an exceptionally powerful jujutsu sorcerer whose skills are more than impressive. During the epic fight with Dagon, Naobito demonstrated some exceptionally powerful skills and techniques. In this article, we are going to discuss one of them – his inherited technique, which is called Projection Sorcery. Projection Sorcery is a very complex technique, and its explanation is quite specific. We understand if you’re confused, but that is exactly why we have decided to tell you all about it and how it works in Jujutsu Kaisen.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • While fighting against Dagon in the Shibuya, Naobito Zenin used his special technique, called Projection Sorcery, which is the inherited technique of the Zenin clan; this is why Naoya Zenin was also able to use this technique.
  • Projection Sorcery is one of the most complex techniques in the series, as its proper understanding requires a lot of concentration and explanations.
  • Naobito used his technique with great efficiency against Dagon on more than one occasion, but he was unable to exorcise him due to Dagon’s exceptional defensive skills.

Naobito Zenin’s Projection Sorcery is a very complex yet intriguing technique

A group consisting of Kento Nanami, Naobito Zenin, and Maki Zenin set out to find Gojo in Shibuya, but instead, they found Dagon. Dagon, in his “baby form,” seemed afraid and was crying. And he was hiding behind a pillar, frightened. He appeared to be a terrified and defenseless cursed spirit. Still, it was soon discovered that he had eaten hundreds of people, spitting the skeletons of those he had eaten out of his mouth as he changed into a creature that looked like a larva.

Dagon’s anger increased by the second, and the sorcerers desired to eliminate him as quickly as possible. Eventually, remembering his companions, especially the late Hanami and Jogo, he transformed into his true form, akin to the mythological creature Cthulhu from Lovecraftian tales.

He continued to fight the heroes after that. Now, Naobito Zenin immediately wanted to exorcise Dagon but was unable to do it even with his special technique, which was later explained after Naobito and Dagon had a verbal clash over… well, Dagon was angry that the jujutsu sorcerers belittled them, while Naobito was angry about modern television sets and the frame rates in animation. No, this is not a joke.


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And, as their fighting continued, the narrator explained Naobito Zenin’s special technique called Projection Sorcery. Projection Sorcery is an inherited technique of the Zenin clan that roughly allows the user to divide one second into 24 individual frames and attack using that projected movement, often catching the opponent off guard. The explanation is, in all honesty, quite complex, and to avoid not explaining this properly, we are going to quote the official explanation as was seen in the series:

This technique divides one second into twenty-four frames of animation using the user’s field of view as the projection angle of view. The user can trace a predetermined set of movements into those twenty-four frames and execute them in that single second. Moving using this technique makes the user appear to move unnaturally fast, too quick for even special grade cursed spirits to follow.

While Projection Sorcery is active, anything touched by the user’s palm must also abide by the ’24 FPS’ rule while moving. Failure to do so results in the subject getting immobilized and frozen in an animation frame for one second. Although it’s just a second, anything caught in that frame is completely vulnerable to attack. Hitting the frame will break the target out of it, usually heavily injuring them.

In addition to its strengths, are several risks to using Projection Sorcery for the user. The predetermined course cannot be adjusted once started. Furthermore, if the trajectory of movement or the laws of physics excessively ignored, the user will be frozen as well. There is also an upper limit to the user’s body acceleration when activating this technique. However, maintaining constant activation of Projection Sorcerery allows speed to continually build.

Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapters 106-107, 109-111, 139, 141, 151 (Source)

We sincerely hope that the official explanation makes some sense to you, as the technique is quite complex, and there is really no easy way around it. The whole concept is based on dividing one second into 24 frames and then executing the movements swiftly; the opponent doesn’t know he has to do that, so Naobito is able to catch them off guard and thus trap them in his “frames,” as he did to Dagon more than once.


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It is a powerful technique, and had they not fought Dagon, Naobito would have defeated his opponent. But Dagon was a true master of defense. Even though Naobito was able to surprise him with his technique, he was not able to beat him, which in turn led to Dagon activating his Domain and trapping them all inside, but that is a completely different story that you can read about in our other articles covering the story of the Shibuya Incident in Jujutsu Kaisen.

So, Projection Sorcery is an inherited technique, which means that members of the Zenin clan have it, although not all of them have to inherit it. Naobito Zenin is the technique’s first revealed user, but we later found out that Naoya Zenin was also able to use it, and he was Naobito’s son, so that makes a lot of sense.

But, the story of Naoya Zenin is a story for a separate article, so we will wrap this up here, as we’ve told you what you need to know about this technique.

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