Jujutsu Kaisen: How Was Naobito Able To Resist Dagon’s Domain? Falling Blossom Emotion Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Was Naobito Able to Resist Dagon's Domain? Falling Blossom Emotion Explained!

Naobito Zenin was introduced in Jujutsu Kaisen as a helpless drunk, but it turned out that he is an exceptionally powerful jujutsu sorcerer whose skills are more than impressive. During the epic fight with Dagon, Naobito demonstrated some exceptionally powerful skills and techniques. In this article, we will discuss one of them – the secret Falling Blossom Emotion. Falling Blossom Emotion initially helped Naobito resist Dagon’s Domain’s effects, allowing him to remain uninjured despite being hit by Dagon’s shikigami. So, what is it? How powerful is it? In this article, we will reveal all that you need to know about Falling Blossom Emotion.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • While fighting against Dagon in the cursed spirit’s Domain, Naobito Zenin used a special, secret technique called Falling Blossom Emotion, with which he was able to reject the onslaught of shikigami created by Dagon’s Death Swarm ability.
  • Falling Blossom Emotion is a secret art that allows the user to create a barrier and counter the effects of a Domain but not the Domain itself; it is similar to a Simple Domain. It can easily counter basic techniques.
  • As a secret art, it has been passed down only within the great families, and aside from Naobito and Obi Zenin, Satoru Gojo is the only other character who seemingly knows how to use it.

Naobito Zenin used a secret technique, to counter Dagon’s Domain

Okay, so to explain this article and technique, we must go back to the fight between Naobito Zenin and Dagon. It all started in Shibuya, where Naobito and Nanami could not exorcise Dagon in battle. At one point, when they were very close, Dagon activated his Domain, Horizon of the Captivating Skandha, trapping the two of them and Maki Zenin inside his Domain.

Since his Domain had a sure-hit condition, Dagon found a safe place and soon launched his technique, Death Swarm, which allowed him to create an endless swarm of aquatic shikigami that attacked his opponents. It was effortless for him, and since he was inside his Domain, the Shikigami were sure to hit their target. While this was true for Nanami and Maki, Naobito managed to reject the Shikigami by creating a sort of barrier around him that the Shikigami simply couldn’t breach and were thrown aside.


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Naobito Zenin soon revealed the name of his technique – Secret Art: Falling Blossom Emotion – and we will now explain what exactly it is and what it does.

The secret technique known as Secret Art: Falling Blossom Emotion, which can be used to effectively counter the effects of a Domain, is only available to the three great families, as we have already mentioned in the introduction. When Falling Blossom Emotion is activated, the caster’s space does not expand any more than it would if a Simple Domain occurred.

This is why these two abilities are somewhat similar. Nevertheless, the user’s cursed energy promptly launches a counterattack to defend against the opponent’s relentless onslaught as soon as it begins.

This strategy works effectively against basic spells like Ryomen Sukuna’s Cleave, but it is ineffectual against more complicated ones like Satoru Gojo’s Domain Expansion. Furthermore, it cannot be moved in the same manner as a Simple Domain. The energy that surrounds the user when they use the Falling Blossom Emotion outside of the Domain enables them to block any blows that are directed at them. This technique is applicable to many different fighting systems.

The Falling Blossom Emotion seems to not offer the same defense against physical attacks but is effective against sure-hit spells in a Domain. When confronted with strong Domains, the Falling Blossom Emotion can’t be dislocated as quickly, but the user still suffers consequences.

And this explains it rather clearly, no? As a member of the Zenin clan, Naobito was able to use this secret art to block the effects of Dagon’s sure-hit rule inside his Domain. Of course, he could not counter the Domain itself, as Falling Blossom Emotion is not that powerful, but it was strong enough to withstand a barrage of Dagon’s shikigami that the cursed spirit sent at him using his Death Swarm.

Of course, the technique requires concentration, so Dagon was ultimately able to hit Naobito when he lost focus and some of his energy. The effects of Falling Blossom Emotion are limited, but the technique is still very useful, and it is an excellent defensive move in tight situations.

Can anyone else use Falling Blossom Emotion?

As we have explained, Falling Blossom Emotion is a very complex technique, and it is considered to be a secret art, meaning that it can be used as a secret weapon to counter a Domain in battle. This makes it very powerful and efficient, so you can understand why its usage and application are kept a secret, as only the great noble clans know how to use it, as it is passed down among them.

As for the Zenin clan, we know that Naobito and his brother Ogi Zenin knew how to use it. Naobito, as we’ve said, used it against Dagon, while Ogi Zenin demonstrated its use during his clash against his daughter, Maki. It is not a surprise that the members of the Zenin clan know how to use it, as they are exceptionally skilled and powerful jujutsu sorcerers.


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But, during the Shinjuku Showdown, we also see that Gojo is able to use Falling Blossom Emotion, as he used it during his fight against Sukuna, which surprised all those who watched the battle. Still, it makes sense that a member of the Gojo clan knows it, especially since it is Satoru Gojo himself.

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