Jujutsu Kaisen: All 13 Major Deaths in the Shibuya Incident Arc Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen: All X Major Deaths in the Shibuya Incident Arc Explained

As fans of the series will know, Jujutsu Kaisen has several important, or even essential, arcs. One of them is the large Shibuya Incident Arc, which lasted for 58 chapters, from Chapter 79 to Chapter 136. Now, as the Shibuya Incident Arc is going to be adapted in the second season of the anime, right after the Gojo’s Past Arc, and since it is a truly major event we are talking about, we have decided to talk about it again and prepare you for what’s coming in the upcoming episodes of the anime series.

Now, this article won’t be about the Shibuya Incident per se, but we are going to talk about what happened there. Namely, in this article, we are going to list all the major deaths that happened in this arc (and there have been many, yes!) and explain them in short. They will be listed chronologically. For each character, we are going to reveal how they died, who killed them (if anyone), and some details regarding the events per se, so this won’t be a detailed guide – just an overview. Also, all characters, both heroes and villains, will be included.

1. Kokichi Muta

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Not long after the Goodwill Event, it was revealed that there was a traitor among the jujutsu sorcerers. After an investigation, it was revealed that the traitor was Kokichi Muta, who was revealing information to Pseudo-Geto (Kenjaku) and Mahito in exchange for Mahito using his power to give him a functional body; in order to secure himself, Kokichi made a Binding Vow with the enemy.

But Kokichi was never a villain, and as soon as he got his body, he tried to kill the enemy. The fight was truly intense, but Mahito barely managed to defeat his two opponents (Kokichi and Mechamaru) and kill them both. Kokichi Muta thus failed in his attempt, and there was some poetic justice in that, but despite getting his body, he never did see his friends and classmates, which makes his story one of the sadder ones in the series.

2. Civilians

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This is a very heterogeneous group of anonymous people who ended up being trapped in Shibuya when it all began. Shibuya is a large district in Tokyo, and there are many people daily, especially if you consider that the Shibuya station is even more crowded due to many people using it to commute from one place to another, again daily.

Not all of the civilians died during the Shibuya Incident, but many of them were killed either as part of the villains’ plan or as collateral victims of the events. A group of them was cut by the Curses almost right after Gojo arrived, while many of them were transformed by Mahito, which also resulted in them dying. This is a heterogeneous group, but we had to list it here to show that there were also collateral victims there.


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3. Hanami

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When Gojo arrives, he is met by Hanami, Jogo, and Choso, who want to kill him. This was the very beginning of the incident, and Gojo went there alone to stop it. After attacking some humans, the three powerful curses decided to face Gojo personally, especially since they had some tricks up their sleeve, tricks taught to them by Kenjaku.

Choso is used as a distraction, while Hanami and Jogo try to defeat Gojo using their Domain Amplification technique, but this fails. Gojo seems to be running away, but he is actually not, and once he takes his blindfold off, the curses don’t really stand a chance. Now ready to fight, Gojo kills Hanami, does it brutally efficiently, and then prepares to face Jogo.

4. Grasshopper Curse

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The Grasshopper Curse was a Grade 2 Cursed Spirit that served as a main antagonist in the series. It looked like a giant grasshopper with some humanoid elements, and it tended to devour humans, which is what it did when Yuji first saw it. No one really knew how and out of where the Grasshopper Curse appeared, as Yuji encountered it while it was nibbling on a dead human. The Grasshopper Curse was interesting, and it had a lot of faith in its own abilities, believing that Yuji wasn’t strong enough to defeat it. But, it was very, very wrong.

Namely, despite all the abilities of the Grasshopper Curse, Yuji was so advanced in his skills at the time that he managed to deal with the Grasshopper Curse quite quickly, and he did not have any major issues in fighting it. The Grasshopper Curse was thus fully exorcised and died, which made it the third individual victim of the Shibuya Incident Arc.

5. Ogami

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Ogami was an old curse user who aligned herself with Kenjaku. She and her grandson fought Ino, while Yuji and Megumi fought Awasaka. Now, during the fight, Ogami, who her grandson protected, used a special technique to summon back from the dead none other than Toji Fushiguro, a well-known villain in the series. She used her skills to replace her grandson’s body with Toji, thinking that she could control him with her usual techniques.

What she underestimated, though, was how special Toji was, and he soon took over her grandson’s body. So, when Ogami ordered him to continue killing jujutsu sorcerers, he agreed but started with her ironically, showing that he was Toji and not her grandson anymore. This is how Ogami met her ultimate fate during the Shibuya Incident.


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6. The Smallpox Deity

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At one point, Kenjaku, then known as Pseudo-Geto, intercepted Mei Mei and her younger brother, Ui Ui, while they were walking around the incident site. After it became clear that a fight would ensue, Pseudo-Geto used the late Geto’s ability to summon the Smallpox Deity, a powerful disease curse, and then disappeared, leaving the curse to deal with Mei Mei.

Using her Black Bird Manipulation innate technique, Mei Mei ultimately defeated the powerful Smallpox Deity, but the fight was very complex. Yet, Mei Mei was an exceptionally powerful jujutsu sorceress and could ultimately use her intelligence to outwit the powerful curse and exorcise it fully. How? Well, she used her ability called Bird Strike to empower one of her crows significantly, after which it went on a suicide attack with all that power, killing both itself and the Smallpox Deity in the process.

7. Dagon

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Guided now only by the desire to kill, Toji, after killing Ogami, continued exploring Shibuya, and at one point, he reached the place where Dagon was fighting the Zenin Team led by Naobito. But, when Toji reached that place, Dagon had already activated his Domain, which implied that Toji came too late.

But that is not how it happened. Toji managed to enter Dagon’s Domain from the outside, and, using Playful Cloud, he attacked the Demon. He stabbed him, initially, so much that the Domain simply collapsed, but he did not kill him. Dagon tried to recover, but there was no time as Toji used Playful Cloud to eliminate Dagon, stabbing him until he was promptly exorcised. This would anger Jogo, who would soon use his skills to take revenge on the guys who killed his friend, but he was soon drawn to another location.


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8. Mimiko and Nanako

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Not long after Yuji’s defeat at the hands of Choso, the two sisters Geto saved Mimiko and Nanako, then found him and proceeded to feed him some more of Sukuna’s fingers. At the same time, Jogo sensed that, and he interrupted his own fight – which saved the lives of the Zenin Team – and proceeded there so he could awaken Sukuna. And that soon happened, as Sukuna took over Itadori’s body.

After he tells Jogo to get away from him, he decides to hear the two sisters out. They then tell him to kill Pseudo-Geto because of what he did to their savior, the real Geto, but Sukuna doesn’t like their tone and then kills them one by one without even giving them a proper chance to react, showing just how cruel and brutal he can be and how dangerous he is as well.

9. Toji Fushiguro and Ogami’s grandson

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Although Toji saved them from Dagon, Megumi did not recognize his father and was unsure what to think of him – whether he was an enemy or not. The two ended up fighting, as Toji confronted Megumi (who, as we have said, does not recognize him), but the fight was fairly short, as Toji also engaged his son in a conversation to see what had happened to him in the time after his original death.

So, the fight actually lasted until Toji realized that his son had maintained his individuality outside the Zen’in Clan, which is when he stopped the fight and decided to kill himself, thereby saving Megumi’s life. Since he stabbed himself in the head, he also killed Ogami’s grandson with him, as there was no way for the guy to return anymore (but we’re not sure that there was one, regardless of this).

10. Jogo

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After killing the sisters Mimiko and Nanako, Sukuna was left with Jogo. Jogo asked him to join their cause and lead the curses, but Sukuna wasn’t all that impressed by the proposal, as he had plans of his own. But, he did make a counteroffer to Jogo – if Jogo manages to hit him in a fight, Sukuna will agree to help them. And the two ended up fighting.

Jogo gave it his all, he truly did, but Sukuna was simply too much for him. Sukuna overpowered him with ease in a battle of strength, so Jogo proposed a battle of flames, which was his specialty. But even that wasn’t enough, as Sukuna used his own element against Jogo, ultimately burning him down to a crisp, which ended the curse’s life and allowed him to join his friends, Dagon and Hanami, in the afterlife, as Sukuna continued his horrendous plan.


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11. Haruta Shigemo

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Haruta Shigemo was one of Kenjaku’s allies, and his story is so interesting that he was actually supposed to die a lot earlier, but he had a lot of luck until one point in the story. Namely, initially, he was beaten so hard by Nanami that he should have died from that beating, but he managed to survive somehow and even recovered.

He later came back and challenged Megumi, which ended in him being drawn into Mahoraga’s ritual, which would have killed Haruta for sure, but also Megumi, so Sukuna saved him, as Sukuna had other plans for Megumi.

Sukuna ultimately allowed Haruta to run away, but his luck ran out as, while he was running away, he was accidentally caught by Sukuna’s Domain, which cut him and killed him instantly, ending his lucky streak. This time, Haruta was definitely dead.

12. Kento Nanami

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Kento Nanami and Mahito were bitter rivals, and Mahito came close to killing Nanami before, but that did not happen. The two of them had a rematch in Shibuya, and sadly, Mahito was, this time, successful in killing one of the series’ favorite characters.

As for the battle, there isn’t much to tell, as both Nanami’s and Mahito’s abilities were well known, so Mahito simply did his thing, and Nanami’s life was over. He did it in front of Yuji to break his spirit, which would, in turn, allow Mahito to defeat Yuji as well. While Nanami did die, it did not break Yuji’s spirit, as he continued to fight against Mahito and would soon receive help from Nobara. We’re not going to list Nobara here, as – while Mahito did hit her – her fate is still unknown, so we won’t put her down as a casualty (in the hope that she is still alive).

13. Mahito

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After killing Nanami, wounding Nobara, and almost killing Yuji, Mahito actually ended up on the loser’s side when Aoi Todo arrived to help Yuji. This gave Yuji additional resolve, and not only was he able to take on Mahito as an equal, but he could also surpass him with Aoi’s help, although the latter ended up losing an arm in that battle.

But, just when Yuji was about to deliver his finishing blow to Mahito, Kenjaku arrived and saved his ally, but things did not turn out as the sentence applies. Namely, not long after saving him from being killed by Yuji, Kenjaku used Geto’s ability to devour Mahito since Mahito was a curse, thereby killing him himself. He had use of his powers, so he ate him himself, which was, from his perspective, better than Yuji exorcising him.


And that’s it – all the major deaths have been covered, and while this was a spoiler-filled article, we hope that it will help you understand the complex events that happened during the Shibuya Incident and prepare you for what is to come.

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