Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is Hana Kurusu? Introducing Gojo’s Savior!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Who is Hana Kurusu? Introducing Gojo's Savior!

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Throughout the series, Jujutsu Kaisen has introduced us to a series of intriguing and special characters. Some appear early in the story, while others appear later, at some other point. The anime is currently focused on the Shibuya Incident Arc. Still, we will go a bit into the future, as we will introduce a vitally important character that appeared a bit later. This article will focus on Hana Kurusu, the character who would ultimately save Satoru Gojo from the Prison Realm and whose role in the series might be pivotal.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Hana Kurusu is a female jujutsu sorcerer in symbiosis with a Heian-era jujutsu sorcerer known as Angel. The two seem to form a benevolent pair aiming to help others.
  • Hana Kurusu was saved by Megumi when she was little, which motivated her to help others as well. She promised she would use her ability, Jacob’s Ladder, to save Gojo, but only after Sukuna was killed.
  • When she witnessed Sukuna taking over Megumi’s body, she changed her mind and immediately released Gojo.

Hana Kurusu is in a similar situation to Itadori’s, but Angel is not like Sukuna

Hana Kurusu’s story is from the future of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Manga readers will already know everything there is to know about this young jujutsu sorcerer, but anime fans will have to wait for some time before she actually makes a proper appearance. And this, in part, motivated us to write up this article, as the character really deserves such an introduction. On top of that, Hana Kurusu’s importance for the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen is enormous, which also motivated us to write this text.

So, who is Hana Kurusu, and why is she so important that we have to come up with an article for her? Hana Kurusu is a young female jujutsu sorcerer who appears later in the story. She is a blonde girl of unknown age and origins who was introduced as the potential savior of Satoru Gojo.

Namely, it soon became apparent that Hana Kurusu was not just an ordinary girl/jujutsu sorcerer. Namely, she shared her body with an ancient jujutsu sorcerer from the Heian Era known as Angel. It was a sort of symbiosis.


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Her situation could be compared to Yuji’s, as he also shared his body with an ancient sorcerer, Sukuna, but there was an essential difference between them. Hana Kurusu seems to share her body with the reincarnated Angel willingly, as the ancient sorcerer is a benevolent one; in fact, as far as we know, Angel’s goal is to hunt down the incarnated evil sorcerers and, ultimately, to hunt down even Sukuna himself.

On the other hand, Yuji is forced to share his body with Sukuna (or, well, he was until Sukuna took over Megumi), and Sukuna’s only goal is to rule the world and cause chaos wherever he is. This is why Hana Kurusu’s situation is significantly different from Yuji’s, although the concept is quite similar.

And while she is best known for helping Gojo, her story is related to Megumi, for whom she has feelings. Namely, when she was a child, she had been abducted by a cursed spirit until Megumi Fushiguro saved her. She never forgot this act of kindness and swore that she would help others as well.

At some point, she came into contact with Angel; although we don’t know the details, the two seemingly found common ground and became a duo whose goal was to help people. She has an extremely friendly and positive demeanor. And while her goal is to protect the people around her, Angel always prioritizes her safety over that of other people.

Hana’s first appearance in the story is during the Culling Game when she is seen floating around the “arenas,” helping people. When Megumi Fushiguro was exhausted from his fight against Reggie Star, Hana Kurusu immediately came to him and wanted to help him. Still, a tragedy soon occurred, as Sukuna used Megumi’s state to possess his body and take control of it, after which he seriously injured Hana due to his surprise attack. She, of course, survived, but it was a heavy injury, and she was ultimately healed only after Yuta took her to Shoko Ieiri.


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The heroes sought out Hana Kurusu because her ability, called Jacob’s Ladder, could nullify every other known technique, including the Prison Realm. Hana Kurusu was, thus, the perfect savior for Satoru Gojo, as her technique could release the sorcerers from his imprisonment.

And while Hana Kurusu did agree to help them, she had one condition – Sukuna had to be killed first. And that made sense, then, although it was somewhat dangerous, as Sukuna was, at the time, still in Yuji’s body, so killing Sukuna meant that Yuji had to be killed as well. All of this changed, of course, once Hana Kurusu witnessed what Sukuna did to Megumi, and after realizing the complexity of the situation, she activated Jacob’s Ladder and released Gojo.

And that is more or less it. The story then shifted to the fight between Gojo and Sukuna, with Hana Kurusu and Angel observing the battle. The logic of the plot started shattering, but that is a wholly different topic at this point. Hana Kurusu is bound to play a larger role, but we cannot predict what will happen to her, so we’ll just have to see. Until then, this is all the relevant data you need to know.

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