How Did Sukuna Take Over Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen?

How Did Sukuna Take Over Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen?

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Ever since the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen, we have seen how resistant Yūji Itadori is to the possession of Ryōmen Sukuna, who is known as the King of Curses. Even though he ate one of Sukuna’s fingers and was supposed to get taken over by the evil cursed spirit, Yuji retained control over his body but sometimes allowed Sukuna to take over, especially in tough situations. Sukuna, however, is one of the most important characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise. He is one of the series’ main antagonists, being also one of its most powerful characters. In this article, we will tell you about one aspect of Ryōmen Sukuna’s story, and that is his unnatural obsession with Megumi Fushigoro, one of the stories’ protagonists. In this article, you are going to find out all the details surrounding Sukuna’s usurpation of Megumi’s body.

During the Culling Game, Sukuna activated his special Binding Vow with Itadori, in whose body he still was, which allowed him full control over his body without being able to harm anyone for a full minute. He fights his opponents but then takes a gamble and rips off one of Itadori’s fingers, thereby establishing that Itadori did not take himself into account when he limited Sukuna’s actions. He then fights Megumi and force-feeds him the finger, thereby effectively transferring his consciousness to the young student.

The rest of this article is going to focus on two things. One aspect concerns the events we have talked about in our summary that happened during the Culling Game, while the other concerns the relationship between Megumi Fushigoro and Sukuna, as it is quite important to understand why Sukuna was so obsessed with the young sorcerer. The article will contain many spoilers, so we have to warn you about that before you start reading.

Sukuna has had an unhealthy obsession with Megumi from the start

When Yūji Itadori ate Sukuna’s finger at the start of the Jujutsu Kaisen plot, despite Megumi’s best efforts to convince him otherwise, we witnessed that he would sacrifice anything for others. He defeated the cursed spirit that assaulted his classmates by consuming Sukuna’s finger to gather cursed energy. Yūji, however, demonstrated exceptional tolerance to the King of Curses because he was still in complete control of his body and avoided being possessed by Sukuna’s spirit.

Of course, the fact that Sukuna is the most potent cursed spirit and is a particularly deadly entity that might put the entire world in danger if he were to get revived was the precise reason why they needed to make sure that Yūji wasn’t going to get taken over by him. But when he was forced to transfer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College so that the Jujutsu sorcerers could keep an eye on him, Yūji’s tolerance of Sukuna’s possession allowed him to become the King of Curses’ vessel and a significant member of the student body there.


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But on a mission, Yūji was compelled to give Sukuna control of his body so they might vanquish a particularly potent cursed spirit. Yūji was prevented from regaining control of his body by Sukuna because Megumi had to confront the King of Curses. Sukuna easily overcame Megumi, who utilized his Ten Shadows Technique to call shikigami to battle, despite the fact that he was still far from his full potential.

But instead of killing Megumi, Sukuna allowed Yūji to take over his body once more. In that regard, Sukuna didn’t kill Megumi when he had a chance to do so. Why, you wonder?

sukuna megumi fight

After seeing Megumi’s fighting style, Sukuna became interested in him. Fans have theorized as to why, but there hasn’t been a verified explanation for why Sukuna is so taken with Megumi. It’s also likely that his fascination with Megumi was brought on by her possessing a powerful and uncommon talent known as the Ten Shadows Technique.

The Ten Shadows Technique is a power that is passed down in the Zen’in family but is incredibly rare. In fact, Megumi is the only one who is confirmed to have this power out of all of the members of the Zen’in Family. Megumi can summon shikigami to help him in battle thanks to this ability.

The shikigami are spirits that possess a physical form since Megumi may call them forth at any time and employ them in any conflict. He can call forth ten of these spirits to fight alongside him. Of course, Megumi was still honing his control over the spirits that he summons and had not yet mastered this skill when Sukuna battled him for the first time.

We all know that despite Yūji having eaten more than a few of Sukuna’s fingers, Sukuna still fights to take over Yūji’s body. This suggests that Sukuna is unable to completely take possession of Yūji’s body and would never resurrect if Yuji had the ability to fend off his attempts to take control of his body.

Considering that Sukuna will never be able to return to life, even if Yūji were to eat all of his fingers, he needs a new body that he could easily take over. And that is where Megumi and his Ten Shadows Technique come in.

Given that the shikigami aren’t truly as strong as Yūji in terms of their mental fortitude, it’s feasible that if Sukuna ever managed to transfer his power to them, it would be simpler for him to take over the body of one of the shikigami. That suggests that Sukuna may be attracted to Megumi because he wants to develop his mastery of the Ten Shadows Technique to the point where he can easily summon and create a body for himself.

And this was actually proven to be true later on in the story. Namely, Sukuna understood that Itadori’s mental resilience was too much for him and that he would not be able to take on his full form permanently while inside his body.

On the other hand, Megumi was strong, but he wasn’t as stable as Itadori mentally due to Itadori being a much more relaxed person, whereas Megumi had a dark and complex personality and often doubted himself, and he was, thus, ideal prey for the dangerous Curse. And this is exactly why Sukuna targeted Megumi, as he saw in him a way out for himself and a powerful vessel that would make him even more powerful than he already is, so it is only natural that he was obsessed with him from the start.


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He took a risk – and it paid off

Now, fast forward to the Culling Game Arc, and we finally find out what happened between Sukuna and Megumi in that aspect. An important fact to know beforehand is that Sukuna and Itadore made a Binding Vow that would allow Sukuna to take complete control of Itadori’s body without being able to harm anyone for a full minute under certain circumstances.

We won’t be describing the whole arc here, just those important moments related to the moment when Sukuna took possession of Megumi’s body, which was one of the series’ most shocking moments.

During the Culling Game, Itadori and Megumi sought out Hana Kurusu, whose unique powers supposedly freed their mentor, Satoru Gojō, from the Prison Realm. And while Hana accepted, her symbiotic partner, Angel, told them that they would do it only after Sukuna was defeated, which the two accepted.

They then proceed with their plan and recruit Megumi’s sister, Tsumiki Fushiguro, who would turn out to be a reincarnation of the powerful sorcerer Yorozu, which shocked even Megumi. As Yorozu proceeded to fight Sukuna, the latter activated his own plan, and while he did take a risk with it, he was ultimately successful. So, what happened?

jujutsu kaisen 213 3

Remember the Binding Vow we mentioned above? As Yorozu was about to fight the powerful Cursed Spirit, he activated the aforementioned Binding Vow and took over Itadori’s body. And while he was limited as to what he could do, as per the conditions of the Vow, Sukuna decided to take a risk and gamble, ripping one of Itadori’s own fingers off. As it turned out, the gamble paid off as Itadori never included himself in the list of people Sukuna could not harm, which is in line with Itadori’s personality, but it proved to be a very silly mistake as it enabled Sukuna to come up with a hellish plan.


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Megumi wanted to interfere, but there was no time, and Sukuna quickly grabbed him and force-fed him the finger. And just as his consciousness was transferred into Itadori when the latter consumed his finger, Sukuna’s consciousness transferred once again, this time inside Megumi, and his hellish plan succeeded.

As Sukuna proceeded with his own plans, the heroes managed to free Gojō, with the latter now preparing to fight Sukuna in what promises to be the series’ most epic clash.

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