Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s Why Yuta Wants To Kill Yuji!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here's Why Yuta Wants to Kill Yuji!

As you can see, the situation will change drastically when Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident Arc ends. Former allies will now become foes and traitors, currently protected characters will become targets, and many old heroes will perish. One of the characters who is going to be influenced by this is the protagonist, Yuji Itadori, who will suddenly become a target for execution once he loses the protection of Gojo (who is sealed) and Yaga (who will be killed) and one of the assassins that is going to go after him is Yuta Okkotsu, another one of Gojo’s students. Why did Yuta want to kill Yuji? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After Gojo was sealed and Principal Yaga was killed, the situation changed drastically: Gojo was labeled a traitor, while Yuji was now a target for execution due to his relationship with Sukuna.
  • The higher-ups then gave the green light to execute Yuji Itadori, after which a series of assassins arrived to kill the young jujutsu sorcerer.
  • Among them was Yuta Okkotsu, who put himself in the forefront, but it turned out it was all just a ruse, as he had discussed this situation with Gojo, and Yuta “killing” Yuji was all part of Gojo’s plan.

Yuta did go after Yuji, but he never really wanted to kill him

So, long story short, the Shibuya Incident changed a lot. Satoru Gojo was sealed away in the Prison Realm, and it would be a while before he returned to the series. Many heroes died, and while we could list all of them here, the most relevant name for this article is the death of Principal Yaga, who was treacherously killed by one of his allies.

Sukuna caused even more havoc, and it became apparent that he was even more dangerous now that Itadori had consumed more of his fingers. Kenjaku, while his group was massacred, was still out there and was also stronger than ever.

In light of all of these facts, the higher-ups decided to change their approach now that Gojo – whom they feared – was sealed. The first thing they did was blame Gojo for everything and label him a traitor, making everyone who tried to help him or unseal him also a traitor by proxy.


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This meant that Yuji Itadori, who enjoyed the protection of both Gojo and Yaga, was not a sitting duck. The higher-ups wanted to eliminate him from the very beginning, but both Gojo and Yaga protected the boy, and he was safe. Now that both of them were gone, he was a sitting duck.

They immediately gave out the order for Yuji to be eliminated, and a group of assassins gathered to kill the boy. And while all of this was expected, and Yuji still enjoyed the support of his friends, suddenly – Yuta Okkotsu came to the scene and put himself in the forefront of the chase. This seemed a bit strange, a bit odd.

Why? Well, first of all, Yuta was Gojo’s pupil, and he was very loyal to his master, so it seemed strange that he would just suddenly appear and attack another of Gojo’s pupils and one with a very similar story to his own. On top of that, Yuta had been abroad during the Shibuya incident, and his suddenly appearing in Japan just to kill Itadori seemed strange.

Yuta did, indeed, attack Yuji, and the two had a brief skirmish. Still, after Yuta won – because Itadori stood no chance against the powerful sorcerer – it became obvious that it was all just a ruse, as Yuta did not kill Yuji – he saved his life by intervening in the fight. Yuta never intended to kill Yuji; he intervened in the chase so he could save Yuji’s life. He played the part of an assassin to trick the higher-ups, but his intention was never to actually harm Itadori.

This is because he was loyal to Gojo. Gojo had anticipated that something could happen to him, so he tasked Yuta with doing his job while he was away. When Yuta explained it, Itadori and the boy became friends and allies, and they continued to operate together to find a way to unseal Satoru Gojo from the Prison Realm.

They ultimately did do it after much time had passed, but that is when Akutami decided to kill the consistency of his own story and made a mess, but that is a topic for another article.

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