Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Haruta Shigemo Die? Here Is What Happens to Him!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Haruta Shigemo Die? Here Is What Happens to Him!

Haruta Shigemo is not a new character to the series, but the Shibuya Incident will finally give him some time to shine, as he managed to get a significant amount of screen time in this arc. Thanks to his Innate Technique, Miracles, Haruta Shigemo managed to stand out as a very special and interesting character in the series, and in this article, we are going to discuss his story. You will find out what happened to Haruta Shigemo and whether he died in the series. This article will be your go-to guide to Shigemo’s story as it happened in Jujutsu Kaisen.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Haruta Shigemo is a secondary villain in Jujutsu Kaisen who initially appeared briefly during the Goodwill Event and later played a more important role during the Shibuya Incident. He was part of Kenjaku’s group.
  • His ability is called Miracles, allowing him to “store small miracles,” which he erases from his memory only to use as a lifeline later to survive a fatal attack.
  • After fighting Nanami, Shigemo survived the beating thanks to his ability, but he had exhausted all of his little miracles and eventually died after clashing with Sukuna’s released Domain.

Haruta Shigemo initially survived thanks to his ability…

Haruta Shigemo is a curse user allied with Mahito’s group. He is an androgynous boy with a cowardly and sadistic character who loves to pick on the weak. He uses a sword created by Juzo, whose hilt is made of a hand. His cursed technique is called Miracles. What does Miracles do, and why is it that relevant?

This technique erases small miracles and memories of them from Haruta’s life and stores them in black marks under her eyes. When his life is in jeopardy, these stored miracles are released, changing his destiny to protect him from otherwise lethal blows. This is a very peculiar power, especially when combined with his excellent fighting skills. Haruta survived fighting Nobara and Nitta until Nanami came, but more on that later.

Though he had a small part, he was first seen during the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc when he was one of the curses and cursed users who assaulted the school. Juzo, who also fashioned his Hand Sword for him, was present along with Hanami and Mahito. Utahime Iori was his first opponent, but she evaded his strike when he tried to hit her. Nobara and Mai soon joined in, and he remarked that judging by the number of girls that came to greet him, he must be rather popular.


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However, he leaves as soon as he learns that Gojo has broken through the barrier. Later, he gets in touch with Hanami and offers to end his suffering after realizing how severely hurt he is, but Mahito stops him. The three of them depart shortly after that. As he resurfaced after the Shibuya Incident, he attacked every assistant in front of the first veil, nearly killing Ijichi in the process. Later, he went through the veil and sought to murder Nitta, but while battling Nobara, he was confronted by an enraged Nanami.

Nanami gave him absolutely no chance. While he did resort to various tricks, he was unable to even leave a scratch on Nanami, who beat the crap out of him and demanded information about his allies. He kept beating him for a while and later left him for dead. During the battle, the number of marks on his face decreased, which proved that Nanami had inflicted several fatal blows. Shigemo managed to survive thanks to the fact that he was using his special technique.

… but his luck ran out when he faced Sukuna

While most people did think that Shigemo died from being beaten to a pulp by Nanami, he reappeared soon after, still bruised and toothless from being beaten by Nanami; his power does save his life, but it does not actually regenerate him or heal him, which is why he was in such a horrible condition when he reappeared. So, what happened to him later in Shibuya?

Well, we could definitely observe the fact that he had no marks left, and he was later seen, i.e., when he came across Megumi and faced him. He wounded Megumi, but as Megumi was going to summon Mahoraga, there was little that Shigemo could do. Mahoraga appeared and knocked out Megumi, and Shigemo believed he would face the powerful Shikigami all alone.

So, what happened? Well, Sukuna came to his rescue and ordered him to back away as he would fight Mahoraga himself. Although Mahoraga was powerful, Sukuna was actually able to defeat him, and that was a pivotal moment in that arc.

Shigemo was grateful, but since he had no clue about how powerful Sukuna was, he was also amazed and continued staring at his unlikely savior as Megumi was still knocked out. So, as Sukuna noticed him staring at him, he simply told him to get out of his view, and without much thought, Shigemo ran for his life. He was quite happy at that moment, as he believed that it was one of his lucky days, as he would get to live… but it did not turn out like that.


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Namely, soon after he told him that, Sukuna activated his Domain, and Shigemo was not fast enough to escape its radius, so he was caught and sliced in two by one of the borders. Since he had no “miracles” left, he died on the spot. As far as we can tell, Sukuna did not want to kill him, so Shigemo died accidentally, but it was an important moment in Shibuya.

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