Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Sukuna Free Geto From Kenjaku?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Sukuna Free Geto from Kenjaku?

If you haven’t heard it already, Mimiko and Nanako, together with Jogo, force-fed Yuji several of Sukuna’s fingers simultaneously. Sukuna managed to take over the boy’s body, if only temporarily. So yeah, as far as the anime’s concerned, Sukuna is back, which only means trouble. And while the real consequences of Sukuna’s emergence will be revealed later, he has already begun to cause trouble with Jogo and the sisters. Mimiko and Nanako pleaded with Sukuna to kill Kenjaku and retrieve Geto’s body. Will he do it? Well, if you’re not certain, keep reading this article as we will reveal the answer.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After Choso, Mimiko, and Nanako defeated Yuji force-fed him a couple of Sukuna’s fingers; soon, Jogo arrived and force-fed him a total of 10 fingers, which brought Sukuna back.
  • Although Sukuna’s control over Yuji’s body was only temporary, he had enough time to talk to both Jogo and the two sisters, which is why he listened to their pleas.
  • Mimiko and Nanako, bowing down completely, asked Sukuna if he could kill Kenjaku for them so the villain wouldn’t control Geto’s body anymore. Jogo, on the other hand, demanded nothing.

Mimiko and Nanako asked Sukuna to kill Kenjaku, and it cost them their lives

After Choso defeated Yuji, the sisters Mimiko and Nanako found him and fed him two of Sukuna’s fingers while unconscious. Jogo came over swiftly, fed Yuji ten more fingers, and torched the sisters, thinking he had killed them. Even though the sisters made it through, Sukuna quickly got up and told them they could talk to him, so there was no time for anything else.

They, with their heads down, begged Sukuna to murder Kenjaku and bring Geto’s body back to them; Nanako even offered to tell him where one more finger was if he did so. Sukuna then commanded them to raise their heads, destroying Mimiko’s head first and informing the sisters that they lacked the authority to command him to do anything with just one finger. Nanako was shocked and furious.


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She tried to use her technique on Sukuna, but before she could do anything, Sukuna sliced her up in pieces, killing her as well. He then turned his attention to Jogo, who surprised him by telling him that he demanded nothing from him, as his resurrection was part of their plan. He wanted his assistance, and while Sukuna did have plans of his own, he made Jogo a deal: if Jogo managed to land even one hit on Sukuna, Sukuna would work for them.

Jogo was a bit shocked, but he ultimately accepted the offer, and based on Sukuna’s strength, you can imagine how it all ended. But, while this implies what happened, we will now tell you whether Sukuna went after Kenjaku.

Sukuna will not go after Kenjaku, at least not yet

So, what happened? We know that Sukuna rejected the sisters and that he killed them soon after, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he did not go after Kenjaku by himself.

We can confirm that he did not fulfill the sisters’ demand and did not go after Kenjaku in Shibuya. He did not want to listen to them order him around and as far as his own plans were concerned, killing Kenjaku was not really important, so he did not want to bother himself with that. But did he do it later?

Well, there wasn’t much opportunity to do it. He continued with his own plans in Shibuya, and Yuji would, at one point, take back control over his own body. Sukuna would later take over Megumi’s body and end up fighting Gojo during the Culling Game, so there wasn’t really much time to do it. Plus, Kenjaku’s plan was not really contrary to Sukuna’s, so there is no reason to think that Sukuna would go after Kenjaku just yet.

Of course, we don’t really know what either of them wants as their endgames, and it might come down to a clash of titans later, as Kenjaku’s and Sukuna’s plans collide in the series. But this is a distant future, and from the way the manga is being written now, we cannot predict anything, as Akutami is writing a real mess of a plot now. This means that we cannot predict anything at this point and that every possibility is still open, i.e., that Sukuna and Kenjaku might but also might not battle it out.

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