Justice League vs. Justice Society: Differences & Which DCEU Team Is Stronger

jla vs jsa

We knew that there were going to be other DC characters and heroes that would appear in the Black Adam movie. But the thing that we didn’t expect was that the Justice Society was going to show up in the film, even though the Justice League exists in the very same DC Extended Universe. Of course, this makes this interesting because of the fact that there is more than just one superhero group in the DCEU.

Of course, everyone knows the Justice League, but the one thing that makes the appearance of the Justice Society interesting is that the group is entirely different compared to the Justice League. In that regard, we are here to look at the differences between the Justice League and the Justice Society while also discussing which DCEU team is stronger.

Who Are The Members Of The Justice League In The DCEU?


In the DCEU, there is no arguing that the most prominent superhero team is the Justice League, which is composed of some of the most popular and powerful heroes that DC has to offer. And we’ve seen the Justice League in action in the DCEU’s Justice League movie, which allowed us to see how the superhero group was formed and how it was able to defeat Steppenwolf and prevent the destruction of the planet.

Of course, this group was formed because Batman wanted some of the most powerful metahumans working together on a common cause, as that was what happened in the Justice League movie. That means that it was created due to the initiative of one of the most iconic characters in DC history. Of course, the group is also composed of some of the most well-known heroes in DC and in the DCEU.


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That said, the Justice League has the likes of heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. Then, near the end of the movie, we saw Superman getting revived after he was killed by Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This means that the most popular heroes that DC has to offer are part of the Justice League in the DCEU. And these heroes are also some of the strongest that the DCEU has to offer.

In terms of strength, the Justice League already has Superman, who we know is a powerhouse in terms of what he can do all on his own. This Kryptonian has ridiculous power levels in the DCEU, as he can level entire cities all on his own. But the other members of the Justice League are also quite strong as well.

Batman is the brains of the operation as he is one of the most strategic minds in the DCEU, and teaming up with Cyborg’s technological expertise allows him to become more dangerous. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are only a tad weaker than Superman, as they can hold their own against some of the strongest DCEU characters. The Flash, meanwhile, is the fastest character in the DCEU.

There is also Shazam, who might end up becoming a member of the DCEU Justice League, especially because we know for a fact that he already has his own movie and is about to have another one sometime in the future. And this movie could perhaps show a meeting between Shazam and Black Adam.

It is needless to say that the Justice League is a powerhouse team that not a lot of superheroes in the DCEU can stand up to. That’s why it was pretty odd that the Justice League wasn’t the team that was sent to try to restrain Black Adam and bring him to Task Force X.

Who Are The Members Of The Justice Society In The DCEU?

Black Adam Justice Society of America JSA DCEU

In the Black Adam movie, it was only logical for Amanda Waller, the one who is in charge of Task Force X and basically oversees different operations related to metahumans, to send out a team to try to bring Black Adam in because we know that the champion of Kahndaq is an incredibly dangerous man.

That was when she was seen in contact with Hawkman, who was forming a team of superheroes that he believed were good enough to try to take on Black Adam, who Waller recognized as one of the strongest characters she had ever seen. As such, the entire Justice Society was built on the initiative of Hawkman.

Hawkman introduced the individual members of the Justice Society, which included Cyclone, Atom Crusher, and Doctor Fate. This team, according to Hawkman, had the firepower, strength, and magical capabilities that could stop Black Adam. 


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The powerhouse of the team was Hawkman, who had the strength and fighting expertise that made him very dangerous in any kind of fight. Doctor Fate’s magical abilities are almost godlike in terms of their level. While Cyclone and Atom Smasher aren’t that strong, they are still learning how to utilize their abilities properly, considering that they were still quite young when they joined the Justice Society.

In the comics, however, the Justice Society used to be the early stages of the Justice League during the Second World War. However, it has since become a superhero group that was reformed for the purpose of training the next generation of superheroes. That’s why some of the current members of the Justice Society are still quite young.

Justice League vs. Justice Society: Differences & Which DC Team Is Stronger

As can be seen from the fact that the Justice League basically has the most powerful and iconic heroes of the DCEU, there is no arguing against the fact that this is a better superhero team compared to the Justice Society. We can even say that the DCEU version of the Justice Society was created so that the younger heroes would have a training ground, as this group often takes a backseat to the Justice League and the Teen Titans in the comics.

In that regard, it does appear that the Justice League is still the gold standard in the DCEU. Superman alone would prove to be a match for the Justice Society that we’ve seen in the DCEU, even though he might struggle against the magical capabilities of Doctor Fate. But if Superman were to team up with the other members of the Justice League, the Justice Society wouldn’t stand a chance.

Of course, the fact that the Justice Society struggled against Black Adam, who is on the level of Superman in terms of his strength, speed, and durability, means that there is no way this team could beat the Justice League, which has two other powerhouses in Wonder Woman and Aquaman. And if Shazam (who is Black Adam’s equal) is going to be a part of the Justice League in the future, we don’t know how the Justice Society can match this team.

This makes us question why the Justice Society, which is a team full of green heroes, was sent to go after such a powerful entity like Black Adam. But there is a good chance that the Justice League was busy during this time, as it was only in the mid-credit scene when Superman was called to match Black Adam, who Amanda Waller recognized as the strongest character from that planet.

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