Luffy and the Straw Hats Jump to Live-Action in the First Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s ‘One Piece’

One Piece Netflix First Trailer

Eiichiro Oda and his masterwork “One Piece” are acknowledged as masters of their craft. Because of it, One Piece has become the biggest Japanese manga in the medium’s history, selling hundreds of millions of copies throughout its entire run. The manga has also become the source material for a very long-running anime, animated films, video games, plays, and many more spin-offs. The characters of the manga even have statues placed around the entirety of Japan; to say that One Piece is big is an understatement. And so, Netflix saw the opportunity to make a live-action adaptation, and now they have released the show’s first teaser trailer.

One Piece tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a small pirate who is looking to recruit a crew to sail into the wide world and achieve his dream of becoming the “King of the Pirates.” Of course, such as task won’t be easy, especially when the road to the crown is plagued with countless other pirates and factions looking for the same thing, the mysterious and unfathomable treasure known as the One Piece. The live-action series counts the participation of Eiichiro Oda as a producer, and we have been told that he has been working very closely with the creative team behind the series.


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One Piece is well known for having one of the most impressive world-buildings in manga and an art style that very much takes advantage of manga and animation as a medium. Honestly, One Piece seems like the less adequate series to do a live-action on. But we are sure to give the series a chance. We never know. Maybe this is the moment when One Piece finally becomes a thing in the USA, where the series is well-known but never has reached the heights of something like Naruto. The best thing we can wish for is that the series pushes people to read the manga or watch the anime.

One Piece releases on August 31 on Netflix.

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