‘Manifest’: Who Is Michaela Stone’s True Love?

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Michaela Stone is one of the main characters in ‘Manifest,’ and what defined her character were the life tragedies she went through, solving important ‘callings,’ and a love life that was quite complicated. Speaking of the latter, Michaela had two serious relationships throughout the series, one with Jared and then with Zeke. Sometimes, it was so intertwined that we didn’t even know which one had completely won Michaela’s heart, but the show’s finale gave us the answer. That being said, let’s see who Michaela’s true love is.

Michaela realized that the person her heart truly belonged to is Zeke. At one point in her life, she dated Jared, and she had feelings for him even after Zeke died, but the person she was always meant to be was Zeke, and the two of them found each other again in the end.

The love triangle revolving around Michaela, Jared, and Zeke made the show even more dramatic and tense, and that’s why the moments between these characters were always so interesting to watch. Michaela’s love life was a real roller-coaster, but with all the tragedies and sacrifices she made, we’re glad she got the happy ending she deserved. Let’s see more detail about her love life and how she ends up with Zeke eventually.

Before Michaela met Zeke, Jared was the one who had her heart

Manifest Michaela and Jared

When Michaela boarded the plane in Jamaica, she was supposed to come home. She was a successful police detective that made some mistakes along the way, and upon her return, she had an important decision to make. Jared was waiting for her at home, hoping that Michaela would return to him and say she wanted to marry him. However, no one could have expected what would happen next. Flight 828 eventually returned home, but it came back five and a half years later, and everything had already changed.

Time had stood still for the passengers, and they had no idea they were returning to their families who believed they had lost their loved ones and would never see them again. The same was true for Jared. He never stopped loving Michaela but moved on with his life when she was in the Divine Consciousness. Four years after Michaela disappeared, Jared married Michaela’s best friend, Lourdes.


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After Michaela returned, things became complicated because they still had feelings for each other. They started working together again and solving cases that Michaela saw in her ‘callings,’ all of that led to their spark reigniting, leading to an affair. At that point, everything seemed to be heading toward their love gaining momentum again. However, Divine Consciousness had different plans for Michaela when Zeke appeared.

Zeke was drawn to Michaela through the ‘calling,’ which repeatedly told him she needed to find her. Once she did, their chemistry was obvious from the moment they met. Later on, they would fall in love, but Jared’s hopes that Michaela would return to him remained.

Zeke and Michaela were always destined to find each other

zeke and michaela manifest

Jared was suspicious of Zeke suddenly appearing and considered Zeke another threat sent by the ‘callings’ that needed to be resolved. The two of them showed hostility toward each other at the beginning, which was natural because they both liked the same girl. At one point, Jared even almost killed Zeke by shooting him.

Zeke was also connected with Divine Consciousness and could sense other people’s feelings. He became an important part of Michaela’s life, and her whole family loved him. Like Michaela, he suffered tragedies in life, leading to his addiction problems, and his Death Date was closer than the Flight 828 passengers. Michaela and Zeke loved each other profoundly and tried to prevent Zeke’s death in any way possible.

As Zeke was slowly dying, no one expected he’d be Michela’s happily ever after. Nevertheless, they married, and Zeke saved Cal’s life. After his demise, Michaela never forgot about him, but Jared was just always there by her side, providing comfort and attention. One thing led to another, and they ended up together. Considering how pure Jared’s love always seemed toward Michaela, fans had a hard time deciding who was actually her true love.

Zeke communicated with Michaela even after he died. Through Divine Consciousness, he saw parts of their life that were never apparent. They had been close to each other their whole life. They had just never met before. Zeke was also at the airport as a taxi driver when the passengers of Flight 828 disappeared. It was all connected and always meant for them to find each other.


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When judgment day came, the surviving passengers returned to 2013, just like the plane had never gone missing all those years. When Michaela returned that year, she had years of experience and knew for certain that Jared was meant to be with someone else. She returned the engagement ring and ran to catch a cab- because she knew whom she’ll find there.

And there was Zeke; they both met once again for the first time, only it wasn’t the first time, at least not for Michaela. The Divine Consciousness gave them a new opportunity to live and to lead a life they deserved with their sacrifices and all the good deeds they did. It was a well-constructed closure for these two characters, with one of the main roles throughout the series.

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