How Strong Is Golden Boy’s Brother Sam From ‘Gen V’? Compared to Other ‘The Boys’ Characters

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The world of ‘The Boys’ is filled with incredibly powerful characters, and the spinoff show ‘Gen V’ introduced an entirely new lineup of “superheroes” with incredible powers. At first, Golden Boy seemed to be “the Homelander” of the new generation of Supes, but as it turns out, he might not be the strongest individual in his family since his troubled brother, Sam, apparently survived and has nearly unparalleled physical abilities. We witnessed some pretty shocking scenes related to Sam’s strength, so we decided to compare him to the other strong ‘The Boys’ characters. Let’s see how strong Sam really is. 

  • Article breakdown:
  • Sam was strong enough to damage metal concrete and punch his way through another human being, which means that his strength is highly superhuman. 
  • Sam is definitely stronger than Starlight, A-Train, The Deep, and other Supes whose primary power isn’t super strength, but he would likewise prove to be weaker than Homelander, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, and Soldier Boy by a long shot, based on what we’ve seen so far. 

What are Sam’s powers and abilities (so far)? 

Golden Boy’s brother Sam Riordian is so far one great mystery, and super strength is likely not his primary superpower. There is much more going on than him just being able to damage metal with his bare fists. Sam is obviously being held in isolation not entirely because of his mental condition but because his superpowers seem a great danger to everyone around him.

So far, we’ve seen that Sam has vastly superhuman, uncontrollable strength. He was able to bend metal, possibly steel, until he was calmed down by his brother and ultimately subdued by Cate. The concrete walls inside his holding cells show signs of extensive damage, and the walls are likely reinforced because they are built to hold in Supes, not regular humans. 

sam punching a steel wall

He was strong enough to brush off several humans at once who were trying to capture him when he attempted to escape for the first time, only losing advantage when Marie’s droplets of blood attacked him. 

Sam also demonstrated superhuman durability. Even though he seems easily subdued by electricity, he could still brush off who knows how many volts, which would easily prove fatal for a regular human or even a Super, depending on their physiology. 


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He also demonstrated super speed, or at least super agility, since he managed to stay ahead of a team of highly specialized security personnel who were attempting to subdue him during the chase. He also managed to outrun several Supes. 

sams room damaged wall

There’s also a thing with Sam’s secret powers; the exact mechanism is not really all that clear, but it’s obvious that Sam’s hallucinations are in some way manifestations of his power, as he managed to communicate with his brother and reveal to him what is exactly going on. Those hallucinations and the fact that he can, in some way, astrally project are probably part of why his existence had to be kept hidden and why he must be segregated from the general population. Sam can manifest things that appear in his mind since he had trouble believing that Emma was real. 

Now that we’ve covered what we know about Sam’s powers, let’s compare him to other strong ‘The Boys’ characters. 

Sam vs. Homelander: Who would prove stronger? 

Was it possible for Homelander to save the plane1

As I’ve already said, we don’t really know all that much about Sam’s powers, but so far, everything that he demonstrated Homelander can easily surpass. Homelander proved to be far stronger and more resilient than Sam, as it’s almost impossible to hurt or subdue him for a longer period. Homeland also can fly and has laser vision, making him the top dog in the world of the Supes. We’ll have to wait to see how Sam’s powers develop, but so far, Homelander is far more powerful than him. 

Is Soldier Boy stronger than Sam? 

soldier boy 1

Soldier Boy is likely much stronger than Sam. Considering that Homelander was conceived from Soldier Boy’s sperm and is technically his son, it’s enough to say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Soldier Boy was so incredibly powerful it took some drastic measures to subdue him, as the room had to be flooded with Novichok in order to take him under control. Soldier Boy is also super fast, super strong, and emits lethal doses of explosive radiation. Based on what we know so far, Soldier Boy is much stronger than Sam. 

How does Sam compare to Queen Maeve? 

Queen Maeve the boys 1

Queen Maeve is likely the fourth strongest Supe, considering that super strength is her primary attribute. We’ve seen Queen Maeve presenting real danger to Homelander, punching buildings and vehicles and dealing with hordes of enemies on her own. She might not necessarily be more durable than Sam, but she is likely much stronger. 

A-Train would likely lose to Sam 

a train

A-Train is notable for being the speedster in ‘The Boys’, and although he proved to have a high degree of resilience and a moderate amount of super strength, he would likely get defeated by Sam. But, he would most likely be able to get away from him since Sam is fast, but no A-Train fast. 


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Starlight’s greatest strength is her energy-manipulation

starlight lede

Starlight has amazing energy-manipulation abilities, primarily light and electricity, and her body essentially works as a battery. As a teen, Starlight was already able to lift a car, meaning that she has super strength like all other characters on this list. But, since it’s not her primary attribute, she doesn’t rely on it all that much, meaning that Sam would likely be able to overpower her. 

What do you think how strong Sam is? Let us know in the comments below!

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