‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Are the Things the Worker Finds in the Construction Site?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Mayor of Kingstown Season 2, Episode 4, titled “The Pool.” An exciting title that connects with this week’s episode of 1923, another show in the ever-expanding Yellowstone Universe. The episode continues the story from last week when Iris disappeared from Mike’s house and ended up again under the rule of Milo, who has been hiding since the end of season 1. Mike tried to free her in the previous episode, but he failed.

On top of that, the plan to create a ruling structure inside the prison has become an enormous problem. Bunny, and the rest of the gang generals, feel like Mike has abandoned them and that they will never get out of prison, and the deal they made with the DA will become void. It is a very stressful situation for Mike, who, of course, has a close relationship with Bunny and wants to do right by him, but the powers that be are more interested in a headline on the news than in improving the quality of the citizen in the long term.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown Season 2, Episode 4. Read at your own risk.

What Are The Things The Worker Finds In The Construction Site?

The episode begins with a new character, a construction worker. We don’t know this character’s name, which is unnecessary. However, these characters are very important because they will unleash quite a bit of a situation. While working, he finds a box buried in the ground. This box is the same one that Milo sent Mike to find during season one. Mike couldn’t find it, but Milon warned him that he would be in trouble if someone else did. This worker has just found it, and he has taken it home.


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Meanwhile, Mike is dealing with the generals inside the Tent Camp, where all those involved in the riot lived at the end of season one. However, the police are moving prisoners from the camp and sending them who knows where. Bunny gets scared. He believes that Mike has betrayed him and that he will be sent to another jail and never be able to go out ever again. The rest of the generals think the same, but they want Bunny to know that they will go after Mike outside of prison if they don’t manage to go out soon.

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Bunny gives the message to Mike, and he promises he is doing everything he can to take Bunny out of prison. Mike then visits Kareem, who has become the prison warden, and tries to convince him to help with the situation. Kareem has zero sympathies for the prisoners and doesn’t see the point of helping them. Mike speaks the truth when he says that leaving the situation as it is will only lead to further violence, and worse things could happen in the near future. There will be more violence and more chaos.

Mike also visits Evelyn, and she informs him that the DA is celebrating the arrest of the general and nothing more. Evelyn says she will try to convince the DA to sign the release papers for Bunny, but that even then, a judge would need to sign them, so there is nothing sure. Like he did with Kareem, Mike explains the situation to Evelyn to put her efforts into perspective. However, it seems like Mike is completely undermined, and he might not be able to achieve this goal easily.


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What Happens To Milo’s Bonds?

The worker from the beginning of the episode takes the box home, and when he opens it, he discovers that there are hundreds of bank bonds. According to his wife’s research, some of them are very old, but they are still worth some money. They can get a 10% of what the bonds are really worth, and they would still be millionaires. However, he doesn’t know how to move them. He goes to a pawn shop, and the owner doesn’t want anything to do with the bonds. He warns the worker that dealing with this money can only lead to a bad place.

The worker ignores the pawn shop owner’s suggestion and still asks about who can move this type of item. He is led to Milo’s bar, and when he asks for directions, even Iris warns that it is his funeral if he really wants to talk to the people in charge of the place. As expected, the man is tortured by Milo’s men, but the worker is still trying to sell the bond, which is quite stupid. Meanwhile, Mariam starts working in a juvenile prison, where the young man who mugged her is doing his time for the crime.

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Kyle is also having a hard time. He goes to Mitch’s grave, asks for advice, and then visits Mike at his office. He says he needs a job and is willing to work with Mike in the same way that Mike used to work with Mitch. Mike is unsure if his little brother can handle this type of work, so the storyline is left hanging until the next episode.

The episode ends with a bunch of kids waiting for the public pool to be opened during these long and hot summer days. When the pool is finally open, they waste no time and jump inside of it, only to find the corpse of the worker lying at the bottom of the pool, tied to a metal chair. Milo will come for what is his, and things have become more complicated because the worker’s wife has grabbed the bonds and taken them to the police.

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