MHA: Are Dabi & Toga in Love? Here’s Why They’re Shipped Together

dabi and toga

One of the things that is quite common about ‘My Hero Academia’ is that the different characters are often shipped with one another by fans, even though this was never a romance manga or anime. Nevertheless, fans still try to ship different characters into relationships, no matter who the characters may be. Two characters who have become victims of fan shipping are Dabi and Himiko Toga. So, are Dabi and Toga in love?

  • Article breakdown:
  • Dabi isn’t in love with Toga because he doesn’t care about anything in life other than making his family suffer for what happened to him in the past.
  • Toga isn’t in love with Dabi because she is somewhat in love with another character, and we are talking about Deku, whom Toga is obsessed with in a twisted way.

Dabi has one singular focus

As one of the most tragic characters in the storyline of ‘My Hero Academia,’ Dabi is a popular figure in this manga and anime because he has a very sad and understandable history. He is also somewhat similar to the Joker in many ways, as he is twisted, crazy, and sadistic. Of course, it is his tragic history that eventually turned him into the person that he became.

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Born as Toya Todoroki, Dabi is the eldest son of the powerful hero named Enji Todoroki, otherwise known as Endeavor. He inherited a Quirk that was more powerful than his father’s own Quirk. But the sad part was that his body was similar to his mother’s in that it was resistant to cold temperatures instead of heat. This made it difficult for Dabi to use his Quirk without hurting himself.

But because Toya was initially trained by his father to follow in his footsteps, he became obsessed with trying to prove to Endeavor that he was strong enough to handle his Quirk and that he could become a hero. Still, Endeavor often ignored him and even scolded him whenever Dabi used his powers. Saddened by the fact that his father never acknowledged him and that Endeavor was more focused on training Shoto, the youngest Todoroki sibling, Dabi had an accident that caused everything around him to burn.

The accident led everyone to believe that Dabi had died. However, he survived the accident and was rescued by All For One’s people. But after Dabi realized that his father was more obsessed with having a son who could carry his legacy and that Endeavor caused so much suffering in his life, Dabi became obsessed with only one thing—making his father and the rest of his family suffer.

According to All For One’s doctors, it was a miracle that Dabi could live despite the severe injuries he suffered from his accident. Of course, the only reason why Dabi could survive and live for a long time was that his desire for revenge fueled him. He wanted nothing more in life than to make his father suffer, so he hardly had any time to do anything else.

Toga likes Deku in her own twisted way

Of course, in line with the fact that most villains in ‘My Hero Academia’ have sad and tragic histories, Himiko Toga herself suffered from a bad childhood. Toga possessed a Quirk that allowed her to transform into any person whose blood she ingested. Due to this ability, she grew up with a weird and twisted obsession with blood.


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Toga’s obsession with blood was somewhat of a problem for her parents, who tried to control their daughter’s twisted and inhuman urges. But there was a point in time when Toga saw one of her classmates, Saito, getting covered in blood and bruises after a fight. This caused her urges to spike as Toga used a box cutter to open Saito. After that, she sucked out his blood as she looked ecstatic on her face because she could finally be herself.

Eventually, Toga had to run away because she became a wanted criminal for what she did. This eventually led her to the League of Villains, which opened up its arms to accept her due to the unique power of her Quirk.

Around that time, Toga met Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, who she eventually fell in love with after seeing him covered in bruises and blood, just like Saito. And it also helped that Deku resembled Saito’s own appearance.

toga deku

Ever since then, Toga developed an obsession with Deku as she only wanted to get as close to him as possible and quite possibly suck his blood. It even reached a point wherein Toga asked Deku to be her boyfriend.

Why are Dabi and Toga being shipped?

With all that said, it goes without saying that Dabi and Toga are not in love with one another and probably don’t even have feelings for each other. Dabi is far too focused on and obsessed with the downfall of his family and the suffering of his father, who he believed was the author of all of the things that he suffered his entire life. Meanwhile, Toga is twistedly in love with Deku. But why are they being shipped by fans?

Well, it all starts with the fact that they are two of the most popular League of Villains members and are both twisted and insane in their own way. They also have miserable pasts. Of course, as the saying goes, “misery finds company.”

toga dabi

During the UA Traitor arc, they had a moment together as they visited Toga’s family home. However, because he didn’t want Toga to feel sad about how her family treated her, he burned the house down. Dabi also gave her a sample of Twice’s blood so that she could have something to use in the future and to have a memory of a dear friend who sacrificed himself for her. He sees her as a valuable ally even though he believes that she’s crazy.

In that regard, it was easy for fans to ship Dabi and Toga as they both have a lot of things in common. We can even say that Dabi is much like the Joker, whereas Toga is the ‘MHA’ version of Harley Quinn. Nevertheless, there was rarely an instance wherein we could say for certain that they have feelings for one another. It is also unlikely that they would end up with one another.

Who else is Dabi being shipped with?

Of course, Dabi himself has been shipped with many different characters in the storyline of ‘MHA.’ Some people would claim that his ship with Hawks is a lot more popular than his ship with Toga.


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Known as HotWings because of Dabi’s fire powers and Hawks’ winged appearance, Dabi’s ship with Hawks is quite popular among fans due to the fact that they have one common denominator—Endeavor.

Hawks grew up idolizing and wanting to be like Endeavor, while most kids his age wanted to be like All Might. On the other hand, despite the fact that he was born Endeavor’s son, Dabi wants nothing more in life than to see his father suffering.

This is where the interesting part of the ship comes in, as these characters are both polar opposites of one another in relation to how they see Endeavor. And while it is unlikely that this ship will sail, the HotWings ship is still more popular than the DabiToga ship.

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