Is Himiko Toga in Love with Deku in My Hero Academia?


There are plenty of side stories in the overall storyline of My Hero Academia, and Himiko Toga’s own story is one of the most interesting subplots in the series because how she has always been one of the most popular and intriguing characters in the series. Of course, episode 11 of season 6 of My Hero Academia allowed us to learn more about Toga and her feelings about a certain person after she confronted Ochaco Uraraka, who we know is in love with Izuku Midoriya. So, is Toga also in love with Deku?

Himiko Toga is admittedly in love with Izuku Midoriya, but her idea and understanding of love are twisted and different from the way people normally understand what love is. Toga loves Deku in the sense that she wants to ingest his blood and become him, and this is probably the result of the nature of her Quirk.

Throughout the storyline of My Hero Academia, Himiko Toga has always been an odd person that had a twisted way of seeing the world. Of course, the way she understood love could also be what we could very well consider twisted because how she doesn’t even care about the person that she claims to be in love with. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Himiko Toga and her feelings for Deku.

Is Toga In Love With Izuku Midoriya?

Episode 11 of season 6 of My Hero Academia may have focused more on Dabi’s ultimate reveal as Toya Todoroki, but the episode also allowed us to get to know more about Himiko Toga, who separated from the rest of the League of Villains so that she could confront Ochaco Uraraka regarding her own feelings for Izuku Midoriya and the way that she viewed villains. Of course, this came as a result of Twice’s death, which affected Toga so much after he was killed by the hero named Hawks.

During her fight with Ochaco, Toga confronted her about her feelings for Deku. But Tsuyu intervened and forced the villain to run away. As she was running away, she actually thought to herself that the reason why she wanted to confront Ochaco was to talk to her about romance, as they were in love with the same person. So, is Toga really in love with Midoriya?


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Throughout the entire storyline, it was hinted that Himiko Toga had some sort of an attraction to Deku, despite the fact that she always tried to slice him with her knife so that she could draw blood. However, it was only during the events of the Final War arc in the manga that she finally admitted that she was in love with Deku.

This happened when Midoriya got dragged into a Warp Gate by Toga after she was supposed to be isolated from the rest of the villains in what was the best strategy that the heroes could come up with. Supposedly, the heroes planned for Ochaco and Tsuyu to take on Toga, but the villain dragged Deku into their battlefield.

That was when Toga confessed her love for Deku, who was flustered by the villain’s words. She wanted him to be her boyfriend, and that was when Midoriya asked whether or not she wanted to go on dates with him and do the usual things that boyfriends and girlfriends do. But everyone on that battlefield was surprised to hear what kind of love Toga had in her mind.

Himiko Toga admitted that she wanted to be Deku because her idea of love was for a couple to be one and the same person. Considering that her Quirk allowed her to transform into any person whose blood she ingested, Toga wanted to suck out Deku’s blood and become him because of her twisted kind of love for him.

That was when Midoriya turned her offer down by telling her that this was not the love that she felt. Deku said that he also wanted to be All Might, but that didn’t mean that he wanted him and All Might to be one and the same person. But because Toga couldn’t understand the kind of love that “normal” people felt, she decided to kill Deku and the rest of the other heroes as well and even ingested Twice’s blood so that she could become him and use his Quirk to overwhelm the battlefield.

How Did Toga Fall In Love With Deku?

Of course, we all know that Toga has always been one of the most twisted characters in My Hero Academia, considering that she doesn’t view things the same way as the other characters do. That was exactly how she fell in love with Deku. But it is better for us to understand the way her mind works so that we would understand how she fell for Deku.

When she was still just a child, Toga had an infatuation with things that were bloody and beaten, as this was probably a side effect of her Quirk, which requires her to ingest the blood of someone so that she could transform into them. But her parents thought that she was weird and “abnormal,” and that was the reason why they repressed her true nature when she was still just a child. She grew up forcing herself to conform to what society thought was normal, and that was why her mental health took a dip.


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It was during an instance in school when a boy was involved in a fight and got badly beaten that she fell for him. She was attracted to his bloodied face and his bruises, and that was when she could no longer repress her true self. Toga attacked the boy and sucked her blood using a straw. Ever since then, she has been on the run as a villain.

So, during the time when Toga first encountered Deku, he was badly beaten and was actually quite injured due to the effects of the One For All Quirk. Izuku Midoriya also resembled Toga’s first love, who was the bloodied boy that she attacked when she was still in high school. As such, she fell for Deku.

In fact, during the Provisional Hero License Exam arc, she impersonated Camie Utsushimi, a girl from another hero school, so that she could actually get close to Midoriya and try to slice him and get a sample of his blood.

Of course, the way Himiko Toga sees the concept of love is something entirely different from how society understands what love is. She sees love as wanting to be the very same person that she loves, and that is the reason why she wants to be Midoriya. 

But the thing is that, for Toga, this was a legitimate kind of love that she felt for Deku because that was how she understood love. The proof that she did indeed have feelings for him was the fact that Deku couldn’t sense her attacks using Danger Sense during the Final War arc. 

Danger Sense is one of the Quirks that Deku inherited from a former holder of One For All. It functions by allowing the user to sense if there is imminent danger to the person (much like how Spider-Man’s spider senses work). But because Deku’s Danger Sense didn’t work on Toga, it was indeed true that she loved Midoriya in her own twisted way.

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