My Hero Academia: Who Does Dabi Have a Crush On? Love Interest Explained

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Dabi has been one of the most interesting My Hero Academia characters as he had a well-written past that contributed to the overall nature of his character as a spiteful and vengeful person. In that regard, Dabi has had a lot of fans in the storyline of ‘MHA,’ and some fans can’t help but think about him possibly liking or falling in love with someone in the storyline. So, who does Dabi have a crush on in ‘My Hero Academia’?

  • Article breakdown:
  • There is nothing more important to Dabi than getting revenge on his father for what he perceived to be his father’s sins against him when he was younger.
  • Although some fans have been shipping Dabi and Himiko Toga together, they are nonetheless valuable allies who respect one another because they have a lot of common goals.

Dabi has one thing he wants to achieve

If there’s one thing that we know about ‘My Hero Academia,’ it’s that this manga and anime storyline makes us understand how the villains were able to become as evil as they were. One such villain who has always been one of the most popular characters in ‘MHA’ is none other than Dabi, who wore a badass personality that went well with his incredibly powerful Quirk.


Due to Dabi’s popularity, many fans love talking about him and his motives. But fans can’t help but talk about the possibility of Dabi having a love or romantic interest in the storyline. Then again, there’s a reason why this is unlikely in ‘My Hero Academia.’

However, the truth is that Dabi was Toya Todoroki, the first-born son of Enji “Endeavor” Todoroki. But Toya was believed to have been killed in an accident a long time ago, and that was why no one thought that Dabi could possibly be Endeavor’s son until he believed this fact to be true.

Of course, there was a reason why Dabi hid his identity for a long time before finally revealing to the entire world that he was Toya Todoroki. His history with his family was not a particularly happy one.

Toya was born as the son of Enji and Rei Todoroki in what was a Quirk marriage. The truth was that Endeavor wanted a son who could someday become strong enough to surpass All Might, and that was why he married Rei for her family’s powerful Quirk. While Toya wasn’t born with Rei’s powerful ice-based Quirk, he was born with flames that burned hotter than Endeavor’s own flames. As such, Endeavor trained him early on and imposed on him the goal of becoming stronger than All Might.

But it was soon revealed that Toya’s body was born with his mother’s resistance to cold temperatures, which was why his body was often harmed whenever he used his flame-based Quirk. For Toya’s own safety, Endeavor prevented him from ever using his Quirk again, as he didn’t want his son to be harmed. But Toya was obsessed with trying to prove himself to his father so that he could earn his acknowledgment.


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Toya trained secretly to become stronger, but his body just couldn’t handle the heat. Eventually, Endeavor learned about this and lashed out at Toya and Rei. He also prevented everyone in the family from ever seeing Shoto Todoroki, the youngest of Enji’s children, after Toya tried to burn his younger brother out of jealousy.

Still, Toya tried to become strong enough to earn his father’s approval, and it came to a point where he could turn his flames into a hotter blue version. But out of sadness, when his father lashed out at him again, he had an accident in the mountains as he burned the entire place down without even learning how to put his flames out.

Endeavor and all of the other people thought that Toya died in that accident. But the truth was that Toya survived and was rescued by All For One’s men. While he was able to recover under the care of All For One’s doctors, Toya tried to return to his family. However, he realized that his father never changed after his supposed death and that Shoto was experiencing their father’s abusive training and treatment.

Toya was awakened to his family’s harsh reality as he developed a deep hatred for his father. This hatred kept him alive for years even though his body wasn’t supposed to be capable of supporting life. He dyed his hair and changed his name so that no one could recognize him. And he did all that to secretly plot against his father and the rest of the Todoroki family.

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In that regard, Dabi was only obsessed with bringing his father down. His deep hatred for Endeavor kept him alive for a long time. The worst part is that he just doesn’t want to see his father dying in his hands. Instead, Dabi wanted to see Endeavor suffering first, which was why Dabi targeted Shoto, as well as the youngest Todoroki sibling, which was the pride and joy of Enji Todoroki.

Dabi doesn’t have any time or energy to waste on romance or something related to that because the only goal he wants to achieve is his father’s suffering and death. In many ways, he would be happy enough to see himself dying as long as he achieves his goal.

Is Dabi in love with Toga?

Many fans have been shipping Dabi with his fellow League of Villains member, Toga Todoroki. This has become the DabiToga or the TogaDabi ship that is quite popular among ‘MHA’ fans. But the truth is that nothing conclusively proves that they have feelings for one another.


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For one thing, Toga is in love with Izuku “Deku” Midoriya in a rather twisted sense. There’s also the fact that Twice, a former member of the League of Villains, was madly in love with Toga before he died. While Toga may have had an idea that Twice was in love with her, she had a soft spot for him but was obsessed with Deku.

dabi and toga

Of course, some fans might try to point out that Dabi and Toga have a lot of common things in life. They even had a moment wherein Dabi burned Toga’s childhood home down so that she wouldn’t be sad anymore. But the thing is that they have only seen each other as valuable allies and comrades in a common fight against the heroes.

In short, Dabi is not in love with Toga or anyone else in the storyline of ‘My Hero Academia.’ As mentioned, the only goal that he wants to achieve is the suffering and death of his father. And that was the only reason he could stay alive for a long time.

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