MHA: Does Shoto Todoroki Die? What Happens to Him?

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While we know that the focus of My Hero Academia has always been Izuku “Deku” Midoriya’s battle with the evil All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, we also know that there are other side stories in the overall narrative. One such side story is the drama surrounding Shoto Todoroki’s family, as he and Endeavor are related to the villain named Dabi, who is strong enough to take on both Shoto and his father and is looking to kill his family. So, does Shoto Todoroki die?

Shoto Todoroki does not die in My Hero Academia, especially after developing a technique that matches Dabi’s firepower. In fact, he defeated his older brother in the Final War arc using his new ultimate move. Despite that, Dabi survived and managed to escape from his younger brother.

Even though Dabi is obsessed with making his father’s life a living hell by killing Shoto, the youngest Todoroki won’t die because he still has the entire Todoroki legacy on his shoulders. He is the one that is set to redeem his father and the wrongdoings that Endeavor did to his family. So, with that said, let’s look at what happens to Shoto Todoroki.

Shoto Todoroki’s Fate

If there’s one storyline in My Hero Academia that many people love, it’s the storyline surrounding the entire Todoroki family. This storyline develops from a dramatic and dysfunctional relationship between Shoto Todoroki and his father, Endeavor (Enji Todoroki). However, while Shoto and Endeavor steadily fixed their relationship, the one thing that made it more difficult was that they learned a hidden secret.

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Dabi revealed to the world that he was actually Toya Todoroki, who we know is Endeavor’s supposedly dead eldest son. He showed to the world that his father used to be an abusive man that made the entire family’s life a living hell due to his ambitions of becoming the top hero in the entire country. Toya, of course, supposedly died in an accident but ended up surviving that incident.

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The fact that he survived the incident and realized that his father never changed pushed him to become the villain Dabi. As Dabi, he committed mass murders and criminal acts to make his father’s life a living hell. And his ultimate goal was to kill Shoto, who Endeavor saw as the “perfect son” and the reason why his father snubbed him and stopped training him when he was still just a child.

As such, Dabi’s revenge quest was geared towards taking everything away from Endeavor before killing him. He wanted his father to suffer as much as possible before dying. Of course, the ultimate goal was to kill Shoto because he was important to Endeavor’s legacy. So, does Shoto Todoroki die?


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During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, the gap between Shoto and Dabi was wide because the older Todoroki simply had stronger flames and a better grasp of using his powers. As such, it was clear that Shoto needed to be stronger than he was if he wanted to match the firepower of his older brother, who was much more powerful then. And because he made it his life’s mission to stop Dabi, he would find himself in harm’s way.

During the Final War arc, Shoto and Dabi faced each other again. Shoto trained for months to prepare himself for this battle with his older brother, as he was considered best equipped to handle Dabi. After all, their father still had doubts about whether or not he should kill his son, who only became what he was due to his poor parenting.

However, in this battle between Shoto Todoroki and Toya Todoroki, the younger brothers do not die. He proved strong enough to handle Dabi after training for months before joining the Final War against the villains.

What Happens to Shoto Todoroki?

As mentioned, Shoto Todoroki engaged Dabi in a battle between brothers during the Final War arc of My Hero Academia. In that battle, Shoto showcased how far he had come and how much he trained and honed his skills to match the sheer firepower of Dabi’s Blueflame. Dabi was still incredibly powerful and did not even care that his own Quirk was burning through his body.

In that regard, Shoto had no choice but to use his ultimate move, Phosphor, which he developed using a combination of his ice and fire powers. Through Phosphor, Shoto gave himself a way to defend himself against Dabi’s incredibly hot flames, as this proved to be a way for him to counter the sheer firepower of his older brother.


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It was through the power of his new ultimate move that Shoto was able to neutralize Dabi, who everyone thought was already down for the count after suffering a strong attack from the younger Todoroki. However, the truth was that Dabi could copy Phosphor to defend himself against Shoto’s final attack. In that regard, he was still conscious after suffering what Shoto thought would be the attack that would defeat his older brother.

Shoto defeats Dabi

At that point, Shoto had already pushed himself too far and could no longer fight at full strength. Dabi, however, got up and was the only one left standing. Shoto forced him to continue their fight, only for Dabi to realize that he would die if he continued fighting his younger brother, as it was clear that he was burning through his body using his own Quirk.

So, instead of trying to kill Shoto, who was far too strong for him to defeat without killing himself, Dabi decided to run away and chase after Endeavor instead. In that regard, Shoto not only survived his fight against Dabi but ended up forcing his older brother to flee from the fight. 

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