My Hero Academia: Is Shoto Todoroki Gay?

Shoto Todoroki

While there are a lot of popular characters in My Hero Academia, one of the most popular is Shoto Todoroki, who is known as the son of Endeavor and is arguably second only to Deku in terms of overall power among the members of Class 1-A. Of course, Shoto is consistently one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia. This means that there are a lot of fans that are wondering personal things regarding Shoto, and that includes his sexuality. So, is Shoto Todoroki gay, and what is his sexual orientation?

There are no clear indications that Shoto Todoroki could be gay, which means he is unlikely to be gay. However, he is yet to show any kind of attraction to any person in the storyline of My Hero Academia. As such, as of this moment, he is likely either straight or asexual.

The fact that My Hero Academia was never meant to be a romantic anime is why some characters haven’t shown any attraction to any kind of person whatsoever. Of course, Shoto Todoroki is one of them, as he is a very aloof and quiet person who doesn’t tend to mingle much with other people, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Is Shoto Todoroki gay?

Anyone who loves anime would know that plenty of different fans like to ship different characters with one another. We don’t know why fans do that, but it could be because seeing two attractive male characters together in an anime series seems great. And regarding the most attractive characters in My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki is arguably the favorite among different fans.

todoroki shoto

One of the reasons why Shoto Todoroki is popular, aside from his great character design, is his aloof nature. This gives him a cool vibe that fans love in anime characters with that mysterious aura. As such, he has become one of the most talked-about characters in My Hero Academia’s storyline, especially regarding his sexuality.

Throughout the anime’s storyline, Shoto hardly ever conversed with a female character or showed interest in girls. In most cases, he worked alongside male classmates, especially in fights against powerful opponents. So, does that mean that Shoto is gay?


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The thing about My Hero Academia is that this isn’t a storyline that involves a lot of romance, as it was always a shonen anime that focuses on the rise of the characters into up-and-coming heroes. In that regard, it is quite understandable why there is hardly any romance among the main characters. Probably the only characters that get plenty of romantic scenes are Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka, and they aren’t even romantically involved yet.

As such, it is difficult to tell whether or not Shoto Todoroki is gay because there aren’t any indications of it at all, considering that there aren’t even any scenes that allow us to see whether or not he is attracted to men. Of course, he worked alongside male classmates a lot because he, Deku, and Bakugo are the three strongest members of Class 1-A, so they often fight the strongest villains together.

However, there hasn’t been any indication that Shoto is attracted to any of his male classmates or that he is attracted to men in general. This is consistent with My Hero Academia, a shonen manga/anime that focuses more on the characters’ journey as heroes instead of their personal and romantic relationships with the people around them. As such, we cannot confirm nor deny that Shoto Todoroki is gay because there hasn’t been anything in the storyline that shows that he might be gay.

What is Shoto Todoroki’s Sexuality?

Now that we have established that Shoto Todoroki might not be gay because there aren’t any conclusive pieces of evidence that prove that he could be gay, you might be wondering what his sexual orientation might be.

At this point, we can’t put the finger on Shoto Todoroki’s sexual orientation because it is incredibly difficult to tell to whom he is attracted. And this is because he has always been one of the most aloof persons in the storyline.

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Shoto hardly ever talks to anyone and doesn’t share much about his life because he had a rough childhood with his father and was never given a normal childhood life when he was still very young. This means he struggles to talk to people and form relationships. And that is why he hardly shows any kind of attraction to any person sexually or romantically.

That means we can’t define Shoto Todoroki’s sexuality because there hasn’t been any indication that he might be attracted to either men or women. As such, some people would say he is a straight male by default because there hasn’t been anything to prove that he might be otherwise. In most cases, that should be the right conclusion for any other anime character.


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But Shoto has always been quite aloof and doesn’t even know how to form relationships with other people due to his rough childhood. He seemingly doesn’t care about anything besides working his way up to become a good superhero. As such, there is a good reason to believe he might be asexual.

That means that Shoto might not be attracted to anyone or anything at all at this point in his life because he struggles to make friends and doesn’t even know how to talk to other people normally. As such, there’s a good chance that he is simply asexual at the moment, as he is still finding himself while he is growing up. 

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