MHA: Who Does Shoto Todoroki Have a Crush On?


If something has always been true about anime, fans like to look at the romantic side of the storyline and who the characters are interested in. After all, shonen anime like My Hero Academia appeal to teenagers that are still in the middle of learning more about themselves and are interested in romance. That is why more fans are wondering more about Shoto Todoroki and any of his romantic interests (if ever there are any) in the storyline of MHA. So, who does Shoto Todoroki have a crush on?

There hasn’t been anything romantic regarding Shoto Todoroki and the characters around him. That’s because he has always been an aloof character that focuses more on becoming a hero and fixing his family’s problems. As such, likely, he doesn’t have a crush on anyone.

Let’s not forget that My Hero Academia, like most shonen anime, focuses more on storylines geared toward action scenes and the main characters’ growth. As such, romance seems to be an afterthought in most shonen anime storylines like MHA, which is why the author of this manga wasn’t even too concerned about Shoto’s romantic life. Now, let’s try to look at who Shoto Todoroki likes if ever he has a crush on anyone.

Who Does Shoto Todoroki Have a Crush On?

When it comes to anime, fans can’t help but wonder whether or not some of the most important characters in the storyline have romantic interests. That’s because most anime characters are young teenagers who are only starting to engage in romance. And that is why some fans wonder whether or not certain My Hero Academia characters are romantically interested in other characters.

Of course, when it comes to a combination of personality and looks, Shoto Todoroki is one of the characters many fans find attractive. He is that silent and mysterious type that seems to be in deep thought most of the time. As such, people can’t help but wonder about his romantic interests in My Hero Academia. So, who does Shoto Todoroki have a crush on?


As of this moment, Shoto Todoroki’s character arc doesn’t have any romantic sides. That means that the author of My Hero Academia hasn’t included anything romantic in Shoto’s storyline. Of course, this means that we don’t know who Shoto has a crush on in the storyline of My Hero Academia because his character development arc was never all about romance or anything like that.

In that regard, we can’t say who Shoto has a crush on or if he has someone he likes. All we know is that the storyline’s romantic side was never focused on when it comes to My Hero Academia. That means romance for a character like Shoto Todoroki is merely an afterthought.

Does Shoto Todoroki Like Anyone?

One of the things that fans need to understand about most shonen anime is that the story’s focus is never on the romantic side. It might be true that shonen anime storylines focus more on younger characters in their teens. That means it is almost impossible not to include romance as a subject of interest in the anime storyline. But romance is usually sidelined in favor of the character development arcs and the larger narrative regarding shonen.


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In that regard, the same can be said about the story of My Hero Academia. If you’ve noticed, there is hardly any romance in this anime’s main characters, except that Ochaco Uraraka is crushing on Izuku Midoriya. Outside of that, the characters don’t even focus on their romantic lives, as they would rather focus on the bigger picture of the storyline.

Meanwhile, in Shoto Todoroki’s case, he is one of the characters least likely to focus on the romantic side of being a teenager. That’s because he has always been the aloof kid who doesn’t know how to make friends or form relationships. This is due to his rough time when he was a child, as Endeavor focused more on training him instead of giving him a normal childhood life.

As such, Shoto didn’t develop any friendship skills at all and was never someone who would look at other people romantically due to his scarred past. This has led fans to think that he might be an asexual character that doesn’t isn’t sexually or romantically interested in anyone at all. And that is quite understandable regarding his character and the theme of My Hero Academia, which is a story that focuses on the fight between heroes and villains.

There’s also the fact that Shoto Todoroki’s entire character arc is family-oriented. He had an incredibly tough childhood due to his father’s obsession with making him the greatest superhero in the world. And his father’s obsessive nature broke the entire Todoroki family apart and even led to the “death” of Shoto’s oldest brother.

As such, Shoto’s entire character development arc focused more on his story with his father and how he and Endeavor fixed their relationship. After that, the focus shifted to the entire Todoroki family when it was revealed that the villain named Dabi was the long-lost eldest Todoroki son named Toya the entire time.

shoto endeavor

That is why having a crush on anyone or being romantically interested in any character has never been Shoto Todoroki’s focus in his character arc. While having crushes and romantic interests is normal for any teenager, Shoto has more important things to deal with. As such, he is more concerned with helping people and stopping his older brother from committing any more criminal acts.


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So, in that regard, it becomes understandable why the author of My Hero Academia didn’t include any romantic interests in Shoto’s life. There are bigger concerns that he needs to address before having any romantic relationships with anyone at all. And when we combine that with the fact that Shoto has always been an aloof teenager with little to no interpersonal skills, it becomes even more understandable why he probably doesn’t have a crush and isn’t romantically involved or interested in anyone in My Hero Academia.

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