Minecraft: Here’s How Much Weight Steve Can Carry (Pounds & Kg)

How Much Weight Can Steve Carry

Steve is a buff guy in Minecraft, even though it may not seem like it at first. He carries chests, boats, gold, stone, wood, and anything imaginable while still being able to walk, sprint, and jump. Many items are available in Minecraft, so would anything be too hard for him to carry? Having said all of that, let’s see how much weight can Steve carry.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Steve can carry 177.868.800 kilograms or 392.133.580,2 lbs.
  • The sum is the result of counting all 36 inventory slots and multiplying that with the weight of the game’s heaviest item, the Netherite block.
  • This block is stackable up to 64 and included in the equation.

Heaviest items in Minecraft


Even though gold is incredibly soft and malleable in real life, it’s still considered a heavy metal due to its density. This logic also transfers to the world of Minecraft, so gold then becomes one of the heaviest items in-game. One golden block, comprised of 8 gold ingots, weighs 19,320 kg. It considers that one block in Minecraft equals one real-world meter, so a cubic meter block of gold would weigh this much. In pounds, it would weigh 42,593,30 lbs.


The only reason Netherite is heavier than gold is that one Netherite ingot requires four gold ingots to make, which would mean that a block of Netherite would have a total of 36 gold ingots, whereas a block of gold would contain only 9.


Wile E. Coyote gets crushed by the anvil frequently because anvils are dangerous tools and quite heavy too. One anvil weighs 27100 kg or 59,745.27 lbs. It takes three blocks of iron to make, but it is not a stackable item, so you can only put so much of it in your inventory.

Blue ice

Blue Ice was a strong competitor in the battle between Minecraft’s heaviest items. One Reddit user pointed out that it might be that blue ice is the heaviest item because blue ice can now be crafted with 9-packed ice. One packed ice can be crafted using nine pieces of ice. If ice weighs 931 kg/m3, that would make blue ice the heaviest item in the game, weighing 75,410 kg or 166,250.591 lbs.


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The history of calculating how much Steve can carry

What is this obsession with calculating how much Steve can carry? It’s just a game, so why would people do this? Minecraft has a lot of tech-savvy players and people obsessed with math. It would seem that the better you are at math, the better you are at the game. There are a lot of probabilities to calculate and stats to remember so Minecraft could be a mathematical game at its core.

Besides, Minecraft has a huge fan base, and while some like to ship characters and craft fan theories about why x character is involved with y character, in Minecraft, we like to calculate how much Steve can carry.

1.9 update

This update changed everything we know about how much Steve can carry because enchanted golden apples could no longer be crafted after it. It was the heaviest item in the game since you had to use eight gold blocks and an apple to craft it. These apples are also known as Notch apples, God apples, GApples, etc… One God Apple weighed 154,560.1 kg or 340,032.22 lbs and was stackable. This means that Steve was able to carry 356. 106.470.4 kg or 783, 434.234.88 lbs in his inventory. This calculation does not include Steve’s potential to carry a full set of golden armor or the off-hand inventory slot.

golden apple minecraft

Do imaginary items count?

For the most part, the community seems to like calculating how much Steve can carry only with real-life obtainable items, but that would greatly limit the calculation. So what do you do? You take the closest real-life thing in the game and try to calculate its mass. For example, Shulker boxes are close to seashells, so you take the seashell’s weight, eyeball the size, and with it, the weight and include that in the calculation.

Shulker boxes change everything.

So why do Shulker boxes change everything? Shulker boxes can be carried in your Steve’s inventory like a regular chest, but they don’t drop items when you break them. Every Shulker box in Steve’s inventory adds 27 item slots. 27 X 27 = 729 item slots, 729 + 9 inventory slots + 1 off-hand item slot = 739.

If you then take the heaviest item in the game, which is a Netherite block as of version 1.16 that weighs 77.200 kg or 170,196.87 lbs, count in the fact that the item is stackable up to 64 times, multiply it by 739 and then again with the weight of a single Netherite block, Steve, as of 1.16 in both Bedrock and Java, can carry 3, 651,251,200 kg or 8,049,631,163.52 lbs. To conclude, Steve is extremely strong, so imagine how strong that Creeper that blew you up last time is. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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