Dabi vs. Endeavor: Who Is Stronger & Would Win in a Fight?

dabi vs endeavor

The biggest revelation in the My Hero Academia anime is the fact that Dabi is actually the presumed-to-be-dead son of Endeavor. Of course, he is not as dead as people thought he was, as he ended up becoming a villain with all of his rage focused on his father and the rest of the Todoroki family. That means that there is a good chance that he and Endeavor will clash in the future. So, in a fight between Dabi and Endeavor, who is stronger and would win in a fight?

Endeavor is actually stronger than Dabi. Even though Dabi’s flames are hotter and can reach temperatures of 2,000 degrees Celsius, Endeavor is resistant to heat and is physically stronger and more experienced. However, Dabi is likely to win if Endeavor kept his morals intact because he wouldn’t want to kill his own son.

The entire story of the Todoroki family in My Hero Academia is quite tragic due to the history behind Dabi, who is actually Toya Todoroki. As such, he is one of the most intriguing characters in the storyline because his entire story revolves around vengeance toward his somewhat abusive father. So, with that said, let’s look at who between Dabi and Endeavor is stronger.


Dabi’s abilities aren’t focused on his strength, as he was never one of the characters that relied on his physicality to win fights against incredibly tough heroes and villains alike. However, despite the fact that his body is seemingly damaged due to what happened to him in the past, he is still pretty much capable in a fight as his strength level is possibly above average among regular human beings. He is also fit enough to move well in a fight without making it clear that he isn’t a strength-based villain.

Despite the fact that his Quirk and abilities were never focused on his physical strength, Endeavor trained his body so well that he developed a strong physique that gave him enhanced strength that’s beyond what normal humans are capable of. He isn’t anywhere close to All Might’s strength, but he is at the peak of what humans are capable of when it comes to developing their physical abilities. Enji Todoroki showcased this when he was able to knock Gigantomachia out with a strike that was enhanced by his Quirk.

endeavor punch

The fact that Endeavor is stronger than Dabi can be seen in their own physiques, as Enji is actually a lot bigger and more muscular than his eldest son. And knocking Gigantomachia out is a feat that no other hero could accomplish.

Toya 0, Enji 1


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Toya Todoroki possesses the Quirk called Blueflame, which manifested quite early in his life. However, it started out as a red flame that burned a lot hotter than Endeavor’s own Quirk, and that meant that his firepower was superior compared to his father’s. While training on his own, he was able to copy all of his father’s signature moves and eventually developed his Quirk to the point that his flames turned blue and burned at a temperature of 2,000 degrees Celsius, which is hotter than the temperature of lava.


Endeavor was able to become one of the top heroes in the entire world due to his Quirk, which is Hellflame. Not counting Dabi’s Blueflame, Hellflame is the strongest fire-based Quirk in the series due to how Endeavor was able to master it to the point that he could burn villains alive without a trace, as that was what he did to the high-end Nomu when he finally became the top hero in Japan. Endeavor also has a lot of different signature moves that enhance his overall abilities as a hero. His signature move is Flashfire Fist, which has a lot of different variations that are all powerful, including the incredibly powerful Prominence Burn.

While Endeavor’s Quirk used to be the most powerful fire-based Quirk, he knew for a fact that Toya’s own Quirk produced flames hotter than his own. That was why he was initially proud of his son, as he thought that Toya could be the one to surpass All Might.

Toya 1, Enji 1


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After he burned his body during an accident when he was still a young boy, Dabi can hardly feel pain anymore as his nerve endings were damaged and burned beyond repair. Of course, it was shown in his backstory that his body inherited his mother’s resistance to cold temperatures instead of heat, and that’s why Endeavor stopped training him, as it was dangerous for Toya to use his Quirk. But due to the fact that he had burned his nerve endings, he could no longer feel the pain of using his Quirk. Still, his body deteriorates the more that he uses Blueflame.

Endeavor, despite the fact that he doesn’t have All Might’s enhanced durability, trained his body to the point that he could survive getting thrown through numerous layers of concrete during a fight with a high-end Nomu. He could also withstand the pain of the Rivet Stab Quirk during his fight with Tomura Shigaraki. And because he was born with the ability to withstand heat, he is able to survive the effects of his own Quirk without getting burned.

endeavor standing

The fact that Dabi became a walking corpse during his fight with Shoto in the Final War arc means that his body cannot handle using his Quirk for extended periods of time. That is why Endeavor takes this round, as he can take plenty of punishments.

Toya 1, Enji 2


Dabi hasn’t been fighting for a very long time, as he has only been a villain since his teen years. In the manga, he is still in the early stages of his 20s, and that means that he hasn’t been fighting for a very long time. Still, he has already amassed enough experience to be able to easily handle pro heroes in a fight without even exerting a lot of effort into defeating them. And this is due to the fact that he has already mastered his Quirk.

Endeavor is quite possibly the second-most experienced hero in Japan, despite the fact that there are other heroes that are older than him. This is due to the fact that he has always been on the frontlines because his main goal ever since he was young was to surpass All Might and become the number two hero. That is the reason why he is seemingly in the middle of every important fight that involves the pro heroes. Of course, he began his journey as a pro hero during the latter part of his teenage years, and that means that he has been a hero for nearly three decades already.

endeavor attack

Even though Dabi has fought heroes and villains alike during his time as a villain, Endeavor has seen a lot more fights than his son. As such, Endeavor is the more experienced hero, and he has used his experience as a source of wisdom in a lot of situations.

Toya 1, Enji 3


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As a villain, Dabi’s morals are already so twisted because he no longer cares whether or not he ends up hurting people. He doesn’t hesitate to burn people to ashes with his Quirk, as it is his hatred toward his family that fuels his very existence. That is why he didn’t even hesitate to try to burn both Endeavor and Shoto during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, as it was clear that morals no longer apply to him. That’s why he fights unhindered by morality.


Despite the fact that Endeavor is colder and harsher than most pro heroes, he still is a hero that has his own moral conduct. That means that he still needs to make sure that he doesn’t kill villains and that he should hold back in a fight so as to avoid burning his opponents to death. There are, of course, exceptions, as he didn’t hesitate to try to kill the Nomus and Tomura Shigaraki due to how dangerous they are.

While Enji knows that his son is now a dangerous man that needs to be defeated, he still knows that Dabi is his son. Of course, we all know how deeply affected Endeavor was when he thought that Toya was dead, and that’s why he froze up during the Paranormal Liberation War when Dabi was about to attack them. Dabi, who no longer has any moral conscience, can use this to his advantage.

Toya 2, Enji 3

Dabi vs. Endeavor: Who Is Stronger & Would Win In A Fight?

It is clear that Dabi actually has the stronger Quirk compared to his father, but Endeavor does have the advantage in terms of his strength and experience. But the biggest disadvantage on the part of Dabi is the fact that his body cannot withstand the effects of his own Quirk, and this was the aspect that held him down throughout his entire life. Still, there is a good chance that he could defeat his father in a fight because of the fact that Endeavor will hesitate to kill his own son, whereas Dabi no longer cares about what happens to his family.

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