My Hero Academia: Who Is Endeavor’s Mother?

My Hero Academia: Who is Endeavor's Mother?

And while he is a horrible father and a husband, Enji Todoroki, better known as the Flame Hero: Endeavor, is still one of the most important characters in the series and one of the most powerful Pro Heroes in the group. His role in the story is vital, but this article is not going to be dedicated to his heroics, but rather his personal life, as we are going to analyze the issue of who Endeavor’s mother in My Hero Academia is.

The identity of Endeavor’s mother is unknown. We don’t even know what happened to her, like we know that his father died while saving a girl from a villain. It is unknown why the author revealed so little about his family, especially since we know almost everything about his current family (his wife Rei, his four children, and even his mother- and -father-in-law). There aren’t even any theories about this, so we’ll either have to wait for the author to reveal some information in the manga, or for a light novel or some other form of work to reveal this information to us. Until then, the identity of Endeavor’s mother will remain a complete mystery in My Hero Academia.

The rest of this article will focus, as you’ve probably deduced for yourselves, on Endeavor and his personal history in the world of My Hero Academia, as we are going to go back to the time when he was not Endeavor, but just Enji Todoroki. As you know, Endeavor is a very important character in the series with a connection to many principal characters, so his personal life is, of course, interesting, especially in light of the mystery surrounding his parents’ identities. Spoilers from the manga will be present, so be careful how you approach the article.

Endeavor’s mother is one of the big enigmas of My Hero Academia

Endeavor is a story of his own. The guy is a Pro Hero and one of the best and most powerful ones, at that. He is supposedly the strongest behind only All-Might, and that says enough about his powers and abilities. But, at the same time, Endeavor is a horrible family man who has done a lot wrong to his wife and his children, which is why the fans despise him.

All in all, he is a very colorful character with both good and bad sides, and in light of that, we will dig deeper into his story in this article. We will go back in time to tell you about Endeavor’s family, but before that, let us quickly recap his overall story so that you can see why he is so important to the plot.

Enji Todoroki is best known under his pro hero name, Endeavor. He is also known as the father of Shoto Todoroki, one of the series’ most important and popular characters. Thanks to the Quirk Hellflame, he can emit flames of great destructive power, whose shape he can control, for example, by creating fireballs and changing their temperature. This Quirk, however, raises his own temperature to dangerous levels when abused during prolonged battles, impairing his physical abilities.

His record of catching criminals has never been broken, but nevertheless, he has always been considered the second greatest Hero in the world after All Might. for this reason, he married Rei solely in the hope of fathering a son who might be able to overcome All Might.


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He has been training his son hard since childhood, and his behavior ended up causing his wife to hurt Shoto with boiling water; such was her resentment towards her husband. After All-Might retires following the clash with All For One, Enji becomes the number one Hero, but although it has always been his dream, he believes it is unfair that he has become so and that he is not worthy of this title.

During Bakugo and Shoto’s repair tests to obtain the provisional hero license, Enji manages to talk to Toshinori about the fact that, after the latter’s withdrawal, he began to perceive “what he had built” as All-Might crumble and, putting his hatred for him aside, she opens up to him by confiding in his insecurities and asking him what he could do to continue to fuel the hope he has given to people. He’s also determined to become a better father, especially in Shoto’s eyes.

As for the rest of the family, it turns out that he visits his wife constantly, without ever meeting her directly since it is still not a good idea, according to the doctors, while the only one who still despises him is the second son, Natsuo. He faced the Hood, being put in a lot of trouble and forced to go beyond his limits, killing him. In the battle, he suffered a serious wound to his face, which, with the help of Recovery Girl, was healed, remaining like a showy scar that flows from the chin to above the left eye – the thing similar to Shoto’s scar, has contributed in part to bring him closer to him.


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Later, at Shoto’s request, he took him, Izuku, and Katsuki on their second internship, helping them hone their skills and surpass their previous limitations. However, his reputation is badly damaged after his son Toya reveals himself as Dabi and exposes part of his past to the public.

Devastated by the news, his family encourages him to go ahead and live up to his title of Number 1, especially Shoto, who asks him to stop Dabi together. In a press conference, he denies nothing and bears all the blame for the consequences of the fight with the Front, but that now he has to restore order in the country, after which he will face the punishment for his actions.

As you can see, Endeavor’s role in the story is truly pivotal, but let us now focus on his personal life. Endeavor was orphaned when he was very young. He himself witnessed his father die while trying to save a girl from a Villain, and seeing his father’s corpse motivated him to become a Pro Hero himself, which he did. But what about his mother?

Well, sadly, we have no idea. We know that Endeavor had a mother, but the story never mentioned her in any way. We assume that she either died or left him and his father when he was young, as she has not been mentioned in any series iteration.

In that aspect, we, sadly, have nothing to tell you about her. His family life is a mystery, and unless the author decides to dig deeper into it, we will likely never find out more about her, as she doesn’t seem important for Endeavor’s story, as far as we can tell from this perspective. We don’t know if that’ll change, but sadly, this is all we have now.

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