All Might vs. Endeavor: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win in a Fight?

All Might vs. Endeavor: Who is strnger and who would in in a fight?

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Anime fans will also know that My Hero Academias All Might is one of the most popular modern-day anime characters and strongest. On the other hand, we also have Endeavor, another Pro Hero from the franchise who turned out to be a real douchebag. Both of them are among the most powerful, if not the most powerful, heroes in the whole series. But how would a fight between them end? Since they are so important to the series’ plot, we have decided to tell you who would win in a direct fight between All Might and Endeavor in My Hero Academia.

All-Might is stronger than Endeavor and would certainly win in a fight. All Might is the series prime hero, whereas Endeavor is the number two hero in the series, which certainly means that All Might would triumph over Endeavor. Sure, it has to be stated that the difference in power between All Might and Endeavor is not that big, but All Might would still be able to defeat the most despised hero in the whole series. Seeing how All-Might has lost his powers since, it has to be said that Endeavor would win under such circumstances.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we will compare All Might and Endeavor in more detail. Through several categories, you will see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why All Might would ultimately be able to defeat Endeavor in a direct fight, were it to happen.


All the while, he was the owner of the One For All Quirk. All Might even advised Deku that he could use the Quirk immediately after inheriting it. Therefore he almost never ran into issues while using One For All. As a result, in his prime, he could wield One For All to its greatest potential without encountering any of the problems or harm that Deku does whenever he does so. And because All Might was so powerful, only an All For One in his prime could compete with him.

all might muscular form

Endeavor trained his body so hard that, despite his Quirk and powers being never centered on his physical strength, he acquired a robust physique that gave him superhuman strength that was beyond what regular humans are capable of. While he doesn’t possess All Might’s might, he is at the pinnacle of what humans are able to achieve in terms of physical prowess. This was demonstrated by Enji Todoroki, who used a strike that was boosted by his Quirk to eliminate Gigantomachia.

Regarding physical strength, All Might surpasses Endeavor, if only by so much. His Quirk makes him extremely strong, and while Endeavor has done an amazing job in this aspect, All Might takes the point.

Points: All Might 1, Endeavor 0


All Might was born without a Quirk, but Nana Shimura, the sixth person to use One For All, gave it to him. He was born with a gifted body that could endure the power of One For All. Thus, it didn’t take him long to learn how to use this Quirk after inheriting One For All. However, being born without a Quirk allowed him to utilize One For All without affecting his longevity, which is why he is still the best person to have ever used the Quirk.


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Because of his Quirk, Hellflame, Endeavor was able to get to the top of heroes everywhere. Hellflame is the strongest fire-based Quirk in the series, barring Dabi’s Blueflame, because Endeavor could master it to the point that he could burn enemies alive without leaving a trace, as he did to the high-end Nomu when he finally rose to the position of top hero in Japan. Also, Endeavor possesses various unique maneuvers that improve his overall heroism. His hallmark move is the Flashfire Fist, which comes in various devastating forms, including the extremely potent Prominence Burn.

This is another category where All Might wins, as his One For All Quirk is definitely more powerful than Hellflame, despite the latter being one of the most destructive Quirks in the series.

Points: All Might 2, Endeavor 0


All Might’s durability is unimaginably high because he virtually always operates at 100% of One For All in his muscular form. In fact, he showed no indications of damage at all and could endure assaults from a strong Nomu. He even endured and rejected a direct hit from Bakugo without suffering any damage whatsoever. All For One was the only character ever to harm him, he had to employ every quirk in his toolbox to gravely hurt All Might.

endeavor attack

Endeavor developed his body to the point where he could withstand being hurled through multiple levels of concrete during a fight with a high-end Nomu, despite lacking All Might’s improved endurance. During his battle with Tomura Shigaraki, he also endured the discomfort of the Rivet Stab Quirk. Yet as he has a natural tolerance for heat, he can resist the impacts of his own Quirk without getting burned.

As far as this category is concerned, All Might is basically the best that My Hero Academia has to offer, and this is why it was clear from the start that he wins this point as well.

Points: All Might 3, Endeavor 0


All Might was the only hero who could defeat the enemy All For One, who had the power to steal, use, and give quirks. We don’t know all of the other accomplishments All Might accomplished when he was younger, but we know that he was the only one who could do so. We can see how powerful All Might was at his peak since All For One, who was virtually impenetrable to the other heroes, feared All Might. And it was during his peak years that he severely hurt All For One, forcing the bad guy to look for someone who could take over his position of authority.

Due to his position as the world’s greatest hero during his heyday, All Might has a wealth of expertise. Thus, he was the one who was dispatched on missions involving some of the most formidable enemies the world has ever known. And considering that he had already been a hero for almost three decades by the time he handed One For All to Midoriya, he was about 48 years old at the time.


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Even if other heroes are older than Endeavor, he may very well be the second-most experienced hero in Japan. Because his major objective ever since he was a small boy was to overtake All Might and become the number two hero, he has always been on the front lines. For this reason, he seems to be involved in every significant fight between professional heroes. Of course, he started out as a professional hero in the latter part of his teenage years, so he has already been a hero for nearly three decades.

Due to his skills, abilities, and enormous experience, All Might takes this point as well. Yeah, Endeavor has done some major things in his life, but All Might simply outclasses him in this category as well.

Points: All Might 4, Endeavor 0

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And now for our article’s most important and interesting section – the analysis. Here, we will use what we have learned about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

Now, our points suggest that All Might could trash Endeavor, as he has won the points in every category, but while it is true that All Might is stronger than Endeavor, the point margin might still be a tad misleading as to these two characters. Namely, the points would suggest that All Might is significantly more powerful than Endeavor, but that is simply not true. Sure, as we have said, he is stronger, more durable, and more experienced, but the margin between them is quite small.


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As the number two hero from the series, Endeavor is just below All Might, who is the world’s number one pro hero. From that perspective, it is important to make a disclaimer, that the difference between the two is really very small and that it is nowhere near the 4:0 margin that the points themselves suggest. Endeavor would definitely be able to put up a good fight against All Might, but thanks to his enormous experience and his powerful Quirk, All Might could surpass him in the end and come out as the winner.

This was an interesting analysis, and we hope that we have now helped you understand the power balance between these two characters better and that you fully understand why we’re certain that All Might would win this one.


It has been a while since we’ve written the original article and the situation has changed a bit since then, which is why we’re adding this section to explain what happened and how the balance of power between these two characters changed. Namely, as My Hero Academia fans will certainly know, there came a moment when All-Might lost all of his powers. This was a crucial moment in the story and while we are definitely not going to bring you the narrative details in this article, since this is just a comparison and nothing more, we have to say that the impact of that moment on the plot of My Hero Academia is enormous, as you can probably deduce for yourselves, knowing how powerful and important All-Might was for the overall balance of power in the whole series.

Now, with All-Might losing his powers, the balance of power between All-Might and Endeavor also changed. All-Might losing his powers had a much deeper impact on the whole series, but we’re simply going to address the implications of that event here, in relation to the comparison between him and Endeavor.

Now, without his powers and abilities, All-Might is not really anything special. He retains his wisdom and his tactical genius, but he is a skinny guy with absolutely no powers and could do nothing against Endeavor. You have to understand that everything we’ve said above about Endeavor is valid in this situation as well. Nothing has changed, since Endeavor did not lose any of his powers nor did All-Might losing his influence him in any way. This means that a powerless All-Might would have to face a fully-powered Endeavor in a direct clash and we think that it is quite obvious how that one would end.

Namely, we have to understand that All-Might is completely powerless in this situation. Nothing we’ve said above can be applied to this situation anymore and there is nothing that All-Might could do against Endeavor. If you add to that the fact that even at his prime, All-Might was only a bit stronger than Endeavor – the difference really wasn’t that grand – him losing his powers has to be perceived from a wholly different perspective. All-Might could defeat Endeavor, as we have established, but without his powers and abilities, he would stand no chance. This is good news for fans of Endeavor (if there are any, really), but fans of All-Might will certainly be disappointed by this outcome, especially since it has much bigger implications than just on this one fight. Be that as it may, without his powers, All-Might is powerless against Endeavor.

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