Nami’s New Attack Explained: How Strong is Zeus’ Lightning Blast?

Nami's New Attack Explained: How Strong is Zeus' Lightning Blast?

The Wano Country arc is one of the most dynamic arcs in the whole series. A lot has happened, a lot of battles have been fought, a lot of sides have been changed and all of that has made Wano Country one of the best arcs in the whole One Piece series. Surprisingly so, Nami has been featured a lot in the series, most notably in some fight scenes, which is quite odd for her, seeing how she doesn’t have many powers in comparison to most other characters. Still, Nami has gotten some significant power boosts in this arc, and in this article, we are going to explain how Zeus’ new technique helped Nami in Wano Country.

Nami managed to obtain Zeus after the latter’s soul merged with her Clima-Tact, which allowed Zeus to access some new powers and abilities over the course of the story. Ninpo: Raitei creates a massive, mobile electric discharge that allows Zeus to move around and home in on his target, even if it misses them on the first occasion.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Zeus and his powers and abilities after joining Nami. We have already talked about how Zeus survived and ultimately joined Nami as her loyal partner, but this article is going to give you more in-depth information about the cloud’s powers and abilities. There will be spoilers ahead, so be careful!

What is Zeus’ Ninpo: Lightning Blast?

After Zeus became a part of Nami’s Clima-Tact, Nami gained access to three separate attacking techniques that ultimately proved to be quite powerful and useful in her battles. In this section, we are going to give you some basic information about each of these attacks so that you can compare with Zeus’ abilities when he was with Big Mom.

Zeus Breeze Tempo is the first of these attacks and it was actually forced upon Zeus by Nami unknowingly. Nami gives Zeus several Black Balls and a Weather Egg with a thundercloud inside, after which he grows quite large. Nami then uses her Clima-Tact to manipulate the attack from within Zeus, even against his will. The ensuing lightning attack is a combination of both her and Zeus’ own inherent powers.

The Ninpo: Raitei is the main technique we are focusing on in this article. Nami summons Zeus and then feeds him a Weather Egg. She then uses her Clima-Tact and smashes it into the ground, as Zeus follows the same movement pattern. The attack creates a massive electric discharge in the area but even if one manages to avoid it, the current is sentient and can hone in on the opponent until it actually hits him, which is how Nami defeated Ulti.

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Finally, we have the Grow Up attack, which is used thanks to the abilities of the Pop Green growing into the second model. Namely, whenever Nami squeezes the handle of her staff it grows in size, with the new size determined based on the pressure that is applied; the more pressure she applies, the longer the staff becomes. She can use this technique to alter and manipulate the size and shape of the Clima-Tact to deal more damage to her opponents.

Explaining Zeus’ powers and abilities

Zeus was made from a part of Big Mom’s soul, making him significantly more powerful than other homies. This offers the homie enough willpower to fend off the soul protection of the Yomi Yomi no Mi. He can still sustain harm from the Devil Fruit user, as demonstrated when Brook chopped him in two; nevertheless, he was able to live because of the Devil Fruit’s composition.

When Zeus transforms into a cloud, he can soar, produce both regular and “sweet rain”, and unleash lightning strikes potent enough to kill Vinsmoke Judge in a single blow. He can create massive, destructive storms when he joins forces with Prometheus. But firing such powerful blasts can seriously hurt Zeus, shrinking him and preventing him from attacking for a spell. Zeus has the ability to attack his own mistress, Big Mom, as well as unintentionally release shocks if someone manipulates him and releases the energy he concentrates inside of him.

Zeus can grow and become Big Mom’s throne, becoming denser and more substantial like sea clouds. Zeus can fly, as demonstrated by the times he flew Big Mom after the Straw Hat Pirates to pursue them and the times he flew Pudding and Sanji to the wedding destination. He is also exceptionally fast and was used by Big Mom as a means of transport.

Aside from the powers and abilities he has with Nami, Zeus also knew three special attacks when he was with Big Mom. The regular Raitei (Thunderbolt), which involved Big Mom summoning Zeus and charging him with electricity, after which she would hit her opponent with her incredible strength and with a powerful bolt of lightning. Indra was used to shoot electrical bolts at enemies from a distance, while the most powerful among them, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin, creates a barrage of thunder attacks from a large cloud that cause explosions in the whole area. The thunders are sentient and can hone in on the targets if they try to avoid them.

How and when did Zeus join Nami?

At one point during the Wano Country Arc, Zeus was locked away by Law and Big Mom had to work without him until his escape. When he returns, however the empress tells him that she no longer needs him, while Prometheus scolds him. The woman then orders Hera to eat him to become stronger than him, ignoring Zeus’ pleas not to kill him, agreeing to completely disappear from her and not be seen again.

Big Mom however replies that she cannot afford to let him go where and as he pleases as she takes part of his soul. Zeus then tearfully apologizes to Nami for having betrayed her, declaring himself a coward for not opposing the orders of his creator and was ready to sacrifice himself for the navigator, to whom he asks to look at his latest gesture.

Freed from Hera’s grip, he then lashes out against Big Mom, she, however, grabs him, extracting his soul and feeding it to his new homie. Nami throws the Black Balls at him so that he recovers his energy and runs away, but Zeus claims that he cannot feed himself with them given his condition, being then devoured by Hera.

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But he manages to survive and his soul merges with Nami’s Clima-Tact. When he hears Momonosuke communicate that Luffy is alive, he says he is relieved and the navigator is shocked to see her weapon speak. Zeus explains that he managed to save himself because, just before he was devoured, his soul moved to the Clima- Tact, which can now stretch and change shape as he pleases, thus being a big addition to Nami’s arsenal.

Nami replies that she doesn’t intend to have a stressful talking weapon and he remembers that the navigator hadn’t forgiven him yet, however he reveals that without Big Mom’s power he can’t leave the Clima-Tact. He then helps the group fight against Ulti and rescue Tama during the fight against the Beasts and Big Mom Pirates.

While the group escapes from the enemies chasing Tama, Zeus comes out in the form of a cloud from the Clima-Tact asking to return to being Nami’s servant: when the latter defines him as her companion, he is excited from the happiness and electrocutes the enemies in front of them. In front of the baths, Zeus cries for Big Mom’s defeat, so Nami asks him to choose between her and the empress. Her cloud thus reaffirms his loyalty.

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