How Is Zeus Still Alive in One Piece? (& What Did He Turn Into?)

How Is Zeus Still Alive in One Piece? (& What Did He Turn Into?)

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Zeus the Thundercloud is a homie controlled and used by Big Mom until the big plot twist in the Wano Country arc. Big Mom is an intriguing character herself, but her homies – as an emanation of her powers and abilities – are also quite intriguing. This is why we have decided to talk about one of them today! We picked Zeus because he has the most depth of all the homies and a truly interesting story that will tell you a lot about Big Mom, but also Nami from Luffy’s crew. We know that Big Mom sucked Zeus’ soul out of him, and that is why we are going to tell you how he is still alive in One Piece and what he turned into.

When Zeus returned to Big Mom, he was informed that Hera was his replacement, to which the former sucked Zeus’ soul out of his body and wanted to feed it to Hera. Nami tried to give some power to Zeus but was not successful. Still, as Zeus’ soul was out of his body at the time, it managed to merge with Nami’s Clima-Tact rather than being eaten by Hera, and Zeus, thus, became a part of Nami’s weapon and survived.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Zeus’ surprising survival in the One Piece manga and in the most recent episodes of the anime series. We are going to give you all the details you need to know about this set of events and everything you’ll need to understand what actually happened to Zeus and its resurrection in the series.

How is Zeus still alive in One Piece and what happened to him?

The events we are about to describe are quite straightforward and need no introduction. They happened during the Wano Country Arc, as we are going to give you an overview of the story so you know what happened to Zeus and what he turned into in the end.

Inside his palace, Kurozumi Orochi chases Robin, so Nami unleashes Zeus’ lightning bolts on him. Two weeks later, on the night of the fire festival, they are aboard the Thousand Sunny when the crew comes to the rescue of their allies and witnesses the defeat of the enemy pirates thanks to Jinbe’s intervention. When Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu are discovered by Prometheus, who called Big Mom, Zeus is terrified and runs off with the women.

However, Zeus, Nami, and Carrot are captured and taken to the room where Kaido is giving a speech. When Nami sees Big Mom attacking Luffy, she walks away from her, taking Zeus with her, who tells her they have no escape. The girl asks him which side he is on, so the homie replies that she can do nothing against the empress, who manages to get him back.

The latter prepares to use the electric charge of Zeus, who apologizes to Nami, but at that point, Big Mom is hit in the face by the F.R.-U 4 Black Rhino led by Franky, and Zeus is cut in two by Brook. Later, Big Mom uses Zeus to get away from Marco and return to the palace. Later, after the skirmish between Linlin and Marco, she brings Zeus back to the main battlefield along with Prometheus, despite him being wounded and unable to fight.


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When Big Mom reaches Kaido on the top of the island, Zeus recharges himself by eating some clouds and then listens to the conversation between the two emperors. He then witnesses the arrival of Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kidd, and Killer. Zeus acts as a means of transport for Big Mom, while she and Kaido collide with supernovae.

The battle continues and Big Mom resorts to several lightning homies to strike opponents, although Luffy remains unharmed, as he is made of rubber, thanks to the effects of his Devil Fruit. When the effects of the Gear Fourth end, Zeus approaches the latter to allow Big Mom to attack him with Napoleon: the leader of the Straw Hats is, however, saved by Zoro.

After suffering a combined attack from the two emperors, Law uses his powers to lock Zeus in a metal box created by Kidd. The homie gets desperate and when Big Mom asks for her help, he worries about not knowing what’s going on and trying to get rid of her. Afterward, the metal box disassembles Zeus becomes free, so he rushes to the rescue of his owner.

Law teleports him to the second floor of the castle, where Sanji asks him why he’s not with Nami, but the cloud runs off to find Big Mom, locating her ultimately, and hurries to catch up with her. When he reaches her, he notices that she is together with a new cloud homie and cries thinking he has been replaced; then he sees Nami and calls her, but she angrily ignores him.

Big Mom notices the presence of Zeus, who says that now that there are four of them no one will stop them, however, the empress tells him that she no longer needs him, while Prometheus scolds him. The woman then orders Hera to eat him to become stronger than him, ignoring Zeus’ pleas not to kill him, agreeing to completely disappear from her and not be seen again.

Big Mom however replies that she cannot afford to let him go where and as he pleases as she takes part of his soul. Zeus then tearfully apologizes to Nami for having betrayed her, declaring himself a coward for not opposing the orders of his creator and was ready to sacrifice himself for the navigator, to whom he asks to look at his latest gesture.

Freed from Hera’s grip, he then lashes out against Big Mom, she, however, grabs him, extracting his soul and feeding it to his new homie. Nami throws the Black Balls at him so that he recovers his energy and runs away, but Zeus claims that he cannot feed himself with them given his condition, being then devoured by Hera.


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But he manages to survive and his soul merges with Nami’s Clima-Tact. When he hears Momonosuke communicate that Luffy is alive, he says he is relieved and the navigator is shocked to see her weapon speak. Zeus explains that he managed to save himself because, just before he was devoured, his soul moved to the Clima- Tact, which can now stretch and change shape as he pleases, thus being a big addition to Nami’s arsenal.

Nami replies that she doesn’t intend to have a stressful talking weapon and he remembers that the navigator hadn’t forgiven him yet, however he reveals that without Big Mom’s power he can’t leave the Clima-Tact. The group arrives at the main hall, where Bao Huang is communicating the fate of Momonosuke, but is interrupted as soon as a Gifter warns them of the presence of the enemies.

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Suddenly, Ulti arrives, attacks and hits Usopp, and catches Tama. Nami then wonders how Ulti is still alive and attacks her with his weapon. Zeus turns into a spiked club that hits Ulti in the head and tells Nami that she can use her weapon as always and that he intends to help her from now on. Zeus then states that the enemy’s internal organs are damaged as a result of the lightning with which Big Mom hit her, thus suggesting that they do the same.

As soon as the navigator objects that she would also hit Tama by doing so, Usopp uses a Sargasso to get the girl away from Ulti. Nami then takes the opportunity to summon Zeus in the form of a thundercloud to electrocute the opponent, who asks her to give him a new name. The homie does not like the one that is chosen for him, deciding to keep the previous one, and continues to attack.

Ulti manages to avoid the attack, however, he manages to reach her and hit her, causing her to lose consciousness. Bao Huang, forgetting that he still has communication with all the people of Onigashima, shouts his amazement to see another member of the enemy troops defeated. Usopp, therefore, uses a Devil to capture the Star and give Tama the opportunity to convey his message.


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While the group escapes from the enemies chasing Tama, Zeus comes out in the form of a cloud from the Clima-Tact asking to return to being Nami’s servant: when the latter defines him as her companion, he is excited from the happiness and electrocutes the enemies in front of them. In front of the baths, Zeus cries for Big Mom’s defeat, so Nami asks him to choose between her and the empress. Her cloud thus reaffirms his loyalty.

When Nami and Chopper gather in the main hall and worry about their companions, the reindeer asks Zeus whether to make it rain to put out the flames, but the homie replies that even he would be burned in a fire of this magnitude. When Onigashima finally lands, Nekomamushi announces that Luffy has finally defeated Kaido and that Momonosuke has mitigated the island’s fall.

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