Naruto Anime Remake Officially Announced: Release Date, Video, What Is It About & More

naruto remake 2022

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The Naruto anime series has been a massive hit ever since its debut years ago, leaving plenty of fans wanting more. With the Naruto anime remake being officially announced, countless anime lovers are eager to find out the release date, what it is about, and much more.

A remake video of the Naruto anime series was released by Studio Pierrot on October 3rd, the anime series’ 20th anniversary. The video is nearly 10 minutes long, featuring the series’ most iconic characters and scenes completely reanimated and topped with infamous Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden theme songs. The creators have announced that more projects are on the way, but it is unknown if Naruto will receive an official remake.

While fans don’t know much about upcoming projects, there are quite a few pieces of information that can help us anticipate what the Naruto anime anniversary celebration has in store. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Naruto anime remake so far, topped with the official video that fans are raging about.

Naruto: Shippuden

Masashi Kishimoto is the mastermind behind the Naruto storyline, with Naruto becoming one of the most successful franchises in the anime world. The Naruto series’ journey initially began in the form of a best-selling shonen manga, much like many other infamous titles out there, after which it was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1999 and 2014.


The Naruto anime series took the anime world by storm, airing from late 2022 to early 2007, while the sequel series Naruto: Shippuden ran from early 2007 to 2017. Both of the original anime series were produced and animated by Studio Pierrot, an incredibly well-known animation studio that also worked on quite a few infamous titles in the industry, such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, and Black Clover.


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Although the original manga formats of the Naruto series were incredibly successful, having sold well over 250 million copies worldwide, the anime series is still far more iconic among many fans. The Naruto anime series became a global cultural phenomenon for avid Otakus all over the world, sparking a huge following from enthusiasts of all anime preferences.

Very few anime titles have been as influential and famous as the Naruto storyline – now being seen as one of the Big Three. Alongside a handful of other manga-turned-anime titles, Naruto helped pave the way for Japanese anime productions to flood Western audiences with remarkable success.

Naruto 20th Anniversary

The Naruto anime series concluded quite a long time ago, being followed by Boruto: Naruto Next Generations which is a canon sequel to the entire Naruto storyline. To honor the history and journey of this classic anime title, Studio Pierrot decided to celebrate Naruto’s 20th anniversary – specifically the day the very first episode of Naruto aired on TV Tokyo.

naruto remake announcement

Naruto’s 20th-anniversary celebration continues to bring more exciting surprises for the anime series’ long-time fans, including a rather alluring nod to future projects. The official Naruto website, which is jointly operated with Bandai Namco Entertainment, opened its doors on October 3rd along with a statement by Kishimoto himself – seen below thanks to images and leaks by SK Anime:

“It’s the Naruto anime’s 20th anniversary! In celebration, the “NARUTO OFFICIAL SITE” is now open not only in Japan, but across the globe for everyone to enjoy! As this is a big anniversary year, a ton of projects are being planned, so please check this website for exciting info! I hope everyone looks forward to it!”

The creators have shown massive gratitude to Naruto fans from all over the world, thanking them for their dedicated support over the years. The news of upcoming projects for fans to anticipate alongside imagery of Naruto in various stages of his life has sparked excitement among Naruto lovers, especially considering how mysterious said ‘projects’ are.

Will There Be a Naruto Remake?

There are a handful of Naruto fans who believe that the creators could be in the process of producing an official remake of the Naruto anime series. This was especially believed since the website continued to post stunning images of the Naruto main characters and important canon events, but with a major difference – it was pretty clear that the animations and imagery had been created recently, and not compiled from old episodes.

naruto remake 1
naruto remake 2

Combined with the focus that Kishimoto had placed on the Naruto anime series, in particular, many fans began thinking that a remake could be on its way. This speculation may seem out there, but it’s not too far-fetched since new iterations of old anime series have been released before.

Such was the case with Dragon Ball Kai, which was released during one of the Dragon Ball anniversary celebrations. Dragon Ball Kai was slightly different from the classic Dragon Ball Z storyline, but it highlighted the most important moments in the series – a hint as to what might come for Naruto’s remake.

Naruto Anime Official Remake (Video)

Studio Pierrot has not released an official remake of the original Naruto anime series, contrary to some misperceptions. Rather, the producers have taken the time to completely reanimate the best moments of the Naruto storyline and compile these moments into a short video – nearly 10 minutes in duration.


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The remake video, titled “ROAD OF NARUTO”, can be compared to a “greatest hits/ best moments” compilation video – except that it’s been produced with only the finest modern anime quality. It was uploaded onto Studio Pierrot’s official YouTube channel on October 3rd, featuring some of the most iconic events that transpire from the storyline’s beginning to the climactic Fourth Shinobi World War.

Check out the official remake video below, thanks to studioぴえろ【公式】:

The story starts off with Naruto struggling as an orphan in the Konohagakure shinobi village, after which the video almost instantly begins to highlight the most famous element of the entire anime series – the complex relationship between Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke’s complicated yet intriguing dynamic is portrayed by means of numerous key moments of the anime series, although they are somewhat summarized in the video.

naruto sasuke

Such moments include Naruto and Sasuke’s fight against Zabuza, their iconic first clash at the Valley of the End, as well as the legendary final showdown between Naruto and Sasuke which occurred toward the series’s conclusion. However, there are also a handful of other memorable and plot-altering moments in the video as well – sure to evoke some memories and emotions from long-time fans.

The video also showcases Jiraya’s death, Pain’s destruction of Konoha along with his fight against Naruto that follows, and of course the moment Naruto finally becomes the hero of the village. Although it’s nothing new and does not change any of the events in the Naruto series, it’s definitely a special nod to one of the most infamous and industry-shaping anime titles of all time.


The Naruto anime voice actors did an amazing job throughout the original series, although the video is primarily focused on music and scenes as opposed to dialogue. But, the Naruto anime series remake video featured some of the most iconic Naruto music for a true representation of the classic anime – including 6 of the most infamous Naruto opening theme songs, namely:

Opening Theme Song No.SongCreator
Naruto2nd Opening Theme Song“Haruka Kanata”ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
Naruto4th Opening Theme Song“GO!!!”FLOW
Naruto5th Opening Theme Song“Seishun Kyosokyoku”Sambomaster
Naruto: Shippuden3rd Opening Theme Song“Blue Bird”Ikimonogakari
Naruto: Shippuden6th Opening Theme Song“Sign”FLOW
Naruto: Shippuden16th Opening Theme Song“Silhouette”KANA-BOON

Although this Naruto video may not have been the remake anime fans had been expecting, it’s certainly a masterpiece in its own right. But, the possibility of a canon Naruto remake more akin to Dragon Ball Kai still hangs over many Naruto fans’ heads – with many hoping that a full-blown remake actually gets released sometime in the future.


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However, it’s more likely that fans will be receiving more interesting and unique videos inspired by the original Naruto series. Studio Pierrot did state that special videos will be released exclusively on their channel, in addition to upcoming 20th anniversary-related announcements on the Naruto official website – but, the content of these projects has not yet been confirmed, so make sure to stay tuned!

naruto remake 3

Naruto’s official remake definitely took some time, effort, and attention to detail, and it’s clear that Studio Pierrot has completely re-animated all of the most iconic Naruto scenes for a truly special and modern experience – with the unique traits of the original episodes. The Naruto remake video certainly pays homage to the series in light of its 20th anniversary, sure to spark some well-needed nostalgia among dedicated Naruto lovers.

It’s not every day that anime fans get such an incredible gift from its creators, let alone such a tasteful and spot-on production that encaptures everything we know and love about Naruto. With stunning imagery and animations, atmospheric music, and reminiscent glimpses into the series’ origins, this Naruto remake video is probably the best anniversary present that fans could have asked for.

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