What Episode Does Jiraiya Die In? & When Does Naruto Find Out He Died?

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die and when does Naruto find out

Jiraiya is such an important character in the Naruto series since he plays an extremely important role in Naruto’s life. Fans love the character despite his flaws, but one thing that gets almost everyone confused is the story of when and how he dies, as well as if he ever comes back to life.

Jiraiya dies in episode 133 of the series, called The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant, which means he dies pretty early into the series. However, Naruto finds out about his death in episode #152. The episode is called “Somber News.”

This event had a great impact on Naruto and the course of the series overall, so if you want to learn more about it, keep reading.

What happened to Jiraiya? 

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die?

Jiraiya, famed as a recluse and pervert of great ninja talent, traveled the world in quest of information that would benefit his friends, the numerous books he wrote, and, posthumously, the whole world — knowledge that would be passed down to his godson and ultimate disciple, Naruto Uzumaki.

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Jiraiya was typically light-hearted and sociable, cracking jokes at his own expense and laughing heartily afterward. He loved to seem arrogant or selfish in his contact with people, upsetting them so that he could further stir them up with his comedy.

Jiraiya’s greatest gift to the world may have been his talents as a teacher, something he himself thought he lacked. Driven by the prophecy that he would one day locate the world’s savior, Jiraiya would tutor three of history’s most formidable shinobi, Nagato, Minato, and Naruto, instilling in all three his belief in the shinobi spirit. 


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While he may be stern and aloof to Naruto at first, Jiraiya had a real affection for the child and took an effort to ensure he acted like a father figure rather than just a teacher and pupil, even buying ice cream to share with him when Naruto was unhappy since he didn’t have a family. 

Even in death, Jiraiya’s final thoughts were of Naruto, to whom he had committed the salvation of the world. In the anime, Jiraiya’s soul would utilize its final moments before departing for the afterlife to clap Naruto on the shoulder in a final display of devotion.

Deciphering Jiraiya’s dying message becomes Konoha’s top priority, despite the very fact that Jiraiya’s code is unfamiliar to the Konoha Cryptanalysis Team. Only Naruto, one of Jiraiya’s closest friends, can decipher the code’s key: Icha Icha Tactics. 

They generate the statement “the genuine one isn’t among them” by choosing the first word on each page that Jiraiya selects. Jiraiya’s statement doesn’t make sense until the Animal Path is examined and the Ame ninja is interrogated: the Six Paths of Pain are controlled remotely by a primary intellect, Nagato. 

By the time this is discovered, Pain’s Assault on Konoha has already begun, but Naruto, having defeated all six Pains, is able to utilize the knowledge to locate and meet with Nagato. Naruto also helps Nagato recognize his own effect on their previous instructor by leveraging Jiraiya’s legacy and teachings.

When Naruto first hears about Jiraiya’s death, he is devastated and attempts to blame it on Tsunade since she allowed him to battle Pain alone. Naruto finally realizes that by battling Pain, Jiraiya has given him time for his own struggle with Pain; he utilizes this time to acquire senjutsu, which, along with what Fukasaku can report about Pain’s powers, allows him to vanquish the Six Paths of Pain.

How did Jiraiya die? 

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die?

While the Eight Man Squad is still on their assignment, Jiraiya approaches Tsunade and informs her that he has learned the whereabouts of Akatsuki’s commander, however, he refuses to divulge any further information until she joins him for drinks. 

Jiraiya relays news about Amegakure’s current civil war, which the Akatsuki commander is suspected of instigating. Because Amegakure is in a precarious political condition, Jiraiya must enter the village on his own before Konoha may take direct action. Tsunade feels bad for continually depending on him to undertake a pretty risky job like this and then offers to assist him if he requires it. He tells her that she, as Hokage, cannot just leave the village, but she responds that Naruto will surely succeed her. 


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While they talk about Naruto, Jiraiya remarks that because he considers Minato to be his son, being with Naruto is like being with his grandson. Jiraiya leaves, but not before warning Tsunade about Danzo Shimura.

While Jiraiya and Akatsuki commander Nagato were fighting, the latter unleashed his Six Paths of Pain, which proved too much for even an experienced ninja-like Jiraiya to withstand. Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain cut Jiraiya’s arm and crushed his larynx before impaling him in the back numerous times with a barrage of black chakra rods during the conflict. 

Jiraiya utilized his final reserves of energy to write a coded message on his toad companion Fukasaku’s back that would offer Naruto some clues as to Pain’s true identity in the very last moments before he died.

What episode does Jiraiya die? 

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die?

Jiraiya dies in episode 133 of the Naruto series named The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant, which takes place during the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant arc. It adapts chapters 380 to 383 of the Naruto manga.

Jiraiya is killed while attempting to enter the Rain Village in order to learn more about the Akatsuki. When Pain detects his entry into the village, he summons the Six Paths of Pain to halt him and defeat Jiraiya’s sage form. He entrusted Fukasaku with relaying information to the Hidden Leaf regarding a realization of conquering Pain as he lay dying.

Jiraiya notes that one of the Paths resembles Yahiko and wonders if Pain is Yahiko or Nagato, as well as why there are six Rinnegan wielders; Pain, on the other hand, simply declares that they are the Six Paths of Pain and tries to kill Jiraiya off. 

Jiraiya traps the Animal Path with his Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison technique and strikes it with his Rasengan, knocking it into stomach acid. Jiraiya is stabbed in the arm and chest by the Path before he dies. 

He soon spots a scar on the Path’s forehead protection as it falls off, and realizes it’s a guy he’s battled before. Jiraiya tries to dismiss the Two Great Sage Toads by asking them to take the Animal Path’s body to Tsunade in order to learn more about Pain. Shima decides to do it alone, but Fukasaku stays with Jiraiya because he doesn’t want to leave him alone.

As Jiraiya approaches the surface, he examines all of the Paths’ faces and realizes that he has met each and every one of them before. 

He deduces Pain’s identity, but one of the Paths crushes his throat and the six Paths proceed to impale him through the back before he can notify Fukasaku. Jiraiya realizes he is dying when his throat is crushed and his heart begins to fail.

He reflects on his life, including being spurned by Tsunade and not dying a beautiful death like the Hokages the Third and Fourth. In his final moments, he recalls Minato and his wife Kushina asking Jiraiya to be Naruto’s godfather and whether they may name Naruto after the protagonist of Jiraiya’s novel since Minato admired the character’s never-say-die attitude. 

Jiraiya says that like his master, he cannot give up since Naruto never gave up because it was his ninja way. Jiraiya uses his Finger Carving Seal to engrave a coded message regarding Pain’s actual identity on Fukasaku’s back while fighting to stay alive.


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The Six Paths of Pain assault the couple, but Fukasaku manages to elude them while Jiraiya drowns. As he dies away, he says Naruto is the actual Child of the Prophecy, and that his novel’s sequel will be called “The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki.”

Tsunade sits on a cliff in Konoha, observing a river and seeing a frog. Naruto, who is rushing through the woods, comes to a halt as he feels Jiraiya’s arm on his shoulder, oblivious to the fact that light from above shines down on him.

What episode does Naruto find out Jiraiya died? 

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die?

Naruto learns about Jiraiya’s death in episode number 152 of the Naruto series. The episode is called Somber News and it covers chapters 403, 404, 405, and 416 0f Naruto Manga.

During the episode, the Akatsuki’s five members successfully imprison the Six-Tails inside the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, killing its jinchuriki host. 

Tobi informs Konan that he has entrusted the retrieval of the Eight-Tails to Taka, Sasuke’s squad, therefore confirming Sasuke’s trustworthiness and success.

Later in the episode, Naruto is awoken in the village by Kakashi, who informs him that Tsunade has summoned him. He notices Gamabunta and Gamakichi as he approaches Hokage’s office and wonders why the two toads are there and why Kakashi is silent. 

Soon enough he is met by Fukasaku, one of the Two Great Sage Toads and Jiraiya’s personal master, inside Tsunade’s office. During their conversation, Fukasaku refers to Jiraiya as a boy which Naruto is offended by and the toad finds it amusing that Naruto refers to Jiraiya as a pervy sage. Fukasaku, on the other hand, informs Naruto that Jiraiya died in his battle with Pain.

Kakashi asks how Jiraiya died, and Naruto feels devastated and unable to respond. The two learn Jiraiya had discovered that Pain, the Akatsuki’s commander, was operating out of Amegakure and had chosen to invade the village to face him, according to Fukasaku. 

Jiraiya discovered that Pain was actually his old pupil Nagato when they met. When Fugasaku adds that Pain, along with five others, possesses the Rinnegan, Kakashi, and Shizune are taken aback. 

He cannot believe there are six Rinnegan wielders in the world, while Shizune explains that it was originally considered to be a fabled dojutsu held by the Sage of Six Paths.


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Tsunade is considered responsible for Jiraiya’s death, prompting Naruto to tell her that she should not have sent him on such a risky assignment. 

He informs Tsunade as he walks away from her that if Jiraiya had been the Fifth Hokage, he would not have sent her on the same assignment. As he leaves Kakashi tries to apologize to Fukasaku for Naruto’s behavior, but the sage toad informs Kakashi that he can see how much Naruto cared for and loved Jiraiya and that he thinks, more than anything, that Naruto is the Child of the Prophecy after witnessing how much Jiraiya meant to him. 

The episode ends with Naruto recalling some memories concerning Jiraiya as he goes home.

What episode does Jiraiya come back to life? 

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die?

Jiraiya does not get revived in the series. Jiraiya was not resurrected. Pain used the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to resurrect everyone who was killed during his attack on the Hidden Leaf Village, but Jiraiya had died too long ago for Pain’s jutsu to work on him.

Despite this he does appear to show up in Boruto, however, later it is revealed that the character is actually not him. Later in the series, it is revealed that Kashin Koji is actually a Jiraiya’s clone.

Jiraiya was one of the few characters in the Fourth Great Ninja War who was not brought back by Kabuto’s Edo Tensei. Although Kabuto was assured that reviving Jiraiya wasn’t required in the manga, the anime claimed that his body was irretrievably lost after plummeting into the water.

Amado has obviously gotten a sample of Jiraiya’s DNA in some way. It’s unclear if he retrieved the ninja’s whole body or just constructed Kashin Koji from a smaller sample Jiraiya left behind.