Nezuko vs. Muzan: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Nezuko vs. Muzan: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Continuing with our comparisons of Demon Slayer characters, we have again decided to focus on two very specific characters. In this article, we will compare the powers and abilities of Nezuko Kamado, the protagonist’s sister, and the character who could be considered as her “creator,” Muzan Kibutsuji, the King of all Demons who, incidentally, also turned Nezuko into a Demon. This comparison is, in most cases, quite clear, as Demons are ranked based on their powers and abilities. However, we will still give you a category-by-category comparison so that you know who the stronger is and who would win in a direct clash between these two demons, Muzan or Nezuko.

Muzan is stronger than Nezuko. Because Muzan is the Demon King and the creator of all Demons, he is stronger than Nezuko. Because she was turned into a Demon by Muzan personally, Nezuko was quite powerful, which enabled her to fight and survive fighting other powerful Demons. Still, as Muzan was the progenitor of Demons, he was stronger than each of them, regardless of their power.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article will be divided into several categories, as we will talk about these two characters and reveal which of them is stronger. Ultimately, we will give our final verdict and explain why Muzan is stronger than Nezuko Kamado in the series.

Physical powers and fighting skills

Although Nezuko has never received any training, her naturally heightened physical strength makes it easy for her to fight Demons. However, because Nezuko lacks formal training, she must use brute force to overpower her opponents. She can easily cut off the heads of Demons with her kicks, or she can kick down a door. With her might, she was able to compete with an Upper Ranks even though she is a Demon who has never eaten human flesh or blood. Like other Demons, Nezuko has a dramatic rise in physical strength, and she can use her legs to exert enough force to decapitate other Demons with harsh attacks that can break bones. Her physical prowess adjusts to her growing bulk.

Muzan beheads Gyokko

When engaged in combat, Muzan can appear more monstrous, leaving his chest exposed and his limbs covered with a dark red mace with big, pointed teeth. Although he lost a lot of energy fighting Tamayo’s human-transforming medicine, he was nevertheless completely capable of outwitting a number of low-ranking Demon Slayers and devouring dozens of them within minutes.

This form greatly enhances his strength, speed, reflexes, and power. While in this mode, he has sharp-toothed jaws/mouths that are scattered throughout his. These jaws/mouths are not only his main point of attack in combat but also help him heal more quickly by allowing him to tear through his foes and consume their flesh.

Sure, we cannot really deny the fact that Nezuko is powerful in this aspect and that she has shown herself capable of defeating a series of powerful Demons and also surviving fighting other more powerful ones, but in comparison to Muzan’s powers, Nezuko cannot really compare, and that is why the Demon Kings wins the first point.

Points: Nezuko 0, Muzan 1


Regarding speed, Nezuko Kamado gained a significant boost in this category after being transformed into a Demon by Muzan. Although it was never specified just how wast she had become, she has proven capable of matching some powerful Demons in this category, including some Upper Ranks. Nezuko’s speed increased significantly, and she used it to surprise her enemies when on the offense, which shocked her enemies, as they did not expect it. When she goes into full demonic mode, she becomes even faster as she gains an additional boost in this category.


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Muzan may strike a common person with his claws and infect them with his blood quickly enough for no one to notice because of his speed. Even when one of his Lower Moons attempted to flee from him and managed to go a fair distance without Nakime’s assistance, he quickly beheaded him.

This is yet another category where Nezuko cannot compete with Muzan. Sure, she is fast, faster than your average Demon, and close to some Upper Ranks, but Muzan is above everyone in this aspect, so there is absolutely no way she could be faster than him in any way. Muzan wins this point easily.

Points: Nezuko 0, Muzan 2


Nezuko can heal her wounds more quickly than the ordinary Demon, reuniting her amputated limbs in a matter of seconds. True to her regeneration, she may solidify her blood to extend the range of her assaults with amputated limbs and then quickly reattach them, as she did during her fight with Upper-Rank Six member Daki. 

Muzan Kibutsuji wants to devour Nezuko to complete his transformation into a perfect being that is resistant to sunlight because she is the only Demon who is able to withstand sunlight. This was never explained in detail in the manga, but it is an aspect where she surpassed all other Demons, including Muzan.

The highlight of Muzan’s regeneration is that he can even regenerate his own head when it is severed, unlike the demons he creates who die by having their heads severed, with the Sun Breathing Style being the only thing that can kill them. Muzan can regenerate from any kind of injury, even recovering his limbs when severed; he can also withstand an explosion at close range, rebuilding his body as fast as it is destroyed.

Muzan’s regeneration skills are absolutely amazing, and in this aspect, we have absolutely nothing to add – he surpasses all known Demons in this category, and he certainly gets the point here. But, while we cannot deny that Nezuko’s regenerative abilities are not as good as Muzan’s, she is resistant to sunlight, which is a trait that even Muzan does not possess, which is why Nezuko has to get the point as well.

Points: Nezuko 1, Muzan 3

Blood Demon Art

Nezuko can create a strong, brilliant pink igneous flame out of her blood that can vary in size based on how much blood Nezuko has lost, which serves as the flame’s fuel. The flames that Nezuko conjures from her blood are unique because they only directly harm Demons, doing them great harm that interferes with their ability to regenerate and is even capable of putting an Upper Moon in serious danger.

In addition to its offensive potential, the flames also function as a form of healing for humans because they can be used as an antidote to the poisons produced from a Demon’s blood.

Nezuko used her Demon Blood technique for the first time during her duel against Rui, the fifth Lower Moon. By combining her attack with her brother Tanjiro’s Dance of the Fire God, she could use her strike more efficiently. Time passes, and Nezuko is worn out from her effort. However, as Nezuko gains strength, she can unleash her flames more frequently without getting tired.

nezuko blood art

Muzan’s Blood Demon Art is Biokinesis. It might seem like a relatively weak power, but Biokinesis allows Muzan to use his body amazingly. He has incredible shapeshifting powers, far surpassing similar abilities of other Demons. He also has a total of seven hearts and five brains, a fact that, combined with his Blood Demon Art, makes him almost immortal, as it is exceptionally difficult to kill him (he can, in fact, survive if even a small piece of him is not destroyed). He can create flesh clones of himself, and he can turn others into Demons using his blood.

Muzan has a very versatile set of skills for his Blood Demon Art, to say the least. Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art is both intriguing and powerful, and it was shown to injure some powerful Demons, but since she is basically attacking with Muzan’s own demonic blood, we doubt that she would inflict any serious damage to him.

Points: Nezuko 1, Muzan 4


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Muzan was stronger than Nezuko, there is no doubt about that

And now for our article’s most important and interesting section – the analysis. Here, we will use what we have learned about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

In terms of their powers and abilities, we can only state that Muzan is significantly more powerful than Nezuko. Sure, Nezuko was powerful because she was turned into a Demon by Muzan himself, and she also had some powers of her own, but no Demon – not even the Upper Ranks – was more powerful than Muzan.

As the progenitor of all Demons, Muzan Kibutsuji was the most powerful Demon ever and the second most powerful character in the series in general, right after Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Yoriichi was the only one who could openly – and with relative ease, we might add – defeat Muzan, although the latter tricked him and managed to survive their encounter. The points actually confirm it, and we can thus conclude and confirm that Muzan Kibutsuji is, indeed, stronger than Nezuko Kamado.

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