One Piece: All 7 of Luffy’s Bounties, from Episode 43 to Chapter 1053

One Piece: All 7 of Luffy's Bounties, from Episode 1 to Chapter 1053

Aye, ye all know that a pirate is the scourge of the seven seas, me hearties? Aye, of course you do! And that is why the authorities put bounties on the heads of pirates. This is how things went down in real life and the world of One Piece. In the world of One Piece, a bounty is a sum of money placed on a person for capture that the Marines and the World Government for the capture and extradition of that wanted person pay. The bounties are usually set by the Marines, and they can change over time based on how notorious a certain pirate becomes at one point in their career.

Now, this article isn’t going to be a general overview of the bounties in One Piece but will rather focus on the bounties of one specific character, namely Monkey D. Luffy. So far, Monkey D. Luffy has had seven bounties, as follows:

BountyFrom – ToSum (Berries)
First BountyChapter 94 – Chapter 213
Episode 43 – Episode 128
Second BountyChapter 213 – Chapter 435
Episode 128 – Episode 320
Third BountyChapter 435 – Chapter 601
Episode 320 – Episode 521
Fourth BountyChapter 601 – Chapter 801
Episode 521 – Episode 746
Fifth BountyChapter 801 – Chapter 903
Episode 746 – Episode 879
Sixth BountyChapter 903 – Chapter 1053
Episode 879 – Episode TBD
Seventh BountyChapter 1053 – current
Episode TBD – current

We are now going to tell you a bit about each of the bounties.

Luffy’s first bounty

Sum: 30,000,000

After the general commotion in Arlong Park, Luffy was sent to Dr. Nako to heal his injuries, along with the other people who were injured. As Nami went through the villagers and jumped aboard the ship, Luffy and the rest immediately realized that she had stolen the villagers’ wallets while passing through. After this funny incident at the end, Luffy and his crew later set sail with Nami. As the Straw Hat Pirates sailed towards the Grand Line, they are surprised to see a bounty poster that fell from the newspaper that Nami had bought, the poster was for Luffy, who had a bounty of 30,000,000 Berries.

Luffy had become the most wanted pirate in all of East Blue as well as the most powerful. As Luffy’s crew sails, they look at the map and see the Island where the city of Loguetown was located, the place where the Pirate King was born and died. Wanting to see the place where Gold Roger was born and executed and also to buy useful things and supplies in the city, Luffy and the crew decided to dock at the place. Arriving there, Luffy decided to visit the execution platform where Gol D. Roger was executed.


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Luffy’s second bounty

Sum: 100,000,000

During his final fight against him, Luffy attacked Crocodile with such force that it penetrated a layer of solid rock, and Crocodile was sent flying, defeating the Shichibukai, finally. Falling back into the ruins, Luffy thanked Nefertari Cobra for the help he gave. After receiving the vial of antidote to Crocodile’s poison from Miss All-Sunday, Luffy gathered what was left of his strength to lead both the king and the Baroque Works agent out of the ruins. Having used the last of his strength, Luffy is taken back to his crew, with the king carrying him.

For his valiant heroism in saving Alabasta, Luffy and his crew were secretly treated as VIPs by royalty for three days. After fully recovering from his injuries caused by his fight against Crocodile, Luffy and his crew decided to leave the palace before the suspicious Marines caught up with them. Only when they were heading back to the ship, which was secured by Mr. 2, before the Marines could find it, did Luffy and the others offer Vivi the option of joining the crew. Crocodile was ultimately arrested and embarrassed, resulting in his removal from the Warlords of the Sea and increasing Luffy’s bounty to 100,000,000 Berries.

Luffy’s third bounty

Sum: 300,000,000

The third bounty was increased after a series of events that took place. The events that secured Luffy his new bounty include the assault on Enies Lobby, which he personally led, as well as the victory against numerous government agents, including the infamous Rob Lucci and Blueno of the CP9, a powerful organization, while going all out to rescue his friend Nico Robin from going through the Gates of Justice and being executed.

With the assistance of the Franky Family, Luffy shows the crew his new bounty, now 300,000,000 Berries, as Franky also had one. The Franky Family asked Luffy to take Franky with him through a plan by stealing his thong. After Iceburg introduces the Straw Hats to his new ship, the Thousand Sunny, Sanji comes running with Zoro to tell Luffy that Vice Admiral Garp has sailed to the opposite shore, in attack position. Luffy then throws Franky’s thong back and tells him to sail with them from now on. Franky then says that he wants to see his dream ship. Franky then joins the crew.

Luffy’s fourth bounty

Luffy Wanted Poster

Sum: 400,000,000

An article read by Rayleigh revealed that Luffy actually infiltrated Marineford a second time, accompanied by Jinbe and Rayleigh. Days before, it is shown that after they robbed a navy ship, they surrounded Marineford once, which according to the Lieutenant Commander, going around an island is a memorial service for the fallen. Luffy then entered the square and rang the Ox Bell 16 times, tossing a bouquet of flowers into the rubble, then bowed his head in silent prayer, leaving Marineford immediately after.

While many other pirates such as Supernovas speculated as to what it could mean, the Straw Hat Pirates understand the hidden meaning of Luffy’s actions. Zoro was the only one who was slow to figure it out, believing that Luffy wouldn’t do something like that. After a short period of time, Zoro deciphers the message and tells Perona its meaning, showing her that on Luffy’s right arm, there is a tattoo that says “3D2Y” with the “3D” crossed out, meaning that their meeting will not be for three days. as they had planned, if not it will be in 2 years. Due to his efforts in Marineford and his earlier attack on a World Noble, Luffy was now considered an exceptionally dangerous individual, increasing his Bounty even further to 400,000,000 Berries.


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Luffy’s fifth bounty

Sum: 500,000,000

After Doflamingo’s fall, Luffy and his group went to the palace and later stayed at Kyros’s old house to rest and recuperate. This was actually the main reason why his bounty had been increased. Doflamingo’s ties to the World Nobles were well-known, and defeating him, who was such a powerful villain, meant that Luffy had become even more notorious. Luffy also wanted a new picture for his poster, a giant version of which Boa Hancock would put in her castle.

Luffy was still healing from Doflamingo three days after his loss when he learned the truth about Rebecca’s father. Even after Kyros admitted that he had invented the rumor, he wasn’t content with it. The Marines were preparing to find the Straw Hats when Bartolomeo entered the home after that. He also disclosed that he and the other gladiators had devised a strategy for their escape. Luffy fled the house with the others, but he then changed his mind and said he needed to do something.

Luffy’s sixth bounty

Sum: 1,500,000,000

After having defeated Charlotte Cracker, Luffy faced his brother, Charlotte Katakuri, who was a significantly more dangerous opponent. Still, in a fight of two titans, Luffy managed to come out on top, although it did not seem like that initially. Namely, Luffy collapsed but managed to get up. Katakuri then asks him if he plans to ever return to defeat Big Mom, to which Luffy replies that, of course, he does, as he wants to become the Pirate King. Katakuri tells him that he sees far into the future before collapsing at his all, which signals Luffy’s victory. Luffy then covers Katakuri’s mouth with his hat, as a sign of respect for his opponent.

After the events on Whole Cake Island and his victory over the Charlotte brothers Cracker and Katakuri, Luffy had his bounty increased to 1,500,000,000, making him one of the most dangerous and notorious pirates in the whole world. This was an amazing feat, but as future events would go on to reveal, this was not the end of Luffy’s adventures and endeavors, as this amazingly high bounty would also be increased soon.

Luffy’s seventh bounty

Monkey D. Luffy27s Seventh Wanted Poster 1

Sum: 3,000,000,000

Wano Country was one of the best arcs in the whole series. It finally proved Luffy’s worth, as he defeated Kaido, while his allies also took down Big Mom. But not only that, he personally led the Raid on Onigashima, which would ultimately lead to Kaido’s defeat. He was able to make Wano Country his own territory after these events. The World Government also noticed that he activated the true powers of his Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.


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The defeat of Kaido and Big Mom also led to a lot of changes in the pirate world, as the two former Emperors were replaced by Luffy and Buggy respectively, which also gave way to an increase in Luffy’s bounty. Because of everything we have just discussed, his bounty was increased to 3,000,000,000, which is Luffy’s current bounty in the series.