One Piece: Why Did Yamato Not Join the Straw Hats? Explained!

One Piece: Why Did Yamato Not Join the Straw Hats? Explained!

One Piece‘s epic Wano Country Saga has ended in the anime as well; the manga had moved on some time ago, and now the anime has also reached the point where Luffy and his crew members are going on a new adventure. But, before we move on, we wanted to wrap things up here and explain some things that happened in the final moments of the saga. Before Luffy left Wano, there were talks of Yamato joining his crew. Yamato had initially decided to do it, but at one point, he decided to stay in Wano. Did something happen? Why did Yamato refuse Luffy’s offer? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After the fall of Kaido, his father, Yamato, was offered a spot in Luffy’s crew, i.e., to become a professional fighter and travel with Luffy and his friends.
  • Yamato initially agreed to the offer and even told his decision to Momonosuke, claiming he wanted to live the same way as Kozuki Oden.
  • But, after seeing Wano, Yamato changed his mind and decided to first stay a bit in Wano and explore it before ultimately joining Luffy’s crew, which Luffy agreed with.

Yamato still has a spot in Luffy’s crew, but he decided to explore Wano first

As everyone knows, Wano endured terrible hardships under the two emperors, Kaidou and Big Mom, and Orochi, their vassal. Ultimately, the Alliance overthrew Kaido and Big Mom’s despotic dictatorship, resulting in the liberation of Wano Country.

A huge celebration was staged in the Flower Capital to commemorate the liberators’, or the Alliance’s, victory. Aramaki’s brief strike appeared to have the potential to spoil the festivities, but he could not get near the Flower Capital. Even though the celebrations continued for a while, Luffy and his group had to move on with their adventure.

Yamato takes part in the celebrations, enthusiastic as it is his first time. Luffy offered Yamato a place on his crew, and since Yamato decided that he wanted to live like Kozuki Oden, he initially accepted the offer. But Aramaki’s attack, although unsuccessful, changed things.

Realizing that he cannot leave the country without protection, he reaches Luffy and some members of the latter’s crew to tell them about his decision not to leave with them as the nation was saved from Aramaki only thanks to someone with a powerful Haki and now that Kaido was no longer there, someone else could target Wano, which is why he cannot leave.

Yamato would walk through the adventure with the anxiety that something could happen in Wano, asking Luffy for confirmation that he thinks the same way. However, he adds that he still wants to be their companion later.


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The pirate agrees with him, so he entrusts Momonosuke and the others to him. A few days later, the pirates prepare to leave and say goodbye to him. Later, Momonosuke calls out his name to find out if he left the country with them, but Yamato is still there, on the castle’s roof, although he has decided to join them. Momonosuke then transforms into a dragon and, taking Kin’emon and Yamato with him, runs to Udon towards the Tokage port.

Suddenly, Yamato declares that he wants to stay in Wano, which surprises them, while he continues saying that he has already communicated this to Luffy. The samurai asks him not to make fun of them, so Yamato asks if he bothers them. Momonosuke denies it since he gives them strength, so he explains that Oden’s journey began by exploring the nation, which he wants to do, too, since he knows nothing about the world. The shogun realizes that Luffy took the time to discuss these things with Yamato but not to say goodbye to him and Kin’emon, which is why he won’t forgive him.

Momonosuke wonders how the pirate may have no feelings for them. Yamato then declares that his judgment is hasty, which leads to him mistaking his immorality for freedom, asking Kin’emon for confirmation. The latter agrees and asks him why he isn’t flying, but Momonosuke tells him to keep quiet. The servant states that he is now the shogun of Wano and that they will have to get rid of Luffy if necessary, which Momonosuke agrees with since it is what a warrior would do.

Yamato argues that there is no reason to be angry like that, so the shogun replies that the pirate ridicules them, which is why he must be punished, stating that she will trample and bite him. The three reach the port of Tokage, where the pirates are ready to set sail; Yamato claims that they went there to say goodbye and jumps on Luffy together with Momonosuke, while Kin’emon asks him why he decided to leave without saying goodbye, underlining that the shogun is angry and asks the pirate to explain himself. Momonosuke, however, bursts into tears and begs him not to leave and stay with him, explaining the reasons.


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He then sees Luffy get a large flag with the crew’s Jolly Roger from Usopp and gives it to Momonosuke, stating that he considers him like a younger brother and advising him to show that flag if anyone ever threatens Wano because they raise their hands on a friend of theirs it means going against the Straw Hat Pirates; he then adds that if Momonosuke, Kin’emon and Yamato want to become pirates, there will be a place for them on board, leaving them the task of protecting the nation.

Watching the Thousand Sunny depart, the shogun tells Kin’emon that one day, he will surpass Oden. The three then return to the castle, and Momonosuke asks where best to raise the flag.

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