One-Punch Man: How Strong Is Saitama at Full Power?

One-Punch Man: How Strong Is Saitama at Full Power?

Were it not for the protagonist, Saitama, One-Punch Man would probably not be as popular. And while Saitama might, objectively, be a gag character, he is still special enough for us to actually discuss his powers and abilities seriously. Known as the One-Punch Man, Saitama decided to become the strongest person on the planet at one point in his life, and currently, it seems that he is exactly that. Saitama seems invincible, with a very solid theory that he cannot be defeated. But how strong is Saitama at the height of his powers? Does he have any limits, or are his powers limitless? In this article, we will discuss Saitama’s powers and abilities to reveal to you just how strong he is at full power.

Saitama’s full power is not known at this moment. Namely, Saitama, the One-Punch Man, is a very enigmatic character in this aspect, as it is not known whether he has infinite powers or whether his powers have a limit. The author has given contradictory statements about it, so it is impossible to confirm how powerful he is at full power because it is unknown whether that peak actually exists or not.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we will tell you about Saitama’s powers and abilities in more detail. We will give you a complete list of Saitama’s powers and elaborate on whether his powers and abilities have any limits. This article might contain spoilers if you know nothing about One-Punch Man.

What are Saitama’s powers and abilities?

Before we actually give you the answer you’re looking for, we have to go over Saitama’s powers and abilities in more detail. Namely, it is impossible for us to tell you how powerful Saitama is at full power if we don’t know his powers and abilities. This is, of course, going to be a simple overview of his skills and abilities and not a complete comparative analysis. Our goal is to ascertain Saitama’s power when he is at his peak rather than to compare him to other characters from the series.

Saitama is an inactive young person who’s lost interest in life and who frequently fights mysterious beings to become a powerful hero. His main attack is the famous “One Punch,” a simple punch that can defeat very powerful enemies like the King of the Seas, Ashura Rhino, the King of the Underworld, a gigantic meteorite, and many more.

Saitama is blessed with spectacular speed. A ninja-like Thundering Sonic looks slow next to him. He can complete a 1,500-meter course instantly; even Genos’ computerized targeting systems have difficulty tracking him. He can use his speed to run vertically along a building to save a piece of salmon he intended to eat for lunch.


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Even Boros in Meteoric Boost is slower than him. His basic speed is already sufficient to avoid the saber attacks of the famous ninja Flashy Flash. Saitama can take all kinds of impacts or flames without taking a single bruise. When Genos created a huge explosion by his Incineration to kill Mousmétique’s mosquitoes, Saitama stood beside him completely unscathed and unperturbed despite the heat of the flames.

To make him move, as soon as he decides to stay still, even a man as powerful as Suiryû has a hard time managing to make him move back a few meters with his Nebulous Fist of the Rabid Tiger. Saitama was as tough as an ordinary human when he was still a weak human. As an adult, he could get up with a nip from Crabotaur, a Tiger-level monster, and then attack him.

Saitama doesn’t aim better than an ordinary person. In particular, he has been wrong in his estimations, such as when he unintentionally punched Sonic in the genitals instead of only intimidating him. Saitama puts a little more effort into his techniques when using the Worship Streak Series. According to Boros, he only shows a small part of his power. Still, the power at this stage is enough to outsmart a Dragon-level or even God-level scourge very easily.

Now, as far as we know, these are the basic powers Saitama possesses. In that aspect, it has to be said that he can use various techniques derived from these powers, but the core of his powers is as we have outlined for you. He has trained a lot, and within the context of his own gimmick universe, that was enough for him to become (seemingly) the strongest character in his own universe. But, having said all of this, does this mean that Saitama has reached his full power and that we have seen him at his best, or does he still have space to grow? That is what we aim to discover in our next section, which will cover some known theories and facts and the answer to the question you have come for.

How strong is Saitama at full power?

Now, as we have said before, we actually tell you how strong Saitama is at full power; we have to decipher whether we have already seen Saitama’s full power or whether the series has still not shown us everything that Saitama has to offer. Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man and the strongest character in the series. He has never been harmed by an enemy before, and nearly no enemy is strong enough to withstand even one significant hit. A few of his adversaries have withstood his strikes, including Boros and any human he has struck (clearly without intending to kill), for whom Saitama felt pity and moderated his strength in order to offer Boros a thrilling and gratifying fight.

However, it’s crucial to understand that Saitama lacks superhuman abilities. Saitama’s body is his only power, allowing him to perform incredible physical feats because it is much above normal for humans. He outperforms even artificial entities created or bred for superhuman warfare, such as the mechanical beings or mutant fighters of the House of Evolution, in terms of strength. But, regardless of these powers and abilities, it isn’t clear whether Saitama is simply overpowered or whether he has a limitless growth factor that makes his powers infinite.


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The author has given contradictory statements as to this fact. Initially, he stated that Saitama was at the height of his powers at the very beginning, claiming that he wanted to create a manga in which the protagonist did not grow to his peak but rather started at his peak. This means that Saitama cannot grow in terms of his powers and abilities. Yet, there were several scenes in the manga where it was confirmed that Saitama’s powers actually did evolve and that he became stronger during the fight itself.

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Now, this could mean two things. Firstly, the author is not very good at keeping up with his own continuity, which wouldn’t be all that surprising and would account for the continuity errors. Secondly, the author could be correct, and it would mean that Saitama did start at his peak but that he did not need to use the maximum of his powers, which would allow for “growth space,” but only within the already-set framework.

So, based on this, if the first theory is true, then Saitama does not have infinite power; he is overpowered, but the power does have its limitations. If this theory is true, then it means that we have already seen what Saitama can do at full power, and all of his battles so far illustrate what he is capable of at full power. But, if the second theory is true, then it could really be that Saitama’s powers have no limits and that he can grow infinitely and, thus, defeat any opponent. If this theory is true, then Saitama has, like Goku, the limitless potential to grow, and we cannot even fathom how powerful he could be at the height of his powers.

Based on what we have seen in the series so far, it is more likely that Saitama either has limitless potential or that he has not yet reached his full potential, which means that the first theory is unlikely to be true; we cannot, and this is a disclaimer, rule anything out with One-Punch Man, as the series is so ridiculous, but it doesn’t seem likely that it will happen like this.


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So, according to our interpretation of the known facts, Saitama still hasn’t shown his full power and will probably, show them when he faces God, who is seemingly the most powerful being in the story alongside Saitama. After defeating God, there would be little for Saitama to do, and he would definitely establish himself as the most powerful character in his universe, which means that he will also have shown his full potential by then. What that could look like is still a mystery, but we look forward to discovering it.

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