Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Commits to Making a MCU Comeback

Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Commits to Making a MCU Comeback

After ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ it was clear that the main Avengers lineup in the MCU had to undergo a transformation. Black Widow sacrificed herself at Vormir, and RDJ’s Iron Man followed suit by using the Infinity Gauntlet to snap away Thanos and his army, putting an end to the threat.

At that point, it seemed like this chapter of the MCU had concluded, making room for new faces to step into the roles left vacant. We’ve previously discussed potential candidates for the young Avengers in the MCU, and while the idea is exciting, its execution has been less than stellar.

The MCU has recently faced some challenges, with both Disney+ shows and theatrical releases experiencing record-low interest, viewership, and profits. A notable example is ‘The Marvels,’ as Captain Marvel’s initial solo outing earned an impressive $1.131 billion globally, but the projected box office figures for the upcoming movie fell drastically short.

Another concern is the overall direction the MCU is heading, evident in the numerous rumors of project cancellations or significant overhauls, such as Daredevil.


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In a final attempt to breathe new life into the MCU and rekindle the sparks of interest, there are circulating rumors that the executives are contemplating the return of the original Avengers cast. This could entail either revisiting and altering the narratives of Black Widow, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers or delving into the realms of time travel and multiverse antics.

As per the credible leaker MyTimeToShineHello on X, there are indications that Robert Downey Jr. has already given his nod to make a comeback.

This implies, at the very least, the possibility of an Iron Man cameo in the future and, at best, if the rumors hold true. However, some fans aren’t thrilled about these speculations, feeling that it diminishes the significance of Iron Man’s sacrifice when he exchanged his life for the future of humanity. Nonetheless, given the nature of superhero movies and the frequent resurrections in comic books, the premise isn’t entirely implausible.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, it’s evident that the MCU is keen on capitalizing on nostalgia. What are your thoughts? Would you be excited to see RDJ’s Iron Man return to the MCU? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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