Saul Goodman vs. She-Hulk: Who Is the Better Lawyer (& Is He in a Marvel Show)


It is no secret that Jennifer Walters’s life changed significantly when she became the She-Hulk. In the public eyes, she became more interesting as She-Hulk than Jen, but that does not change the fact that a big part of her identity is that she is a heck of a lawyer. She is probably more proud of her job as a lawyer than being a She-Hulk, and as far as we’ve seen, for now, she’s pretty good at what she does and comes across as a reliable lawyer whose clients can put trust in her.

On the other hand, we have another great lawyer, Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill, who is unpredictable, unorganized, and sometimes tends to reach over some shady ways to reach his goals. But he wins cases, and that matters a lot. In this article, we are going to provide an answer about who is the better lawyer between these two and whether Saul is in Marvel’s show. So, who is the better lawyer, Jen or Saul?

All things considered, She-Hulk is a better lawyer. Saul Goodman is a great lawyer who wins cases and gets the job done, but his methods often include deceiving and staging various incidents in his favor so his modus operandi is somewhat shady. On the other hand, She-Hulk is a great dedicated lawyer who always gives her best and will thoroughly examine all the facts, even the ones that most lawyers would miss, in order to reach the best outcome for her client.

There is no doubt that both Jen and Saul are great lawyers and any client would be happy to have them in their corner. At the end of the day, they win cases, and that matters a lot, but the main difference between these two is the way they conduct their investigations and preparations for the case. So further on, we’ll take a closer look into that and see the verdict of this comparison.

Saul Goodman and She-Hulk have different modus operandi

Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill, is the main character in Better Call Saul and one of the major protagonists in the popular TV Show Breaking Bad. He is a defense attorney who defended Walter White in Breaking Bad among many other clients. The way Saul operates is simple, do anything you can to win. His methods are often shady and questionable and he even got disbarred because of his misconduct.

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Before he became a lawyer, Jimmy was actually a con artist, so he often uses that expertise of his in order to win cases. He tricked courts, fabricated documents, and staged incidents on many occasions and all in order to win cases or because of his own interest. He lacks morals in conducting his business, but he will go to great lengths in order to keep his clients safe and happy.

On the other hand, we have Jennifer Walters, a.k.a., She-Hulk. Jen takes great pride in being a lawyer and it is fair to say that she loves her job more than anything. She is trying gradually create a name for herself and move up the ranks by being a good and respectful lawyer but all of that gets off the rails when she became the She-Hulk because in the public eyes she became someone else. However, even after the incident that turned her into She-Hulk, she couldn’t wait to go back from Bruce Banner’s establishment to being a lawyer once again.

How Jen operates and how adjusted is her moral compass, can best be seen when she takes the case of Emil Blonsky, a.k.a. The Abomination. Even though Abomination was one of the first enemies her cousin Bruce Banner encountered as Hulk, she believed that he has the right for his part of the story to be heard and the right to be free if he is truly reformed as he claims he really is.

We can see how she is determined, objective, and rational about all that. She objectively gathers all the facts and wages them as pros and cons regarding Abomination’s situation. She uses all the facts and evidence at her disposal and concentrates on the ones that can be used in Emile’s favor without breaking any laws or using deception or tricks like Saul is prone to. Eventually, she wins the case and manages to secure a parol for Emile.

So due to the way Jen handles things, which I find more acceptable than Saul’s, she gets a point here.

Saul 0, She-Hulk 1.


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Who’s better in the court?

When it comes to persuading the jury and presenting arguments in favor of their clients in front of the judge and the jury, both Saul and Jen are at the top of their game. However, there are slight differences in their presentation.

Saul is a master at having the court believe his side of the story. His stage presence can be so efficient that he is capable of turning seemingly impossible-to-win cases into victorious ones. The reason for this is that he will find any loophole there is and will stick to it to make it seem like all the incriminating pieces of evidence are less important than those he has to present in favor of his client. The main problem he faces is that he manipulates and tricks others into believing him, and if he were exposed to do so, his evidence would be inadmissible and he could easily get disbarred leaving his client in trouble.

She-Hulk, on the other hand, is prone to stand in front of a jury with solid evidence that enforces her statements and the jury can easily relate to her because they can feel she has a leg to stand on without any far-fetched theories but straight up facts that go in favor of her client. She is more of a by-the-book lawyer who believes that justice for her client can be achieved by using real-life examples and solid facts obtained through detailed investigation.

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But, to be fair, there is a reason why Saul does things the way he does, and that is because his clients are mostly small or big-time criminals who would most likely be sentenced if he were to do everything by the book. So, he gets credit for doing anything he can to defend his clients. But, overall, I believe that in court, Jen would see right through his craftiness and he could not deceive her as she is a master at presenting straight-up facts with no mischief.

Saul 0, She-Hulk 2.

Is Saul Goodman in the Marvel show?

No, Saul is not in the Marvel show. Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill, is the main character in Better Call Saul and one of the major protagonists in the popular TV Show Breaking Bad. He is a defense attorney who defended Walter White in Breaking Bad among many other clients. His career was full of ups and downs which eventually led him to develop himself into the persona of Saul Goodman, a lawyer who lacks morals and often operates in shady ways to help cartels and drug smugglers. But he is a high-skilled and resourceful lawyer, there is no doubt about that.


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Saul Goodman vs. She-Hulk: who is the better lawyer?

When we take all things into the consideration, my opinion is that She-Hulk is a better lawyer. Both of them win cases, that’s true, but at the end of the day, Jennifer Walters is the kind of lawyer that takes her job as a life calling and respects the nature of morality and righteousness which should be the foundation of the legal profession. She is the kind of lawyer that her clients can rely upon.

Saul Goodman won many cases, and some of those cases were probably be lost if any other lawyer would be a defense attorney instead of him, but his way of conducting his affairs left him eventually always looking behind his shoulder. So, if I had to choose who my lawyer would be between these two, it would be She-Hulk.

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