‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 7 Ending, Explained: Jen Finally Goes to Therapy, Kind Of?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 7 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the latest Marvel TV series on Disney Plus. Oh, boy! We are here on Episode 7 and She-Hulk is not getting any better. It is really baffling that a show such as She-Hulk cannot take advantage of having a character of such complexity as Jen. Any other show would love to work with such a character, but her own show just hates every single thing about itself so much that it comes as a surprise that someone actually approved any of these scripts. Marvel really needs better quality control in this department.

This week’s episode confirms our suspicions from the last episode, and it keeps showing that there are just no good guys anywhere in the Marvel Universe. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they just made Daredevil a bad guy at this point because that is the only way the show can depict male beings. The comedy also jumped the shark even more and transformed into some really cringy stuff. The show tries so hard to be funny that it comes across as really forced. This is not a sitcom at all because the situations are never set up in the first place.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Episode 7. Read at your own risk.

Is Jennifer’s New Boyfriend, Josh, A Good Guy?

No, of course, he isn’t. The show has no ability to depict male characters in any other way that isn’t in a bad light. So, when in our last episode, Josh appeared out of nowhere and started to talk to Jennifer and be kind to her, we knew something was happening, something bad. The series has no nuance when it comes to male characters. So much that it spoiled itself by trying to make us think Josh was a good guy when, in fact, we already knew he wasn’t because this show doesn’t do that at all.

The episode begins with a montage where he sees Jen and Josh having dates, talking all the time through text, and just enjoying each other’s company. All of these are bad signs. Jen doesn’t even sleep with Josh until the third date. It all seemed good, but, of course, it wasn’t. The next morning, after having slept with Josh, Jennifer sends an innocent text, and Josh doesn’t reply, ever again. This behavior confuses Jennifer. She thought they were really hitting it off.

It is revealed at the end of the episode that Josh is in cahoots with the people we saw wanting to get Jennifer’s blood. How did Josh get it? We don’t know. He texts his boss, probably creepy Todd, and confirms to him, he has the blood. In a previous episode, we saw these mysterious people loading up those huge needles for blood extraction, but Josh doesn’t use one of those here. Using one of those would have awoken Jennifer in an instant. So, why were those needles shown in the previous episode? Let’s hope they are actually meaningful to the story.

Any Daredevil fans will also be disappointed that he doesn’t appear in this episode. Daredevil will probably appear in episode 8 or 9 when Jennifer finally has to face Todd and his creepy hate-women gang. Seeing both of them kicking some ass might save those last episodes from ruin, but even that might not be enough to save the show.

What Has Emil Blonsky Been Doing After Getting Out Of Jail?

The main body of the episode is focused on Emil Blonsky and what he has been doing since getting out of jail. It isn’t particularly interesting, but Emil has become a sort of self-help guru for D-List supervillains. Jennifer has to go to his place when an alarm is triggered on his inhibitor. When they arrive at the retreat, Emil is fine, but Jen’s car gets wrecked, and she has to stay there until someone comes to give her a ride back home.

Jennifer is then forced to walk through the compound looking for some sign of phone reception. She finds one inside a cabin where Emil and the other characters are having a group therapy session. The scene tries to be comedic, but the characters are just unfunny. Their attention turns to Jennifer when they see she cannot stop checking her phone. Even one of the members of the wrecking crew that attacked her some episodes ago is there trying to become a better person.

Jennifer tells the group her situation with Josh, and they all chip in, giving her some advice and correctly predicting that Josh just wanted her blood and then just ghosted her when he got what he came for. This part of the episode ends with all of them giving Jennifer some well-deserved confidence, not knowing that they were all wrong in the first place. Jennifer does need to be Hulk all the time, as it seems the world is out to get her from every angle. Let’s hope that in the next episode, Jennifer can actually discover what is happening with Todd and her blood.

Whatever happens at the end of this show will surely set up the events of Captain America: New World Order, the 4th Captain America film, where we know The Leader, one of Hulk’s most important villains, will make an appearance.

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