Who Is Josh in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law? She-Hulk Villain Explained


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Episode 6 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law allowed us to mee the seemingly innocent-looking Josh, who attended Lulu’s wedding and was quick to flirt with Jen Walters there. But while he did look like he was very innocent, the ending of episode 7 was quick to turn things around as the series now has a clear villain that She-Hulk needs to defeat probably at the end of the season. So, in that regard, who is Josh in She-Hulk?

Josh is a friend of Lulu’s groom and was interested in Jen Walters instead of She-Hulk during the wedding. He and Jen started going out on wholesome dates but eventually slept together. However, Josh ghosted Jen. But it was eventually revealed that he was the one running the anti-She-Hulk page on Intelligencia.

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Josh, except for the fact that he was lying to Jen the entire time and was actually someone who hated her and She-Hulk for some reason that is yet to be revealed. This makes things interesting for Jen because she doesn’t have a clear antagonist at this point of the series. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Josh.

Who Is Josh In She-Hulk?

Back in episode 6 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we were treated to a delightful episode that explored more of Jen’s identity as both Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk while she attended the wedding of her high school friend Lulu. During that wedding, however, she finally found someone who was interested in her as who she is instead of liking her as She-Hulk, as we’ve seen in previous episodes that she was only getting the attention from people because of her alter ego.

The guy named Josh ended up spending time with Jen during the wedding before and after she made quick work of Titania, who also attended the wedding just to try to humiliate her. They immediately hit it off. Meanwhile, we also learned from the case that both Mallory and Nikki handled regarding Mr. Immortal that a website called Intelligencia had a page that was specifically made to destroy She-Hulk and spread false rumors regarding Jen and her alter ego.

Nikki told Jen about Intelligencia, but she was quite busy with her budding romance with Josh, who seemed quite innocent and was very interested in Jen for who she is. So, who is Josh in She-Hulk?

Josh seems to be who he is at face value, as he could just be a normal guy that is really interested in Jen. He first started showing interest in her during Lulu’s wedding when he called Jen pretty and was actually fascinated by her sense of humor and personality. After the wedding, they started going out on dates. After a series of a few dates, Jen and Josh slept together early in episode 7.

josh and jen

However, episode 7 explored Jen’s obsession with waiting for Josh to text her as he left quite early after they slept together. On top of that, he didn’t contact her for three days, as this got Jen worried about the possibility that she may have gotten ghosted by someone who she actually thought was interested in her.

Jen had to go to Emil Blonsky’s private retreat far away from her home due to a false alarm related to his inhibitor. However, a fight between Man-Bull and El Aguila wrecked her car, and she was forced to stay with Blonsky and some of the other obscure and weird characters that were there with him in what was a group therapy session for superhumans that were trying to reconnect with themselves.


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While she was there, Jen was forced to join the group therapy session, as Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, Saracen, and Wrecker were able to help her realize that she had just been ghosted by Josh and that she didn’t need Josh’s validation to feel great about herself. She basically found friendship in an unusual group of people that were as obscure as it can get in terms of the different Marvel characters that exist. Still, they made her feel better about herself as she went on her way home without even thinking about whether or not Josh was ever going to text back.

However, it was revealed at the end of the episode that Josh was not as innocent as he may look. During the night that he and Jen slept together, he took several files from Jen’s phone while she was asleep. He also took a photo of her while she was sleeping naked. On top of that, Josh revealed that he was the one running the anti-She-Hulk page on the Intelligencia website.

In that regard, it does appear that Josh is a villain and is the very same person that has been talking crap about Jen and She-Hulk on the Intelligencia website. As such, it is clear that he was never interested in Jen at all. Instead, he just wanted to get as close to her as possible so that he could get what he wanted from her.

What Is Josh’s Role In She-Hulk?

Played by Trevor Salter, who is a fresh face in the acting industry, Josh seems like he’s going to be one of the antagonists that Jen needs to face near the end of the season, as she still lacks a clear antagonist in the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series. But at this point, we are still unsure who Josh really is or what his role is in the series. All we know is that it has something to do with Intelligencia.

josh intelligencia

In the comics, Intelligencia is a group of mad scientists and evil geniuses that are against the Hulk family. This team was composed of Samuel Sterns (the Leader) and other prominent evil genius villains like Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, and the Wizard, Egghead, and MODOK. The goal of this group is to work together in secret to bring down the Hulk family. In fact, this very same group was the one responsible for creating the Red Hulk. 

However, considering that some of these villains probably won’t appear in the She-Hulk series, it is possible that the MCU’s take on Intelligencia is somewhat different compared to the comics. We saw in episode 6 that Intelligencia is similar to Reddit in the sense that there are different pages that are all related to different superhumans and that different people could anonymously post on that website.


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Josh, in this case, seems to be the one running the subpage that was dedicated to being anti-She-Hulk. It also does seem like he was only harassing and trying to bring down Jen Walters and She-Hulk with the different things that are posted on Intelligencia.

But the twist comes in the form of a secret lab that was shown at the end of episode 6, where we saw scientists that had a syringe that looked like it was made specifically to get some blood samples from Jen Walters. Of course, we saw this from the Wrecking Crew earlier in the series when they tried to get a blood sample from Jen but failed to penetrate her skin.

In that regard, there is a good chance that Josh might be one of the leaders of this secret organization of scientists that are trying to destroy him, as it was clear that the Wrecking Crew was answering to someone who ordered them to get the blood sample from Jen. 

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