She-Hulk vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight?

She-Hulk Vs. Scarlet Witch

Marvel Cinematic Universe recently added another powerful superhero to their list as Jen Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk hit the screen in a TV show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Fans immediately got excited and started comparing this super strong hero with other powerful female characters we got to know throughout the years. Some questions started to pop up and comparisons with other powerful Marvel heroes are being made. Yes, Jen Walters is very strong, but there are also other very powerful characters in the MCU, Scarlet Witch being one of them. In this article, we will analyze who is stronger and who would win a fight between these two. So, She-Hulk Vs. Scarlet Witch: Who would win in a fight?

Scarlet Witch would win a fight against She-Hulk. All things considered, there is no doubt that She-Hulk is among the strongest superheroes physically, but Scarlet Witch’s powers are more versatile and her magic abilities are something that would give her an advantage in this fight. This fight would be very interesting as these characters fighting styles are different, but overall Scarlet has the ability to fight their opponents from a distance and her spells would give her an advantage against She-Hulk.

However, She-Hulk is also capable of fighting her opponents from long range as she can throw things very far and create airwaves with the clap of her hands, so it is possible for Scarlet to get distracted by these blows. Ultimately, this would be a close-call fight if She-Hulk used her intelligence and abilities wisely. Let’s analyze this a little further.

Strength and durability

She-Hulk is physically among the strongest Marvel characters. In the MCU she seems to be slightly weaker than her cousin, the Hulk, but in the comics, Jen is so strong and is considered to be as physically strong as the base Hulk. In the TV show, we can see Jen throwing boulders around at far distances and destroying mountains with the punch of her fists to the ground, but that is actually not the full extent of her strength. In the comics, she is even stronger and is considered to lift more than 100 tons.

she hul strong

Jen’s durability matches her strength actually. Her skin is almost impenetrable and can withstand very powerful blows and hits such as field-artillery cannon shells.

Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, is not so physically strong. She can be quite vulnerable when caught off guard and when not using her magical powers. We’ve seen that several times throughout the franchise and the most obvious scene was in Infinity War when Proxima Midnight was seconds away from ending her life if other Avengers did not interfere. When talking about physical strength, she is strong as any ordinary human, that’s why she relies upon her magic and psychic abilities, and that is fair if you ask me.

Jen is definitely stronger and more durable than Scarlet, so She-Hulk gets a point here.

She-Hulk 1, Scarlet Witch 0.

Powers and abilities

She-Hulk is superhumanly strong and considered one of the physically strongest superheroes. Besides that, she can also leap very far and very high. Her legs are so strong that she can jump over 600 feet in the air and over 1000 feet in the distance. Similar to her cousin Bruce, she can also absorb and control high amounts of gamma radiation.


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As seen in the show, Jen can easily transform from her regular human form into her beastly form of She-Hulk. She remains conscious in both forms and there is no alter-ego when she transforms which makes her very dangerous as she is always in control. The ability Jen possesses and which would help her immensely in the fight against Scarlet is the fact that she can create powerful airwaves with the clap of her hands that are powerful enough to distract Hulk, so if Scarlet were to be hit with them, the damage would probably be far severe.

Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, possesses telekinetic and psionic abilities that are extremely powerful and she defeated all of the Fantastic Four team by herself. She can manipulate and levitate objects and use them to cause mass destruction.

how powerful scarlet witch really is in each mcu movie article image3

Wanda can create force fields around her which would probably be her tool to defend herself against Jen’s long-distance attacks if she were to throw some things at her or produce powerful airwaves toward her. With her mental and emotional manipulations, she can easily get inside others’ heads and cause them to have hallucinations and illusions that usually elicit fear and emotional damage and that is something She-Hulk might have the most problems with. By using her psionic energy, she is able to levitate and simulate flight.

As power comparison goes, this is where Scarlet Witch takes a point.

She-Hulk 1, Scarlet Witch 1.

Greatest Weaknesses

Based on the fact that these two both have their advantages against each other, I’ve decided to compare their weaknesses in order to objectively conclude in which way this fight would go.

When Bruce Banner became the Hulk, he struggled for years because when he transformed into the Hulk, he would become erratic, uncontrollable, and full of anger and rage. He actually made some severe damage along the way because of it. So, it is no wonder that when Jen became She-Hulk, he was concerned the same would happen to her.

However, it seems that Jen can keep her anger in check and she does not possess an alter ego as she is conscious when she turns into the green strongwoman. But she is still fueled by rage and anger, and the angrier she gets, the more powerful she is. The downside of it is, that the same anger that fuels her, also makes her erratic and disoriented when in a fight, if that anger gets too high, that is. Considering that Scarlet Witch is a master at playing mind tricks with other people’s heads, we know that she would exploit this for sure to her advantage.


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Scarlet Witch’s greatest weakness is the fact that she is not physically strong and in regular combat, She-Hulk would probably kill her just by punching her. However, Scarlet is well aware of her weaknesses and advantages and knows how to defend herself far better than most. By using her force fields and mind control, she would not let She-Hulk near her and would always keep her distance.

I believe that She-Hulk has a weakness and that Scarlet is a master of exploiting that particular weakness – Jen’s mind and her anger management. Considering this, Scarlet would win a fight based on it, and a point here goes to Scarlet Witch.

She-Hulk 1, Scarlet Witch 2.

She-Hulk Vs. Scarlet Witch: Who would win in a fight?

Jen Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk, and Wanda Maksimoff, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch are among the most powerful superheroes that Marvel ever introduced us to and that says a lot. The fight between them would be of epic proportions and depending on circumstances could go either way if Jen would somehow manage to distract Scarlet with her airwave blows and then attack her either by leaping or throwing something at her or if she were to manage to get close enough to hit Scarlet.

But what seems more likely is that Scarlet would objectively win. Her powers are among the most developed and versatile among all superheroes and what makes her even more dangerous is the fact that she is aware of what her disadvantages are so she is able to protect herself almost perfectly. My opinion is that wouldn’t let anyone near her unless they were allowed to. Her powers are more than capable of destroying any opponent and if she were to penetrate into Jen’s mind, it is game over for Jen.

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