‘Silo’: Will Juliette Be Sent to Clean? Yes, but She Will Survive

Will Juliette be sent to clean yes but she will live

This week’s episode of ‘Silo‘ brought us some revelations, both when it comes to Juliette’s past and regarding Bernard and Sims. Juliette found herself breaking several Pact rules in the latest episode and harboring a dangerous red-level relic. At the conclusion of the episode, she is cornered in the cornfield and set up by Bernard and Sims, who decide to arrest her and send her out to clean. ‘Silo,’ however, wouldn’t be such an exciting series if it didn’t have numerous plot twists. One of them is tied to Juliette’s past & one insignificant detail. Let’s see how Juliette will survive the cleaning.

Juliette survived cleaning with the help of Walker, who tampered with her protective suit and replaced the faulty sabotaged heat tape with legitimate heat tape. Juliette’s protective suit was airtight and sealed, and she managed to live long enough to come across Silo 17 and discover even more secrets about the outside world.

Now that we’ve given you the short answer. It’s time to analyze it in more detail. The events we’re going to describe are from the ‘Silo’ books series that the series was based on. The events are yet to be adapted to the screen, so if you want to avoid spoilers, now would be a good time to stop reading.

No one survives the cleaning, but Juliette will

Ever since the first episode, we’ve learned that the most severe punishment you can receive in the Silo is “The Cleaning.” People are sent up on the toxic surface to clean the sensor and allow the inhabitants of the Silo a better view of the desolate surface.

Despite people wearing protective suits, no one survives. The cleaners are usually killed within a few seconds after they manage to clean the sensor, and the nearby hill is littered with their corpses.

Apocalyptic surface in Silo

It’s what happened to Holston & Allison, but it’s not the destiny that Juliette will live to see, and all thanks to heat tape that is constantly referenced in the show.


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The heat tape was the key all along

In one of the first episodes of ‘Silo,’ we learn that Bernard holds a grudge against Juliette for “stealing” the heat tape and taking it down to Mechanical. It seems like such an unimportant detail, unimportant enough that he should let go of it already. But he can’t since Juliette, with that act, almost blew his cover and exposed the secret conspiracy taking place inside Silo.

Yes, Juliette did steal the heat tape, and she did use it in Mechanical, but the books described the incident better than the show. In the books, after stealing the heat tape and taking it to Mechanical, Juliette noticed that it was an extremely low-quality heat tape.
She even commented to Walker that the “heat tape was so bad that it was as if someone designed it to fall apart.”

And this is exactly what happened. The heat tape was literally designed to fall apart, and this is why Bernard was so pissed that Juliette stole it and took it to Mechanical.

Besides being used for general maintenance, heat tape is also used to seal the protective suits to seal the seams that are not airtight. If the suits are not sealed correctly, they will start leaking toxic air, and the person wearing the protective suit will suffocate after a couple of minutes.

All protective suits are sabotaged on purpose; the cleaners are not supposed to come back.

Walker will save Juliette’s life by providing her with a good protective suit

Walker is one character that is probably more aware than others that something shifty is going on in Silo. There is a good reason why she lives like a recluse and never leaves her apartment and workshop. There is even a better reason why she is so paranoid.

Before Juliette was sent to clean, Walker managed to gain access to the protective suit that Juliette would be wearing during the cleaning. Walker also figured out that the heat tape was defective and that it was designed to fall apart as soon as Juliette put the suit on.

Walker replaced the fake heat tape with real heat tape, and when Juliette was sent to clean, she lived. She lived long enough to discover something extremely dangerous that threatens the existence of everyone currently on Earth.


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What happened to Juliette after she was sent to clean?

After Juliette was sent to clean, she managed to survive just long enough outside to discover one more Silo. Keep in mind that residents of Silo 18 are not aware that there are numerous other Silos around them, 50 of them to be exact.

Juliette came across Silo 17, and inside, she found death and decay, as Silo 17 was basically destroyed several decades before Juliette came across it by accident. She did, however, encounter a survivor going under the name Solo, who is set to play a huger role in the continuation of the series.

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