Solo Leveling: Why Did the Hunters Leave Jingwoo and Jinho With the Spider?

Solo Leveling: Why Did the Hunters Leave Jingwoo and Jinho with the Spider?

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series that has recently seen an anime adaptation. Arguably the most popular manhwa in the world, Solo Leveling is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially in light of the fact that the anime adaptation is truly great. While we’re enjoying the episodes, we have decided to cover some aspects that appear in the series. This article will explain, in detail, what happened in the C-Rank Dungeon and why the Hunters left Jinwoo and Jinho alone with the Spider Boss, as well as what happened to the two of them in the aftermath of this episode.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After the Instant Dungeon, Jinwoo accepted a job to accompany a party in a C-Rank Dungeon for a total sum of 2,000,000 without having to do any of the fighting.
  • While there, the Hunters discovered a large reservoir of Mana Crystals and, being “Lizards,” decided to sacrifice Jinwoo and Jinho to the boss in order to mine them in peace while the Spider was sleeping.
  • They did not know about Jinwoo’s abilities, so after the young Hunter defeated the boss, they wanted to kill him, but everyone who attacked him was killed in self-defense.

The Hunters were “Lizards” who wanted to sacrifice Jinwoo and Jingo for their own gains

Jinwoo was discharged from the hospital soon after gaining more power in the Instant Dungeon, and he was seeking employment. He discovered a party entering a C-Rank Dungeon that would pay him 2,000,000 simply for showing up and not having to participate in any combat; since these types of Dungeons needed a specific quantity of Hunters, Jingwoo, an E-Rank, was called in and given money to meet the quota. All he really had to do was carry their stuff and that was it. Or so it seemed.

It was all fine and dandy in the beginning, with the party’s leader, Dongsuk, being very friendly towards Jinwoo and Jinho, another weak Hunter who was summoned to meet the quota. Jinwoo helped the party defeat the insect monsters that soon attacked them with his intuition, but even though the Hunters thanked him, he felt something was odd.

The group eventually arrived at the boss’s chamber, which was stocked with Mana Crystals, and decided to dig it out while the enormous Spider Boss was still dozing. The other members went outside after leaving the two lower ranks to “guard” the area because they had conveniently forgotten their mining equipment, but it was all a ruse. Since Dongsuk and his group were – as it turned out – “Lizards,” he gave Cho Kyuhwan a menacing smirk as soon as he gave the command to close the boss’ chamber entrance and imprison the two lesser ranks with the now-awaken boss.

Their plan was to have the Spider Boss kill and eat Jinwoo and Jinho. After that, the boss would go back to sleep and they would return to mine the crystals, which weren’t particularly valuable, but they were a solid secondary source of income, so sacrificing two weaker hunters wasn’t such a big deal for the “Lizards.” While the plan was bulletproof on paper, it turned out that they did not account for the fact that Jinwoo was not an E-Rank Hunter anymore and that he would foil their plan completely. And that is exactly what he did, as we are about to see.


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Their plans ultimately failed, as they did not know about Jinwoo’s potential

So, did their plan ultimately succeed? Luckily – it did not. As we’ve said, the “Lizards” did not take into account that Jinwoo was a False Ranker who had undergone an atypical Double Awakening, so he was ultimately able to defeat the Spider Boss and kill it, thus saving both himself and Jinho from the immediate danger. This, of course, did not sit all too well with the Hunters, so when they came in and realized what had happened – they were shocked.

Jinwoo was perceived as a weak E-Rank Hunter and his killing of the Spider Boss was a big moment in the series. Of course, this completely foiled the “Lizards'” plans and it also exposed them, so regardless of the fact that the Spider Boss failed to do its job, Dongsuk and his lackey proceeded to kill them, but this also failed. Namely, each and every one of them who tried to attack and kill Jinwoo was killed by the young Hunter in self-defense, including Dongsuk, which is how their stories in Solo Leveling actually ended.

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