How Fast Is Naruto in All His Forms?

How Fast Is Naruto In All His Forms?

Naruto is one of the most popular anime of all time because of how its titular main character is one of the most relatable and most powerful anime characters ever shown on screen. So, when we are talking about Naruto and his abilities, we often look at his physical gifts instead of his ability to use ninja techniques. And that makes him a refreshing departure from a lot of the characters that rely on their techniques instead of their physical abilities.

In relation to Naruto’s physical abilities, we often look at him as one of the strongest and most durable characters in the anime. But what about his speed? We often overlook Naruto’s speed because he wasn’t the fastest character in the entire Naruto anime, but he is still very fast. So, how fast is Naruto in all of his forms?

How Fast Is Naruto?

How Fast Is Naruto In All His Forms?

One of the all-time favorite anime characters that most people have on their list is Naruto, and there are plenty of good reasons why he is one of the best characters you can see on any anime series.

So, while Naruto started out weak and almost completely useless, people fell in love with his heart and determination, which are simply the best aspects of his character. Of course, he eventually became strong enough to stand up against the strongest foes in the entire series.

Whenever we look at what Naruto could do when he was at his very best, one aspect of his physical abilities that we often forget is his speed. That is because Naruto was never shown to be one of the fastest characters in the entire series, but he is still quite fast. So, how fast is Naruto?

Given the fact that he does have special ninja training and the help of his tailed beast Kurama and the chakra of the Sage of Six Paths, Naruto is quite fast at his very best. And that is what we are here to look at.

Is Naruto faster than Light Speed?

At his very best, Naruto was actually very fast. This is something we did see very well in the original Naruto and the Naruto Shippuden anime, but he was shown to be massively faster than light in Boruto such that even Sasuke, with the help of his Sharingan, couldn’t see him at all.

The increase in Naruto’s speed was due in large part to his Baryon Mode, which was a last-ditch effort on his part. Baryon Mode basically used up all of his tailed beast’s life force to give him abilities that far surpass anything we have ever seen throughout the entire series.

What Mach Speed Is Naruto?

Since Naruto at his very best was massively faster than the speed of light, there is a good chance that he could travel at a speed that is greater than Mach 874,635.6, which is basically the Mach equivalent of the speed of light. This means that Naruto was really fast even without taking into consideration that there are characters faster than him in the show.

How Fast Is Naruto Without Kurama?

How Fast Is Naruto In All His Forms?

When he was at his very prime, which was his adult years during the events of Boruto, Naruto was able to become so strong that he was even stronger than he was during the events of Shippuden and the Fourth Great Ninja War. Because Naruto was able to improve physically through training and experience, he became fast enough that he could move very fast without relying on Kurama. 

There is a very good reason that he could move faster than the speed of sound or even close to the speed of light without Kurama. Against Momoshiki in Boruto, Naruto was barely able to keep up with the speed of a god-like being while fighting him hand to hand in his base form and without using Kurama.

However, as a child, Naruto without Kurama was not very fast and could barely dodge attacks that moved at the speed of sound. Still, because of his basic ninja training and his strong physical abilities, Naruto was much faster than the average 12-year old ninja at the start of the series. Probably the only ones that could match his speed among his peers at his age group were Rock Lee, Sasuke, and Neji.

How Fast Is Naruto in Kyuubi Mode?

When Naruto unlocked the Kyuubi Mode or the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, he was able to improve his speed by relying on some of the chakras of his tailed beast. This allowed him to drastically increase his overall physical abilities.

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It could be said that Naruto in Kyuubi Mode could move at a speed that is faster than lightning. One feat that could prove that was when he dodged the Fourth Raikage’s fastest punch, which is a punch that is infused with lightning chakra. The only other person who has ever dodged that attack was Naruto’s father and the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

Of course, Minato was often described as the fastest person in the entire Naruto series with the help of his Flying Raijin technique, a move that allowed him to instantaneously teleport.

How Fast Is Naruto in Kurama Mode?

When Naruto unlocked Kurama Mode, which allowed him to be fully in sync with Kurama compared to his regular Kyuubi Mode, he was able to improve his speed massively as well to the point that he could easily speed-blitz his opponents and keep up with some of the fastest characters in the show.

In Boruto, Naruto used his Kurama Mode against Momoshiki when they were engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Momoshiki has god-like powers, but Naruto was able to easily surpass his opponent’s speed in that fight. That means that he could possibly be faster than the speed of light in Kurama Mode.

How Fast Is Naruto in Six Paths Sage Mode?

How Fast Is Naruto In All His Forms?

Naruto was able to acquire his Six Paths Sage Mode when the Sage of Six Paths gave him half of his chakra and after Naruto was able to acquire the chakra of all of the other tailed beasts as well.

In this form, Naruto was now faster than his Kurama Mode. With the help of Sasuke, he was able to speed-blitz Kaguya, someone who was basically the god of the entire Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. This means that Naruto was already at a point where he was massively faster than the speed of light in his Six Paths Sage Mode.

How Fast Is Naruto in Baryon Mode?

Naruto’s ultimate form was revealed in Boruto when he had nothing else to throw at Isshiki, who was able to beat both him and Sasuke at their primes. This forced Naruto to use Baryon Mode, which allowed him to burn through the remaining life force of Kurama and become far stronger than he had ever been in the past.

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Sasuke, who is capable of perceiving some of the fastest moves in the entire series thanks to his Sharingan, could barely see Isshiki moving because of how fast the antagonist was. However, when Naruto was in his Baryon Mode, Sasuke could not even see him moving. And Sasuke himself is fast because he is capable of dodging particles that move at the speed of light.

That said, Naruto in Baryon Mode can be said to be able to move at a speed that is many times massively faster than the speed of light. So, even without his father’s teleportation technique, Naruto could be the fastest character in the entire series with the Baryon Mode activated.

How Is Naruto So Fast?

Now that you know that Naruto is quite possibly the fastest character at his very peak, you should know that he is as fast as he is because he was made out to be the physical half of the Sage of Sixth Paths’ power.

What that basically means is that, while Sasuke inherited the Sage’s incredible chakra techniques, Naruto inherited the Sage’s godly body. Together with his ninja training and his access to Kurama’s power, Naruto’s body was several times stronger than any other ninja in the series thanks to how he is the embodiment of the Sage’s physical strength.

This allowed him to be physically faster than most ninjas even at his base form and quite possibly the fastest ninja at his strongest form.

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