Sorceress Leveling Guide In Lost Ark: The Right Way To Level

lost ark sorceress

The Mage main class has gained a ton of attention from avid Lost Ark players, featuring both support and damage dealing advanced classes. Apart from her stunning look and feel, the Sorceress class can be undeniably epic throughout gameplay as she unleashes endless whirlwinds of elemental attacks on her enemies. But, it will take some solid Lost Ark grinding to unlock her true potential.

Sorceress Class Overview

The Sorceress uses elements of fire, lightning, and ice for her attacks, and deals high damage to foes throughout all of her progressive stages. The Sorceress class is also an amazing choice for new players as she is described as having a medium-type difficulty level, and she can handle well either solo or when participating in group play.

Lost Ark mage

Although she is typically weak to hard attacks at first, she can still feel incredibly powerful throughout her earlier stages. She becomes even more lethal once she gains access to her powerful Area of Effect (AoE) abilities within only the first hour of gameplay – so it won’t take long before you start to see her true colors.

Sorceress Abilities

The Sorceress’s versatility and high damage-dealing abilities make her an exceptional class for both PvE and PvP instances. As mentioned, the Sorceress deals magical elemental damage with each of her attacks. Generally, each element will have a specific purpose in battle, such as:

  • Fire Attacks: Damage
  • Lightning Attacks: Stunning
  • Ice Atacks: Slowing

Her ability bar will fill as you deal damage to enemies. The Sorceress’s separate skills are Blink for teleporting to the cursor, and two stages of Amplify Magic and Magic Release which increases the cast speed and overall damage dealt to enemies.

Sorceress Awakening Skills

Awakening skills are fantastic for any class, as they will instantly boost your overall build to new heights. It will take some time to unlock the Sorceress Awakening skills as they can only be unlocked at level 50.

In addition, the Main Story Questline will need to be completed in Vern City before you can unlock the Sorceress Awakening ability. But, we’ve outlined what you can expect when you reach that milestone.

  • Enviska’s Might: Massive and hard-hitting lightning attack.
  • Apocalypse Call: Random patterns of explosive meteor showers.

Sorceress Leveling Guide

It can be understandably challenging to choose between the Sorceress’s most popular builds and playstyles, as each would be incredibly advantageous in different situations – not to mention, it would also depend on what’s more enjoyable for you. You could create two different skill sets, as swapping between skill sets is completely free.

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Having two skill setups will be incredibly useful as you progress through the game, as they have different purposes. It will also allow you to blend in well with other teams depending on the dynamic, or switch up your stance and approach according to your enemies.

The Sorceress advanced class offers a ton of amazing and undoubtedly impressive traits, but her abilities will only be truly effective if you build her up well enough. Still, players choosing the Sorceress class should focus on the following aspects throughout their Lost Ark journey.

Gear & Combat Stats

While you’re leveling up the Sorceress class, try to focus on equipping the highest item level gear possible. Focus on Swiftness for increased movement speed overall, as this will help speed up the process as you move between enemies.

Players with the Sorceress class should also try and focus on reduced casting time and faster skill cooldowns. Prioritize the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats as well, as this will increase the Sorceress’s clear speed and overall damage.

Best Class Engravings

The Engravings will change depending on the type of threat in Lost Ark, as well as what kind of build you’re going for. The Engravings will directly affect your Identity gauge skills. Below are the best class Engravings for the Sorceress:


  • When magic Release is activated, the cooldown of skills (not Movement or Awakening) will be reduced to 50%.
  • Crit rate chance is increased by 25%.
  • Crit damage is increased by 50% during the Magic release phase.


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The Ignition playstyle would be more targeted for players going for a high damage-dealing build with plenty of cooldown reduction. This sort of playstyle would be quite reliant on actually hitting your targets head-on, as other damage would be significantly lower outside of the burst zone.

This sort of playstyle is a ton of fun for many players, especially if you love seeing massive numbers pop up as you destroy enemies. But, it can be challenging to hit consistent damage.


  • Magic Release would not be useable.
  • Adds an overall damage buff of 16%.
  • Reduces all cooldowns by 10%.

The Reflux playstyle is essentially an anti-burst approach – Magic release is essentially unusable with this sort of playstyle. This sort of approach would provide more consistent and sustained damage with shorter burst windows, making it easier to play – especially for new players.

lost ark open world

These are currently the best class Engravings for the Sorceress, depending on what type of playstyle you’re going for. But, some other awesome engravings for the Sorceress include:

  • All-Out Attack
  • hit Master
  • Precise Dagger

Continue The Main Story

If you really want to gain levels as quickly as possible, continuing the main story and quests will be incredibly advantageous. Continuing the Main Questline and the story will be beneficial to any class at any stage of the game, as it will grant players some solid rewards in addition to unlocking some awesome activities in-game.

Skill Point Allocation

Gain Tripods for your most powerful skills by allocating Skill Points. The Sorceress generally involves keeping most skills at level 8, rather than trying to boost them all to level 10.

But, it is a great idea to level up the strongest and highest damage-dealing skills to level 10. Below are the most notable skills and their progression for the Sorceress as you head towards the endgame:

  • Level 14: Seraphic Hail (20 points) is your lowest cooldown skill for clearing out mobs.
  • Level 18: Punishing Strike (20 points) to help with mobs and bosses.
  • Level 24: Punishing Strike (28 points) is maxed out for more damage.
  • Level 28: Frost’s Call (20 points) is an AoE skill that helps build Identity gauge.
  • Level 32: Explosion (20 points) for clearing mobs and bosses. This skill is less flexible than Punishing Strike, so only use it to clear out mobs if nothing else is available.
  • Level 38: Explosion (28 points) is maxed out for more damage.
  • Level 42: Elegian’s Touch for movement speed while leveling.
  • Level 48: Frost’s Call is maxed out for more damage.

Use But Don’t Level Stun Spells

Stunning enemies can be incredibly useful in just about any situation. As a result, Lightning Vortex, Blaze, and Reverse Gravity should definitely be on your taskbar and should be used whenever possible.

The Sorceress can keep enemies disabled while charging up more lethal abilities, but it’s not advised to focus on leveling up these abilities. This is because, if the goal is ultimately to level up as quickly as possible, points would be better invested in spells such as Inferno, Ice Shower, and Explosion.


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Spending your points on these spells will allow the Sorceress to deal much higher damage in a shorter timeframe, while the lesser stun spells can simply damage over time and create tactical advantages. Of course, you can always go back and level up stun spells afterward if you’d like.

Spam Metered Abilities

While many classes have metered abilities that take forever to recharge, the Sorceress class can recharge these abilities in a pinch. Arcane Rupture will empower all of her spells, so there really isn’t any reason to skip out on this ability if it can be used.

Her other metered ability, Blink, is fantastic since it can come in handy whenever dodge is on cooldown. This ability is extremely useful for the Sorceress at lower levels since it grants her immunity to almost any attack that enemy mobs can throw her way.

Stay Casting

When casting spells with the Sorceress, players will have to keep mana and cooldown times in mind throughout the battle. Burst spells use a balance between these two factors, but players should try to focus on using abilities that cost less mana and have shorter cooldowns.


Powerful spells such as Explosion can be great, but they do have longer cooldowns compared to other spells. Your build should never result in the Sorceress’s high damage abilities all going on cooldown or running out of mana.

The idea is to stay casting as much as possible. If you can create a nice rotation between burst attacks and stun abilities, then the Sorceress should have her first skill ready to go as a backup after cycling through the others.

Sorceress Gameplay Tips

The type of playstyle you go for will greatly affect the Sorceress’ capabilities in various contexts. However, players going for the most popular playstyles and builds should focus on the following aspects as they level up and progress through the game.

AoE Attacks

All of the Sorceress’s skills have amazing AoE throughout the leveling process, but the cooldowns can take a while depending on the ability. Try and drag enemies into groups as this tactic will make it easier to deal damage to more enemies at the same time.

High Damage Spells

While Punishing Strike and Explosion can be extremely useful in battle, they do have a longer cast time and do not have Push Immunity. As a result, players will need to think carefully before casting these spells. Casting Arcane Rupture can aid the process, as it will halve these spells’ cast times.

Movement Speed

While speed is an added advantage for the Sorceress in general, additional movement speed may not be consistently necessary throughout every battle. Elegian’s Touch only increases movement speed, so players should deactivate it if it’s not needed at the moment or is draining too much mana.

Lost Ark’s Sorceress specializes in magical ranged attacks. She starts off as a more feeble and weaker class, as she doesn’t have high defense and can easily be taken out by stronger opponents. But, with the right tips and leveling process, you can make the Sorceress class OP enough to take on any threat in your path.

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