25 Strongest Creatures in Star Wars Universe: Ranked

25 Strongest Creatures in Star Wars Universe Ranked

Like any fictional universe, Star Wars Universe is home to creatures whose powers and strength are unlike anything we can see in real life. These creatures are often much larger than humans and possess incredible strength, speed, and agility. Many of these creatures are also highly intelligent and possess unique abilities that set them apart from other creatures in the Star Wars universe hence, why they made it to our list.With that said, let’s look at the 25 strongest creatures in the Star Wars universe.

25. Acklay


The Acklay is a quadrupedal reptilian creature with a distinctive appearance, featuring a long, pointed tail, sharp claws, and a trio of mandibles surrounding its mouth. Native to the planet Vendaxa, Acklays are highly adaptable and can survive in various environments. They are known for their ferocity and willingness to attack anything they perceive as threatening, including other creatures and even vehicles. Despite their fearsome reputation, Acklays can be tamed and trained for use in gladiatorial combat or as exotic pets.

24. Zillo Beast

Zillo Beast

The Zillo Beast is another reptilian creature that can grow up to 97 meters long and has a tough, scaly hide that is almost impervious to blaster fire and lightsabers.Native to the planet Malastare, Zilo Beast was long believed to be extinct until a specimen was discovered and captured by the Dugs, the native species of Malastare.

The beast was brought to Coruscant for study but broke free from its captivity and rampaged through the city. The Zillo Beast possesses incredible strength, durability, and a keen sense of smell that allows it to track its prey over long distances.


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23. Rancor


Often serving as exotic pets or gladiatorial combatants, Rancors can be found all over the galaxy, even though the origin of their species can be traced to Dathomir. The Rancor is a quadrupedal creature that can grow up to 5 meters tall and weighs several tons. It has powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth and sharp claws that it can use to tear through flesh and bone. Its thick hide provides some protection from blasters, but it is still vulnerable to lightsabers and other weapons. Underworld figures often use rancors to execute enemies or settle disputes.

22. Nexu

Nexus, a feline-like creature, was first discovered on the planet Cholganna and eventually spread with the assistance of other intelligent races all over the galaxy. It has razor-sharp claws and teeth and excellent agility and speed, making it a deadly opponent in combat. Its fur is a mix of orange, black, and white. Nexus are often used as guard animals by wealthy individuals or criminals and in gladiatorial arenas. In Attack of the Clones, a Nexu was used by the Separatist forces to attack Padmé Amidala in the Geonosian Arena.

21. Reek


The Reek is a boar-like creature that can be found on the planet Ylesia. It has sharp tusks and is covered in a thick hide that provides some protection from blasters and other weapons. Reeks, like Rancors, are often used as gladiatorial combatants, particularly in arenas on the planet Geonosis. They are prized for their strength and durability and are often pitted against other dangerous creatures or even Jedi knights.

20. Krayt Dragon

Kayt dragon

The Krayt Dragon is native to the desert planet Tatooine and is revered by the native Tusken Raiders as a sacred creature. The Krayt Dragon has a long, serpentine body covered in tough, scaly skin that protects against blaster fire and lightsabers. It has powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth and sharp claws that it can use to tear through its prey. It also possesses a powerful roar that can be heard from great distances and can cause tremors in the ground.


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19. Wampa


Wampas are among the most popular creatures we can encounter on this list, but popularity does not necessarily means mightiness and this is why Wampa ranked so relatively low. These fierce carnivorous creatures are the ultimate snow hunters, and they can be found predominantly on the icy planet of Hoth and are well adapted to survive in the harsh conditions of its environment. Its thick fur provides excellent insulation against the cold, and its keen sense of smell allows it to track prey even in a blizzard. In The Empire Strikes Back, a Wampa attacks and captures Luke Skywalker while he is on a mission on Hoth.

18. Terentatek


Terentatek’s biology provides them with an exceptional healing factor that allows them to heal from devastating injuries in record time. What makes the Terentatek particularly dangerous is its resistance to the Force. Jedi Knights and Sith Lords rely heavily on the Force in combat.

17. Leviathan


The Leviathan is a massive aquatic creature that is known for its ability to control the minds of its victims. It uses multiple tentacles to ensnare its prey and draw them toward its massive maw. It emits a powerful Force wave that can overwhelm the will of weaker-minded individuals, forcing them to obey its commands.

16. Purrgil


The Purrgil is a unique and mysterious creature that is known for its ability to travel through hyperspace. The Purrgil is a large and powerful creature that resembles a cross between a whale and a manta ray. Its skin is incredibly durable and can withstand the extreme pressures of space.


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15. Mynock


The Mynock is a small, bat-like creature that’s known for its ability to survive in the vacuum of space and for feeding off power sources. The Mynock is a small and parasitic creature that attaches itself to spaceships and other vehicles. It has sharp teeth and a tough, leathery hide that protects it from the harsh conditions of space. It can survive for long periods without oxygen, making it a formidable opponent for unwary travelers.

14. Gundark


The Gundark is a massive creature that can stand up to three meters tall. It has long, powerful limbs that it uses to move quickly and agilely, and its musculature allows it to lift and throw objects many times its own weight.

Its thick and durable fur provides excellent protection against blasters and lightsaber attacks. What makes the Gundark particularly dangerous is its intelligence and ferocity. It is a highly adaptable creature that is capable of learning from its experiences and developing new strategies to overcome its opponents.

13. Rathtar


The Rathtar is a massive creature that resembles a giant octopus or squid. It has multiple tentacle-like appendages that it uses to move and capture prey. Its mouth is filled with razor-sharp teeth that it uses to tear apart its victims.

It is also incredibly fast and agile, able to move quickly through space and maneuver around obstacles. What makes the Rathtar particularly dangerous is its insatiable hunger. It will attack and consume anything it can catch, from small creatures to entire starships.

12. Ziton Moj

Ziton Moj

Ziton Moj is a male Falleen who served as a Vigo for the Black Sun during the Clone Wars. He started as Captain of the Guard, but when the Black Sun joined Maul’s Shadow Collective, he became the leader of the Black Sun. Ziton fought in the Death Watch coup on Mandalore to help further the Shadow Collective’s goals.

Later on, as leader of the Black Sun, Ziton tried to force the Pyke Syndicate’s leader, Marg Krim, to merge their two syndicates. When Krim refused, Ziton kidnapped Krim’s family and held them hostage at the Black Sun fortress on Mustafar.


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11. Gorax

The Gorax is native to the forest moon of Endor, which is also the location of the Ewok village seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. The Gorax can grow up to six meters in height and have immense strength, able to overpower and kill a human or Ewok easily.

10. Colicoid


The Colicoids are native to the planet Colla IV, and their physical appearance resembles a giant beetle or scarab. In the Star Wars canon, the Colicoids were responsible for designing and constructing the Droideka, also known as the Destroyer Droid, which the Trade Federation in the prequel trilogy used. They also created the IG-88 assassin droids seen in “The Empire Strikes Back.” In addition to their droid engineering skills, the Colicoids are known for their aggressive and territorial behavior. The Colicoids are known among the largest insectoid species in Star Wars universe.

9. Tuk’ata


The Tukata were often used as guard animals by the Sith due to their fierce loyalty and ferocity in combat. Some Tukata were even trained to use the Force, making them even more dangerous opponents. In the Legends continuity, it was believed that the Tukata were descended from Sithspawn, which the ancient Sith Lords created through the use of dark side rituals. As a result, Tukata were naturally attuned to the dark side of the Force.

8. Dianoga


As we are nearing the end of this list, the next creature we are going to take a look at is the Dianoga. It is best known for its appearance in the first Star Wars movie, where it lives in the trash compactor aboard the Death Star. Dianogas are large, squid-like creatures with a single eye and a long, tentacle-covered body.

They can survive in various environments, including water, air, and even in the vacuum of space. Dianogas feed on various materials, including organic matter, metal, and other debris. The Star Wars canon revealed that the Empire often uses Dianogas as a form of pest control.

7. Boga


The Boga is a quadrupedal creature with a long tail and a distinct, curved head. Boga has long, sharp claws that allow it to easily climb vertical surfaces and a long, prehensile tongue that it can use to grab objects or attack its prey. The creatures are native to the planet of Utapau and are easily recognized by their colorful feathers and emerald skin.


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In Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi rides a Boga while on Utapau in pursuit of General Grievous. Boga helps Kenobi navigate the treacherous terrain of Utapau’s sinkholes and lets him catch up with Grievous’ wheel bike.

6. K’lor’slug


The K’lor’slug is a large, carnivorous, worm-like creature. It is known for its tough hide, sharp teeth, and acidic secretions. The K’lor’slug is native to the planet of Dorin but has also been found on other worlds across the galaxy. These creatures can lay more than 300 eggs in a single birthing period, and usually, right after they are born, an immense hunger takes over them. They also tend to choose to invade the darkest and most unsanitary spaceships which would explain how they managed to spread fast all over the galaxy.

K’lor’slugs are particularly feared for their acid, which can dissolve metal and even damage the armor of Jedi and Sith. They can also tunnel through solid rock and earth, allowing them to surprise their prey from unexpected angles.

5. Vornskr


Vornskrs are among the prime predator species as they are known for their keen sense of smell and ability to track Force users, making them particularly useful to those seeking to hunt Jedi. Vornskrs hunt at night and use their powerful tails to sting their prey, after which they use their sharp teeth to finish them off. They rarely come out during the day; they usually hibernate at that time, although they might come out if they get hungry.

Vornskrs have a sleek, muscular bodies with sharp claws and teeth and are covered in a thick fur coat that allows them to survive in cold environments. Their ability to track Force users is due to their sensitivity to the Force, which allows them to sense a Jedi’s presence from a great distance.

4. Brain Worm

Brain Worm

Brain Worm is a parasitic creature that can take control of the host’s mind. They are often used as a tool of the Sith to control their enemies and are sometimes referred to as “Sith worms.” The worms would take over the host’s mind through the archived biological memory of the Genosian queens. They were so powerful that if they entered a corpse, they could turn that host into a lifeless zombie.

The Brain Worms were introduced in the Clone Wars, where the Separatists used them to control the Jedi Knight Even Piell. The worms were implanted into Piell’s body and took control of his mind, allowing the Separatists to access the important Republic intelligence he possessed.

3. Sarlacc


The Sarlacc is a carnivorous creature that lives in a pit on the desert planet of Tatooine. It has a large mouth surrounded by tentacles and a long digestive system that can take thousands of years to fully dissolve its prey. Once an unsuspecting victim falls into the Sarlacc’s pit, it uses its tentacles to grab and drag them toward its mouth. The Sarlacc creature started off as a spore first, and when a male and a female spore encountered each other, the male would feed off the female. This would diminish her size and increase his own.

The Sarlacc can also survive for extended periods without food or water, making it a formidable creature. In the Star Wars universe, the Sarlacc is particularly famous for its appearance in Return of the Jedi, where it served as the site of Jabba the Hutt’s execution of Luke Skywalker and his friends.

2. Greater Krayt Dragon

Greater krayt dragon

The Greater Krayt Dragon is a larger and more powerful subspecies of the Krayt Dragon. They are highly respected and feared by the indigenous people of Tatooine and other desert planets. The Greater Krayt Dragon can grow up to 100 meters in length and has a highly armored body that is difficult to penetrate. Since their natural habitat was a desert, they would hide beneath the sand and essentially swim under it until they found their prey.

They also possess a highly corrosive venom that can cause severe damage to their prey. Due to their immense size and strength, they are extremely difficult to defeat, even for highly skilled warriors. In fact, the famous Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi had to use his wits and knowledge of the creature’s weakness to defeat one in combat.

1. Exogorth

The Exogorth is also known as the space slug that feeds on gaseous materials, such as Tibanna gas, which makes it dangerous to space travel. The Exogorth reaches full maturity at ten meters, and if a space slug is not able to reproduce by splitting into two smaller bodies, it could grow up to 900 meters.


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The most famous Exogorth encountered in the Star Wars universe was the one found inside an asteroid in the Hoth system, which nearly swallowed the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo and his companions inside. The Exogorth’s interior is filled with gases and pockets of oxygen that allow for breathable air, making it possible for creatures to survive inside it for short periods of time.

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