10 Strongest Doctor Strange Versions Ranked (MCU & Comics)

strongest doctor strange versions

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Doctor Stephen Strange has made a name for himself a long time ago as far as the comics are concerned, but the MCU Infinity Saga helped cement his position as one of the best and most intriguing Marvel characters ever. Doctor Strange has proven himself to be a pivotal member of several superhero teams and his role has become even bigger when the Multiverse became a reality. Now, with the introduction of the Multiverse, a lot of alternative versions of Strange have been introduced and we are going to talk about them in this article.

In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 10 strongest Doctor Strange versions that have appeared in a variety of materials. We’re, of course, going to focus primarily on the comics, but also on other derivative materials, such as the movies, animated shows, video games, etc. We’re going to tell you a bit about each iteration, from which you will be able to deduce why we have ranked them as we did.

10. Strange 2099

Strange 28Jeannie29 28Earth 92829 from Spider Man 2099 Vol 3 15 0001

The Sorceress Supreme of Earth-928 is a young woman who calls herself “Strange.” When she was younger, Strange idolized her older brother Vincent and his girlfriend Chimera. Already trained in the mystic arts, Strange accompanied her brother on one of his “milk runs” and jumped in to defend him against the Skulls.

Strange tried to scare the attackers with the illusion of a Lovecraftian monster, but accidentally summoned the real monster, which apparently killed her brother. Strange went on to be trained in her magic, but somehow became the host of a demon of unknown classification. At the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, she teamed up with Spider-Man when a devoted brother accidentally summoned a zombie army while trying to resurrect his sister.

As the tides began to rise around the globe, Strange met up with a time-traveling version of Doctor Stephen Strange. He sent her on a journey to Halo City, where she learned that her old friend Chimera had been killed by the mutant Exodus.

9. Defender Strange

Defender Strange

Defender Strange is simply a different version of Doctor Strange and is a member of a group of superheroes called the Defenders. The Defenders in originated when Doctor Strange manipulated Namor and teamed up with Hulk to help him defeat a group of demons, as the team eventually became a non-team group called the Defenders. But while they did indeed succeed in their task, Namor and Hulk promised to never work together, as it was clear that this group was dysfunctional due to how the members had their own agenda.

Still, despite the fact that they didn’t work well together, Doctor Strange was able to hold the uncanny and informal alliance together, as different heroes started teaming up with the different members of the Defenders. Unlike the other groups of heroes like the Avengers, the Defenders had no by-laws or a permanent base of operations. The group also didn’t have any fixed members, as it was a very informal alliance whose members didn’t even care a lot for one another.


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8. Sir Stephen Strange

In his youth, Stephen Strange was kidnapped by foreign sailors and taken to a slave market in Ankhara. He was sold to a doctor and learned many things during his time with him. When he was offered his freedom if he would procure secret herbs from the East, Strange set out on this mission. Climbing high into the “mountains beyond the Indes,” he nearly died, but was rescued and taken to a distant monastery.

When he returned to England, he did a favor to Queen Elizabeth I, who made him her physician. When strange weather struck England and the world for some time, the Old Man Templar offered Strange a powerful weapon for safekeeping. Strange was certain that the end of the world was at hand and told the Queen, who then put him in touch with Sir Nicholas Fury.

Learning that Fury’s agent and the Templar weapon had been kidnapped by Count Doom and that Sir Reed and his allies were also being held there, Strange was able to convince Fury to betray the new King James and attack Latveria. While continuing to search for a way to save the world, Strange fainted and was taken to the moon by Uatu, the Guardian.

Uatu explained to Strange what had happened and gave him a vision of all the knowledge he needed, but he was not allowed to tell anyone about it while he lived. King James had Strange imprisoned and Stephen made Clea swear not to interfere.

Strange was beheaded for treason. Clea took her husband’s head from the stake on which he had been put and communicated with him. She brought his head to America where, freed from his oath not to tell what he knew, he could counsel the others through Clea. After the world was saved, Clea asked the others to bury the head with his body.

7. Ultimate Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange2C Sr. 28Earth 161029 from Ultimate Spider Man Vol 1 70 001

Stephen Strange was a great and brilliant brain surgeon. While driving his pregnant wife home drunk after attending a gala in his honor, he caused an accident that killed his wife and unborn child and damaged his hands forever. Lost, lonely and desperate, Strange traveled the world in search of a magical cure to regain the dexterity he once had and needed as a surgeon.

Strange spent years searching, depleting his fortune in the process. Nothing worked until he heard of a man in Tibet who was known to perform miracles. Stephen sought out this man, the Ancient One, and he taught Strange the ancient mystic arts that healed not only his hands, but his mind as well, allowing Strange to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange’s association with the occult helped him keep a low profile as the press dismissed him as a charlatan. Like the masters of the mystic arts before him, Strange surrounded himself with a trusted servant, Wong, and a worthy student, Clea. Strange and Clea fell in love and married, and she became pregnant.

The same day Clea broke the news to Stephen, Strange mysteriously disappeared. Many theories circulated about Strange’s disappearance, some believing he was trapped in another dimension, others that he accidentally killed himself. Despite Clea’s attempts, she never managed to find him.


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6. Ducktor Strange

Simon Strange 28Earth 79102129 from She Hulk Vol 2 20 0001

Doctor Simon Strange was once a veterinarian, but later became a Mallard of the Mystic Arts and trained with Old Wino. After years of “communicating with spirits” (i.e. drinking wine and spirits) he became homeless. Capoultry, a former ally of Gander, wanted to heed Howard’s word and helped them escape.

To help them return to Earth, Capoultry took them to Ducktor Strange, a drunkard who lived in an alley. Before Strange could do anything, Gander, MacDrake and their allies showed up and tried to take out Howard, Bev, Capoultry and Strange. Bev threw a trash can at her attackers, whereupon they overpowered her one by one. Strange cast a spell that sent them back to earth.

Seeing in this a chance to revive the WACkies, Gander vowed to write a new book that would tell Howard’s true story and thus foil Gander’s plans. Although he does not know who created his all-seeing eye, he was able to use a spell to shift the nexus of all realities and send people from Duckworld to Earth-616. He helped Stu Cicero, although he first had to be reminded that he had used this ability before.

5. Croctor Strange

Steamin Strange 28Earth 831129 from Spider Ham Vol 1 1

The version of Doctor Strange from the animalistic world of Earth-8311 is actually called Steamin Strange. At one point, he becomes the Master of the Misfit Arts and calls himself Croctor Strange. He was a member of the Unhumanati group. He basically looked like a crocodile with moustaches, and had the same basic powers like all versions of Doctor Strange.

4. Strange-Thing

Doctor Strange 28Earth 129829 from Mutant X Annual Vol 1 1999 001

The Doctor Strange of this reality came to Jennifer Kale’s aid and freed her friend, Dr. Ted Sallis, from the curse of Man-Thing. Unfortunately, in the process, Doctor Strange fell under the curse himself and became the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities. When the Goblin Queen discovered the Nexus, she brought her clan there to tap into its power, but was rebuffed by Havok and the Defenders.

Havok eventually destroyed the Nexus to keep it from the Queen’s hands, and Doctor Strange was able to leave the area. It is important to note that this character was never explicitly called anything other than “Doctor Strange”. This means that this odd creature’s history is quite enigmatic, so we don’t know whether that is Stephen Strange of Earth-1298 or some other character who became the Sorcerer Supreme.


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3. Right Hand of Doom

Victor von Doom 28Earth 61629 from Secret Wars Vol 1 4 cover

When the multiverse finally perished in the final invasion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610, Doom used the power of the Beyonder to salvage the remnants of several realities and establish a patchwork planet called Battleworld, ruled with his iron fist, with the help of Doctor Strange, who became the sheriff of Battleworld and Doom’s right-hand man, usually acting as Doom’s voice in certain matters.

Over the course of eight years, Doom and Strange managed to twist the memories of the inhabitants so that they could no longer remember the time before Battleworld. Stephen created his own base, the island of Agamotto, a place to remember his lost world. Five years after the creation of Battleworld, Strange found a vessel with the bodies of the few other survivors of Earth-616 in stasis.


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When a similar vessel appeared from which the survivors of Earth-1610 emerged, Strange turned his attention to the vessel he was keeping for himself. After opening it, he freed the survivors, including Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther. After explaining to the other survivors what had occurred during their stasis, Strange was called to a battle. Doom was unwilling to participate in the conflict until he saw Mr. Fantastic on the scene.

He immediately teleported to Utopolis and ended the fight by asking the newcomers to recognize his authority. To prevent Doom from harming the invaders, Stephen used his magic to beam them away. After the villains of Earth-1610 and the heroes of Earth-616 disappeared, Doom confronted Strange for disobeying him and eventually killed him after Stephen accused him of being afraid of Richards.

2. Disciple of Dormammu

Stephen Strange 28Earth 79121829 from What If3F Vol 1 18 001

On Earth-791218, the alternative world of the What If…? stories, at one point, Doctor Strange surpasses Mordo in mystic power and Dormammu decide it is time for Strange to replace his bumbling subordinate. Strange obeyed Dormammu’s order and used his mystic powers to kill Mordo with his mystic power.

Strange, meanwhile, was determined to gain more power to defeat Eternity in battle. He demanded more power from both Dormammu and Umar, but Umar waved him off. The next morning, Strange is surprised when he is given the Eye of Agamotto by his enemies and sees it as a means to destroy them once and for all.


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When he shows it to Dormammu, the latter reluctantly agrees that he has the power to destroy the Ancient One. As Strange prepares for the attack, all three parties devise a plan to destroy each other. Strange would seemingly kill the Ancient One and his followers and then open a portal to fight Eternity.

This would play into Dormammu’s cards, as he would cripple Strange and use him to boost his powers and attack Eternity. As Strange was caught between the mystical attacks of Dormammu and Eternity, he was nearly driven mad. Torn between good and evil, Strange had to choose one or the other to ensure his survival. Realizing the error of his ways, he chooses the side of good and is spared and sent back to Earth.

1. Doctor Strangefate

Charles Xavier 28Earth 960229 from Amalgam Comics 28Trading Cards29 0001

This version of Doctor Strange from Earth-9602 is not actually Stephen Strange, but rather Professor Charles Xavier, who becomes a nearly unstoppable iteration of the character. On a journey through the Himalayas, the meta-mutant Charles Xavier was rescued by Nabu the Ancient, who at that time was the Supreme Lord of the Order of the Amalgam Universe.

At the feet of Nabu, Xavier was initiated into the mysteries of the supernatural world. He tapped into the energies of telepathic and mystical powers and turned the grumpy wizard into one of the most powerful beings in the Amalgam Universe. Already a powerful meta-mutant telepath, Xavier soon surpassed his teacher and assumed the position of Lord Supreme of Order.

Although he was one of the founding members of the Judgement League Avengers, Dr. Strangefate now devoted himself to more solitary tasks in the shadow realms, leaving the protection of the general public to lesser mortals. Although he called himself a protector of the universe, Dr. Strangefate was not a typical hero. He preferred to stay in his sanctuary, the Tower of Strangefate, and direct events from afar. He achieved his goals by manipulating others.

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